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    Hana finally appeared before the bay and went right in. She headed straight for one of the isolation labs. While there she shut the door tight and made sure that she wouldn't be disturbed. From that moment on, she was beyond the line of no return. Hana's eyes focused at the table before her. She'd need to examine records of souls and how they were. So to start, she'd pull out a book of animal souls. Next she pulled out a book of standard humanoid souls. From there she began to scan the texts and see what the pages had to say. Every few pages she shifted books in order to find correlating information. Nothing so far was remotely available to correlate between the two species. It was saddening. She thought perhaps she was onto an amazing idea but so far it seemed impossible! There was no evidence to support her theory that souls could morph their appearance. Then it struck her. She would get a book on Hollows. They were usually animal like and changed shape repeatedly! Hana then brought out a book of Hollow physiology and began to study how they worked. She would spend another few hours poring over the information before she finally got some leeway. She managed to find information that correlated between all three souls! She found the makeup for the Pluses, the makeup for the Animals, and the makeup for the hollows. It seemed that hollows were formed by forcibly ripping one's heart out and making it a mask to protect the identity of the being. Because of this it caused great stress on the plus' frame. The frame would then buckle and conform to a different set of blueprints. With this she was able to find the right set of enzymes that could trigger a partial hollowficiation which could cause someone to change their appearance. Of course this was something that couldn't be pursued far because if anything went wrong she'd end up hollowfying someone. She made the decision to do this to herself. She locked the door tight and told guards to stand by in case something went wrong. And with that, Hana began to mix the enzymes together to create the correct formula.

    After several hours Hana had created the right formula. From there she managed to fix a solution and make the right amount of enzymes. Her hand grasped the beaker as she hesitantly sipped some of the liquid. No effect. Hana's eyes closed slowly as she sighed deeply. She was disappointed that she actually didn't get this one right. Even if she partially got it right to see she was on the same track was something that could have been a great triumph. But she was far off that it didn't even register on the possibly correct list which made her quite the sad little camper. Then, before she was able to do anything she felt intense pain with in her stomach. So much so that she keeled over. Her body began to shrunken and distort partially. She could feel her frame changing and manipulating itself. She had done something! But it was extremely painful. She began to scream in her abrupt pain as it filled her body with ever growing sensations of her body being torn apart and recreated all at the same time. This was an experience that Hana never wished anyone to go through. Including those considered enemies of the Gotei Thirteen. She would have to start in a different direction to get this to work but she had assumed she was slightly off. Finally, after four minutes of excruciating pain she managed to feel better. Her body rested to a state that she could breathe, move, and do her normal stuff with out pain. She was back to normal! Well sort of. She only now realized she was about a foot tall. Not only that she managed to find out she had cat ears and a cat tail. WHAT!? SHE MADE A NEKO POTION WITH OUT REALIZING IT! Well that was amusing. So much so that she actually broke out in laughter! This allowed her to actually feel much better about her working on this. Hana had decided that even though this pill was not what she intended she did want to keep the recipe and try to make that one work. But considering it wouldn't be that far off of the originally designed pill she could just incorporate the changes with ease.

    Though it was difficult, she managed to create a reversal enzyme and take it. After the painful transformation back Hana decided that she needed to edit the way that formula worked. She would then begin to experiment on different ways to make this work. SHe began to look at the flip side of the coin however. The side of the coin which explained that Animal and humanoid souls weren't that different except the frame. After several minutes of this searching she managed to find a perfect formula. Well as perfect as she could get considering. SHe wasn't sure if this would work but she had high hopes for it. She fiddled with the formula and double, triple, and even quadruple checked it. She didn't want any more mistakes because it would be quite bad to see this happen. And so, Hana created the solution with relative ease and drank some of it. After a few minutes she felt the changes starting to happen. It didn't seem to be in any way painful like it was before with the Hollow way. She formed once more into a Neko like girl that stood about one foot tall. This was a marginal success. Now she just needed to edited one of the Enzymes in order to allow people to become a cat. Hana spent a good few hours on this just pouring over the enzymes that made up the humanoid form and the animal form. She then decided to use a two to one ratio for it. After several minutes of the two to one ratio being off slightly she managed to square it all away. Once she did, Hana was able to actually take this and it should bring her to full cat form. After drinking the solution she was almost instantly beginning to show signs of changing. She started to shrink and grow in different parts. After a minute or so she managed to form back into a human. She considered that a total failure. 'Nyan.' Hana stopped dead in her tracks as she suddenly realized she had thought the word, Nyan. She slowly checked her head to find that she had cat ears. In a swift motion she checked her behind and noticed she had a tail as well. She made herself into a fully grown Neko. Well that was interesting. Shaking this from her head she managed to edit the serum to the opposite way so that the two parts was cat and not human. After a few minutes she drank the serum. She slowly began to form into something smaller than a human. It took only about sixty seconds for her to fully form into a cat. She had actually made herself into a cat! IT WAS A SUCCESS! She then attempted to meow or talk or something!

    SUCCESS! I managed to make the pill! Wait, what the. This isn't my voice..I talk like a guy now! WHAT THE HELL! Hm, it's most likely a side effect from the transformation. There isn't anything I can do I don't think. I think everyone will randomly get a different voice. Some males might get female voices. Ah well nothing I can really do about that now is there. Too bad, I would have liked a female voice.

    Hana had finished her serum but now she had to put it into a pill form. Sure that sounded pretty easy but it wasn't all that easy to be honest. She took another drink of the opposite serum so that she could return to a human form. After reaching the human form Hana would begin work on creating this into a pill form. It took roughly two more hours before she had a possible candidate for a pill of the serum. After attempting to make the pill she noted that the pill didn't work. She needed to try a different way to put it into a pill form. Perhaps if she made a pill casing that dissolved into the proper amount of liquid. Once Hana had that idea she would attempt it. This of course took another hour in order to ready. After getting the necessary things ready she attempted to create the pill. She noticed that the amount of liquid she needed was more than a single pill could actually hold. She then decided to attempt to powder the serum. After a few more hours she managed to powder the serum and make that into a pill by compression. She had managed to make a working pill. Because of this, she was quite happy. She even managed to make a Neko Pill and a Chibi Neko Pill too! After pocketing these pills she saved the recipe and committed them to memory as well. She had managed to make fifty pills each before the fist batch of powder was unusable. So she had one hundred and fifty pills all together.


    Created 50 Animal Pills
    Created 50 Human Neko pills
    created 50 Chibi Neko Pills

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    Hana began to walk around the area. She wandered more than walked. It was as if she was mindlessly cascading across the sea of white stone to find a harbor that would never come. Her mind focused on nothing as her body simply floated through the vast emptiness that was the streets of the Seireitei. She needed to do things. She needed to get things done and working. No, she needed to get a life as it were. Perhaps her old friend Yasaki was still around. She had doubts, but maybe she was. Hana didn't bother to check. Instead, she'd simply torment her own mind with thoughts of maybe or if. It was like a plague that tainted her very core. With ease, the mindless body of Hana simply floated its way towards the Rukongai. Perhaps she could find what she was looking for deep in the depths of the savage land. Her body moved with a fluid motion begetting of a ballet dancer. Perhaps she was destined to find an interesting looking subject to begin a fight with. Or perhaps she was destined to float around and find what could only be described as an arch-nemesis. What ever it was that Hana was going to find, she had hoped she'd find it quickly. Though her patience was near infinite she did feel uncomfortable being here in the Rukongai. Perhaps it was because it was always war torn even during peace time. Then again it could have been because of the gangs that seemed to plague the area even after the Seireitei cleaned up. What ever the reason the mere presence in the Rukongai sometimes caused shivers down Hana's spine. Perhaps it was just a bad experience here. Then again she did have a fight with a giant Gillian not too long ago so maybe the whole ordeal was nothing more than post traumatic stress or something of that nature. Sure, Hana was a doctor but she wasn't a head doctor so how could she know if something was inside her head that was making her feel antsy about the Rukongai. Perhaps it was her destiny to finally meet her end in the Rukongai. Among all of the things that plagued Hana's mind a certain individual finally came up to greet her thoughts.

    That's right, it was HIM. She could see his features as if they were standing right before her. She could feel the powerful nature of his Aura simply seep from his very being as if t was commanding respect even in his opponents. Perhaps it was just a simple matter of feeling a little ditsy at the thought that their families wanted them to be married. Well, at least Hana's family wanted that. What happened between him and his family was still nothing to be discussed with Hana as she was a Setsune. The inner workings of the Bushinji clan were mostly secrets to even the Setsune. Though that wasn't entirely true as Sansuka was the only one invited into the family with out actually being part of the family. Call it a son that Tenkai's father wanted but didn't have. Not like that but instead a twin brother for Tenkai more or less. It was funny how those two made a great team even when the toughest made the roughest choices. The whole of the dimension of Soul Society could have been crumbling down upon the ground itself but those two would be there until their last breaths protecting the very existence of the Soul Society let alone their families. It wouldn't take long for Hana to become so entranced with her thoughts that she washed up to an old tavern which seemed to be at the edge of the Rukongai. Hana entered the tavern to see it was a basic old wooden Tavern. It wasn't anything special. She would slowly walk over to a booth and take a seat. As she sat there, her eyes would wander across the room to see who was there if anyone. Eventually though, she'd be approached by someone to see if she wanted a drink or not. She would simply nod and tell the man to get what ever was the special on the menu for drinks. And for now, she'd simply sit there staring off into space while her mind attempted to gather it's thoughts into a tightly packed box.


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    Hana's body lifted itself to a higher position. She stared at the surrounding room with the few dotting beings drinking with in the tavern. It was an old fashioned tavern with few individuals. Each person dotting the interior seemed to glare horrifically towards the woman known as Hana. Most people with in the Rukongai held a type of disdain for those of the Seireitei. The prim and proper as it were. They were beings of the mighty Seireitei with no interest in the poor and sickly. Hana, was different but they didn't nor wanted to know that. Their gazes would put Hana at a discomfort which seemed to fill her almost the instant she felt it. She would jostle lightly here and there to allow her to view the whole building as best as possible. Every movement sent chills down her spine for the fear that they'd come to attack her. She was strong, she could handle the men that scattered around the Rukongai but that didn't mean she wanted to fight. In reality she was against fighting as much as possible. Hana's body would shift once more as she drank the liquid that she was just given by the water like person. Drinking said liquid slowly, she'd allow her body to feel the sensation of drinking. It was interesting to her. Souls didn't need to drink, eat, or sleep but they found it comforting to do so anyway. It was more of something to remind them that they were civilized beings none the less. Hana's body would shift one last time to get up. As she moved past the people towards the door, her hand would leave a sizable amount of money to the owner of the Tavern. Upon placing her hand on the door every one of the people with in the tavern stood up. She'd slowly open the door and begin to walk out. It was during that time that she sensed that the group of men began to follow her. It seemed a fight was inevitable.

    Slowly, Hana would walk down the street and act oblivious to the situation. She held her hands with in the opposite sleeves of her Shihakushou where she was able to pull her Zanpaktou through her sleeve to rest with in her right hand. Every step she took she could feel the people coming closer to her. This might be a good time to practice some other Kido. Or maybe even doing it later. Right now, all Hana could think about was attempting to find a way to settle this with out a fight. As Hana made headway into the southern woods she would feel the men gather closer. It was then that she stopped dead in her tracks. Before making a single move she'd speak out loud.

    "You guys aren't very good at following someone. I knew you were following me since I left the Tavern. I hope we can settle this with out incident."

    Hana's voice carried across the air like a soft pillow of soothing music coursing through the ocean of blankets to a receiving ear. Most people, this melody would put even the strongest of sinners into a lull of happiness. However, this moment was not the right crowd of people that could be swayed by a gentle tone and forgiving words. Her mind would settle on the fact that a fight was inevitable. In that moment, she'd slowly turn around to see ten men standing before her. These men were of varying sizes but all were quite strong and brutish looking. Perhaps she'd need to destroy the opponents before they knew what hit them? No, there was no need to do so. She could play with them a bit and see just how strong she was. Her movements showed her to be non-hostile and with no weapon on her person. The men slowly moved so that they surrounded her on all sides. The men seemed more emotionally driven then others would or were. By looking at them, they seemed to hold a grudge against the men and women of the Seireitei that spanned to different emotions from rage to even the lustful perhaps? Hana's body language didn't change as she closed her eyes. She was able to see every single person in the circle around her through REiatsu sensing. Every being was displayed in the area for her to see and know. No matter who or where they were, she could see them like a beacon in the night. Hana's body would shimmer for a moment. There seemed to be no way that anyone could tell she had disappeared. There was a gentle whispering noise that crossed the area's auditory levels. It was a noise that many had heard in battle but none of these fools had heard. Instead, they were questioning what was going on. The men looked all around to see that nothing was the cause of this odd noise. It was then that they noticed that Hana was now brandishing a blade the size of a Katana within her right hand.

    By this time it was far too late. As they stared at the Katana, Hana would slowly lift the Saya to the blade and place the girls where they belonged, deep in the heart of the Saya. As the tsuba clicked at the edge of the saya all the men froze. Bursts of blood showered the area yet not a single drop of blood tocuhed Hana. The blood would spray every which way making a giant pool of blood across the area like a lake. Yet, no matter how much blood was spilled not a single drop of said blood even touched Hana's body nor clothing. In that moment, her body disappeared for an instant only to reappear outside the range of the blood pool. She had used her Reiatsu to propel the blood away from her body and clothes like a second skin. As she stood there, her eyes would open now and see the world for what it was. A beautiful array of green, brown, and blue that dotted the horizon. Giant trees reached for the sky only to cease short of touching the heavens. What a glorious sight that was. Hana's Zanpaktou would shorten back to the size of a Tanto and be placed with in her Shihakushou. For a moment, Hana felt as though the world was nothing more than a gentle illusion. And for a moment, Hana felt a creeping love of fighting cross across her mind. She enjoyed slaughtering those men. SHE WHAT!? Hana shook her head and tossed those thoughts out of her mind as she began to walk forward. In her mind, the only sound she heard was of Kiba beginning to laugh as she walked away from what just transpired. No one would know what happened to these men. To make sure of that, Hana stopped her movements and pointed a finger towards the circle of men. In that instant, she whispered a single sentence which set the bodies of those men ablaze with a fire that would leave no trace of their existence.

    "Hado no San Jyuu San, Soukatsui."

    It was those words that caused a blue flame to erupt upon the bodies. What a spectacular sight to see indeed. As she would resume her walking, Kiba would only laugh more at the fact that Hana had a side to her that even Kiba could enjoy. It was like finding that part of yourself which you keep hidden from the world that enjoys the sadistic nature of the destruction you could inflict. Kiba herself was impressed with the amount of joy she had from that small experience. For an instant, Hana actually wanted to fight and murder more. She would regain her composure and deny any of those feelings from herself and others. She was an upstanding regal woman from the Noble house of Setsune. Nothing more Nothing less. She was, Hana Yasashii, Heir to the Setsune Clan's Fortune and Fame.


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