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    Finding ones path: Shimada's new position

    Finding ones path: Shimada's new position Empty Finding ones path: Shimada's new position

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Wed May 11, 2016 1:12 am

    Next morning came rather quickly, as Shimada woke up slowly to a sharp pain in his chest from the wound that the Hollows gave him. Placing his hand over the wound he just sighed and stood up to get ready to go on duty. He has been away for a whole week training in the Rukongai near Rivershire. During that whole period he did not even report in to take on missions nor did he go to Rivershire to check on the citizens.

    "Am I really going to be ok doing this? Hopefully my superiors are not upset with me being away for as long as I was." Opening the door leaving his room he walked out to find something to eat only to be seen by the Lieutenant and stopped. "Sixth Seat Shimada Kamashi. Can I speak with you please?" Turning his attention to his superior Shimada could only realize what he was going to be talked to about. Nodding the two of them left the hallway and walked outside and stood on a deck overlooking the courtyard. The Lieutenant looked at Shimada and spoke very clearly. "We were observing you that whole time you were training Shimada. During that fight with those Hollows you achieved your Shikai and also showed your ability to use Kido as well. Due to an event, our Third Seat was killed while out on a mission and we would like you to take over that position. Congratulations. You start the new position right away. Now please continue on with your day." Feeling over joyed Shimada only bowed as his superior went back inside to go about his business leaving Shimada standing outside.

    After all that training he knew that he could achieve even more and he was right. Being the Third Seat of his Division was a huge achievement. Feeling proud of himself Shimada could only feel like he had to get training some more to prove to the Division that he was worthy. Jumping down into the Courtyard Shimada stood there to begin a new chapter of training. To increase his ability with his speed was now the next step to gain more strength.

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    Post by Kirito Gekko on Wed May 11, 2016 3:20 am

    Standing in the Courtyard he began to stretch his legs and bounce up and down. Shimada was now preparing to train in his Hoho, which was for techniques such as Shunpo. This is the main training function of the Second Division. He has yet to train in this area other than learning Shunpo after he joined the division in hopes of keeping up with everyone. Now that he is the Third Seat he had to train in this field even more than ever. "I must complete my training here, then I must go and find the other Divisions. I have to make allies here so later when the time is right, I can become a Captain."

    With his goals in mind Shimada began to use his Shunpo and move around back and forth. Moving around at his max speed, Shimada was hoping to find some new tricks to it. He knew that at his current level he couldn't even match up against most other seated officers. "At this rate I'm going to have to work even harder than this!" Stopping at one end of the courtyard he looked over at the other side and used shunpo once more. Appearing at the other side he drew his sword and made a couple swipes at the air. "Damn, I'm still too slow. I need to work on my reaction time as well." He knew that for being in his position he was a bit slow on the reaction and needed to improve that. Just then a squad member appeared in the courtyard and was looking directly at Shimada.

    "So you are training too sir? Mind if I offer a suggestion?" Looking at the squad member without even thinking twice about it he just nodded. Then with a smug look on his face the squad member looked at his and spoke. "Why don't you try actually working along with your Zanpakuto and your own power as well. In the Gotei Thirteen you can not hope to succeed with just brute strength and speed alone."

    Shimada felt that this member was right and that he was holding himself back. Looking down at his own zanpakuto he wondered what his max powers could be. Could there be something beyond his physical strength and Shikai. What was there out there, that could be something that makes people strong. Everyone had their own strength, each individual was unique to each their own. However from what Shimada knew about himself, he was a strong individual and had the ability to compress wind with his Shikai. Within all of these abilities could it be possible to use everything at once. Perhaps it was now time to figure everything out, before advancing any further these steps were necessary. Time to take his own physical capabilities to match his power with his Shikai. To advance was the only route remaining, step forward and become stronger than anyone in existence.

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    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sat May 14, 2016 1:13 am

    Removing his zanpakuto from its sheath, Shimada took it and stabbed it into the ground in front of him only glancing at it for a moment. He stepped away then looked over at the squad member with a firm look. "In the Second Division we specialize in all forms of combat. May it be speed, hand to hand combat and sword fighting." He then began to walk towards the squad member without even thinking twice he spoke again. "Do not forget about kido as well. All these forms is what makes us strong. It would be wise to remember that at all times." Using his shunpo he then appeared in front of his zanpakuto and grabbed it before using shunpo once more to appear in front of the squad member. Holding his zanpakuto to the squad member's throat he only looked at him sternly. "I could have killed you several different ways right now. However I held back and you still could not see it. You have a lot of training to do."

    Placing his zanpakuto back into its sheath he then used shunpo to go to the other side of the courtyard where that person could no longer bother him. Shimada could not even think on ways he could better this Division. It has been slacking since the older days according the the records, especially since Central Forty-six has not made contact in years as well. There was so much to do, but so little time.

    "I must finish my training quickly. I have to investigate further into this Division and figure things out for myself." Clenching his fist, Shimada focused on his goal to become the next seat up within positions. Reach for the top of the Gotei Thirteen and possibly even further and make changes to this world to make it better.

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    Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon May 16, 2016 2:27 am

    Drawing out his zanpakuto once more, Shimada held it out in front of him. Staring at it he knew that there was more power to gain from his zanpakuto. He had only recently gained use of his Shikai and was a novice at using it. Closing his eyes he just took in a deep breath and stabbed his zanpakuto back into the ground once again. "I just wonder, if there is a way to become stronger than anyone else. I must achieve higher levels." Then as he was thinking to himself the Captain appeared behind him and spoke.

    "So Shimada, you are at it again with your training. Good, I may need your strength here soon." Shimada quickly turned around and looked his Captain in the eye then turned away from him. "What could you need me for sir? I'm not that strong quite yet. I still have some ways to go before I am of any use to anyone." The Captain only stood there and looked at Shimada with a look of confidence. Without even wasting a single breath he only just spoke to Shimada and got right to the point. "This morning our Lieutenant was sent out on assignment and he did not return, alive. He was killed while on a mission to the Rukongai to capture a dangerous man." Turning quickly to his captain with a shocked look on his face Shimada could not believe what he had just heard. "I need to borrow your strength to Capture and or kill the man who killed our Lieutenant. We can not let that man get away with this. It tarnishes the honor of the Second Division if we allow a man who killed one of our own to live for long."

    Shimada only smiled for a moment as he then turned to his captain with a smile. He now finally understood why then captain was so lax. It was because he wanted to treat his Division like a family and only act when the moment was needed. "No worries Captain, I shall see to it personally once my training is finished. They will not live long against me, I will not allow them to escape from me."

    The captain only smiled and turned away to walk back to his office. "Head to my office later when you are ready." He then used shunpo to get back to his office quickly leaving Shimada alone to his training. Standing firmly where he was, Shimada only confirmed that he must do what he has to do. That was to kill the guy who killed his Lieutenant and get the honor back of the Second Division.

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