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    Birds were chirping outside as the sun began to shine through the window. The rays of the sun began to slowly shift through the room as it eventually shined on Shimada. Shifting from side to side before finally sitting up a bit he looked around. The room had an old fashion style of Japanese homes to it. Not many places were built like this anymore since the great fire of Tokyo many years ago. "Oh good you're finally awake. How are you feeling Shimada?" Looking around he looked on the other side of the room and saw Ichigo sitting at a table with a man wearing a strange hat and some black coat. Sitting up the rest of the way he looked down at his chain attached to his chest then looked over at Ichigo.

    "I guess so, other than the fact I'm dead, I guess I'm fine for now." Getting up he walked over to the table and sat next to Ichigo as he then looked down at the table. Shimada took a little bit to finally muster up the ability to speak through his own depression. "Tell me what became of Arturo and his students. Did they make it out of there?" The man looked away in a sad way before he spoke up instead of Ichigo this time. "Ichigo went back to get them out of there, however by the time he got there Arturo was dead being crushed by rubble with a hollow dead on top of him too. The students got caught in the fire as well and didn't make it. Ichigo sent the students to the Soul Society but we can not find Arturo." Looking at the man with a shocked look on his face it then changed to sorrow. It was his fault the students didn't make it out of there. He should have sent them out of the school instead of up there. He felt like he let them all die and it was his fault for Arturo's death as well. "If only i survived that I could have tried putting that fire out and saved those students and possibly Arturo as well."

    Ichigo placed his hand on Shimada's shoulder and spoke to him about the situation. "There was nothing you could have done. That fire was too large and the Hollow was very strong too." Looking down he knew that Ichigo was right but he couldn't believe it deep down. "So tell me, why didn't you send me to this Soul Society too? Why am I still here?" The man with the hat on pulled it down over his eyes as he then spoke up instead of Ichigo once again. "We couldn't. Your soul is unstable at this time and sending you there now would harm your spiritual powers." Looking up at him Shimada still did not know his name and he knew that his explanation was a little odd. It was strange as well that he even had spiritual powers when he was just a regular human as well. How he got these powers was one thing that he wondered about and why he had them to begin with. "So tell me, what are my powers and how can I use them to benefit me in anyway?" Ichigo pointed at the man across the table as he then spoke up explaining how that man could help him. "This man here is Kisuke Urahara and he will help you stabilize your powers so you can go to the Soul Society."

    Kisuke Urahara, this man's name wasn't known to him since he was never a customer. Ichigo's name only appeared due to his Father's Clinic on the other side of town. The question appeared to Shimada once again on the subject that stood before him. "So answer my question now Ichigo, just what the hell are you and why is my power so important to everyone?!" Ichigo looked away as did Kisuke since it looked like they didn't want to answer him Shimada got angry. Grabbing Ichigo by the shirt he forced Ichigo to look him in the eye and asked him the question once again. "I asked what the hell you are and why my power is so important to you all! Now answer me you bastard!" Ichigo just looked at him and removed Shimada's hand from his shirt and stood up holding a yellow-greenish pill. "It is better if i show you what i am, then i shall explain everything from start to finish." Putting the pill in his mouth, Ichigo swallowed it and a shift in his body happened as he then formed some type of fission between his soul and body. Out of that fission Ichigo's body fell to the ground lifeless while a secondary version of himself appeared. This form was wearing a black outfit with a smaller sword at his right side with a larger one on his back.

    Ichigo stood strong in this new form and Shimada sensed a faint power that was massive and it nearly made him fall to the ground before Ichigo sealed if off from him. "I am Ichigo Kurosaki, Substitute Shinigami of Karakura Town. As you can tell I'm not the normal Human." Shimada just looked at him then stood up and spoke to him as if he was ready to confront him. "You're meaning to tell me you've had this power all this time and you didn't end that pandemic?! You bastard!! Do you realize how many people died during that?! Are you that heartless that you couldn't use this power to protect them?!" Clenching his fists he then thought about all the people he knew who died during that. "Arturo, those students, my interns, everyone one of those people died just because you wouldn't help them!" Ichigo just stood there emotionless while Shimada just yelled at him then Kisuke stood up and put his cane out. "That's enough now, you don't realize how many of his friends he didn't save as well." Looking over at Kisuke, Shimada shed a single tear over all those lives who were lost during this. He began to shake violently as he couldn't believe that Ichigo wouldn't save all of those people out there. "It's not that i refused to save them, It's just that I wasn't allowed to use my powers to help." Shimada looked up at him in shock as then Kisuke spoke once again. "It is true, the Soul Society asked him and his father not to use their Shinigami powers and just remain in human form. It is to prevent damage to the souls of those who passed."

    Shimada then looked up at Ichigo and then over at Kisuke and back to the ground. "So tell me how it could damage souls. Also if it damages souls then why am I unaffected by Ichigo now?" Kisuke got a shocked look on his face as he then noticed Shimada standing up straight. It was odd since before he was passing out one moment after the next but now he acts like it's normal now. This made Kisuke actually question this reasoning behind their orders to begin with but then he realized a whole week has passed. That was the reason he could stand there and be in front of Ichigo's massive power unaffected by it. "It is odd how you couldn't be around him originally but now you can. Your soul must have become stronger." Those words shocked Shimada as he wasn't expecting to hear that his soul became stronger. It has only been a short night since he died which made him think about everything going on around him. "Did my soul really adjust that quickly to this power? It has only been one night." Kisuke quickly raised his hand up and spoke to Shimada and corrected him on the facts. "It has been a whole week actually, when you first died you couldn't be around him at all due to your soul's newborn status." Kisuke stood up and took Shimada and Ichigo with him down into some basement where he began a new statement. "Now to start the final stages before you go to the Soul Society, get ready this could get rough."

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