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    A New Hope For Kianji

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    Post by Kianji on Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:43 pm

    Kianji appeared in a place that looked like it was from ancient times. But the atmosphere here was great! Though it seemed that the youth had other ideas. Stealing, looting and running away. He had found a seat and sat in it. Waiting on this so called officer.

    "Theres a Vice Captain walking around out here!"

    What was a vice captian? He or she seemed to be a big deal here. The children and people lined the streets and a man in the same clothes that isshin was walked down the street.

    He finally came to stand in front of Kianji. "I assume you are Kianji Umeko?"

    He knew his name? How did he know Kianjis Name? Was he the Captain Commanders Assistant?

    "I am."

    The guy nodded, "My name is Genshiro. Come with me. The captain commander awaits."

    Kianji followed the man to this big wall. I mean it was huge! and he spoke one more time. "Vice Captain Genshiro. Here to take a person to see the Captin Commander." As soon as he said this and the door opened. he Grabbed Kianji and speed off to a building where he can only guess thats where the Captain Commander is.


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