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    That Fateful Meeting...

    That Fateful Meeting... Empty That Fateful Meeting...

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:04 am

    Hana made her way to her manor. After talking extensively to her Father, she was allowed use of the private Senkaimon that her noble house held. She was to take Amaichou as her guide as he'd been to the World of the Living before. Nodding lightly, she left with her Odachi clenched tightly in her left hand. She would appear before the world of the living in a bright light. Upon doing so, she gazed at the surroundings. She managed to land herself in the middle of nowhere. She managed to be brought to a forest with trees glistening across the area. Her eyes closed for a moment as the world seemed to be gentle to her. She giggled as Amaichou rested upon her nose and wiggled a little. She looked across the horizon to see that it was becoming day. Shaking her head, she sat down upon a stump with her Shihakuchou giving her the ability to rest Amaichou inside safely. It was now, that she wondered where she could practice medicine from this realm, or perhaps learn what techniques she could to assist those that lived here.


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    Post by Fabled on Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:44 am

    Fear awoke as the sun began to touch the horizon, yawning while stretching she grabbed her dressing gown, shrugging into it before opening her door and making her way downstairs. Her sleep had been the best she had ever experienced, or at least that's what she thought considering what had happened the day before. When she entered the kitchen area, she found her Father no where to be seen, and guessed, like before, he had gone in the early hours and without a note she guessed she had the day to do as she pleased. Sitting down at the table with a bowl of cereal, Fear had been wondering about something, as her thoughts turned to what she could do for the day. Her glove had been sat beside her bed since she had arrived last night, and she had not even glanced at it since, for every time she did the woodland she had seen in her daydream sprung to mind, along with waves of dread. Despite this, she knew that to further her own abilities she would have to train with it, and that meant going out to a secluded area and practicing with it over and over. Therefore, she wondered if anybody walked through the forest behind her house, for if they didn't, it would give her a perfect area to train.

    When she had finally got herself fully dressed in her usual attire and her glove was on her hand as it should be instead of sitting on her bedside table, she left the house. For the first time since arriving there, she decided to head out the back entrance, through the back garden gate and into the woods. The sun by now was a short distance over the horizon, pooling the forest in light, with the occasional break due to the trees. Her destination was the clearing where the she had encountered both her first ghost or spirit, and her first Hollow. As she walked she often stopped to gaze around her, admiring the forest for what it was, home to wildlife which crossed her path regularly, or out the corner of her eye she spotted deer grazing between the trees.

    It didn't take her long to reach the clearing, and when she stepped out onto the grassy area, memories of the last time she had been here flooded her mind, causing her to feel slightly light headed. Leaning against the tree as she attempted to clear her head, Fear also thought about how she would begin her training, or even, how she would train at all. She had, like anything else that she had had to do, not been given any instructions, and so had no clue on how she was to use the glove, how she was to train with it, or any other important things she would need to know before attempting such things. Deciding not to leave things any longer, Fear stepped out into the center of the clearing, picking a large boulder as her target she stood there, pondering her next move, though no ideas sprung to mind.

    "Seems like this won't be as easy as I first thought"

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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:35 am

    Hana felt a spiritual pressure she hadn't before. Feeling a rolling unease come over her, she was unsure if she should pursue it or not. Though, what ended up happening was a simple thing indeed. The pressure waned for a moment and dropped just slightly. This was a tell tale sign of fatigue of sorts. She was no mere mortal, but she was obligated, as Heir to the Fourth Division to assist all beings. She had taken that oath when she swore her duty to learn the arts of medicine. With that, she took off as fast as she could barreling towards the clearing that was now before her. Granted, she wasn't as fast as she'd like to be, but she was fast enough to get there. Once her long black hair stopped fluttering in the breeze caused by her moving legs, it cascaded down her back like a waterfall of elegant black water. It was only now that she saw the being that's pressure waned just slightly. Hana's eyes blinked for an instant as her lips pursed. The power seemed, human, in origin but slightly different from those she'd felt from a few miles away. Perhaps this being was spiritually aware, which would make this that much easier. It was only a moment before Hana was next to the woman in question and already speaking. "Excuse me, are you alright? I could feel your power fluctuate enough. Do you need any medical attention?" She asked as her hand moved the Odachi she held firmly in her hand towards her back. This wasn't as if to hide it, as it was as large as she was, but more to show she didn't intend to use it. In that instant, the small black butterfly, Amaichou, fluttered on to Hana's nose. It fluttered it's wings just slightly as it seemed to be speaking to her. She nodded for a moment before the Jigokuchou moved off to her shoulder to rest once more.


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    Post by Fabled on Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:52 pm

    Fear stood there staring intently at the rock as if the instructions for what she was about to do would just pop from its surface somehow. She knew of course this was impossible, and so started by taking things slowly, raising her right arm where the glove caught the corner of her eyes with its black and red scales. Drawing her left hand equal to it, the power that erupted was enough to cause a gale of wind to shake the trees, and cause Fear's clothes and hair to flap in every direction. Once the gale suddenly stopped, her bow formed in her right hand as the arrow grew in size the further back she pulled her left hand, causing more and more Reishi to be drawn to it and as such, cause the power behind the arrow to suddenly increase. Her left hand shook due to the amount of Reishi inside the arrow, and she felt its power irritating the skin on her fingers. Releasing the arrow, she heard a "whip" as it zipped across the clearing, smacking into a tree just short of the rock, and causing splinters of wood to explode everywhere. Unluckily for Fear, some of those splinters struck her hands, face, and the parts of her chest that were bare. Blood began to trickle from the wounds, but she was too determined to allow the pain to get the better of her.

    Repeating the process, Fear created her bow, now only realizing the coloring had changed from a black & red to a light blue. When it was formed in her right hand, and held before her, she could feel the cold temperature that emitted from it, as if she stood mere inches from a pool of ice on a winters day.

    "What the hell, when did it get so cold? I don't remember anyone mentioning the bow could alternate its temperature, or the voice I heard in my daydream.."

    Completely stumped as to how her bow had managed it, Fear still continued to frown as her brain attempted to work it out, but as she drew her arrow with her left hand beside her face, something caught her attention. A Shinigami had openly appeared before her, and freaking out slightly, Fear squeaked in panic as her left hand slip, the arrow loose as she could only watch its path. Thankfully, she watched it whiz past the Shinigami's face causing no damage, but probably made her jump in shock. When she reached Fear, the female Shinigami asked if she was alright and asked if she needed medical attention. Looking down at her uncovered hand, she saw the blood trickling in thick lines down from the back of her hand to her finger tips before dripping to the floor. She was going to answer, when a butterfly appeared from no where, causing Fear to slightly draw an arrow, the buzz of Reishi filling her ears as her eyes narrowed in suspicion.  It appeared the butterfly knew the Shinigami, as it landed on her nose before she nodded.

    "Is she able to communicate with that thing? What does she want? How did she find me? Why did she hide her blade to show she meant me no harm? All of this just doesn't make sense.."

    Fear watched the female for a while, keeping her bow ready in case she was luring her into a false sense of security. All the while, she struggled to keep her eyes from the female's butterfly companion and the blade behind her back, that's one thing Fear had always wanted, even as a kid when she watched movies. She had begged her Father to buy her a fake one, even a plastic sword would have done, but she never got one. Shaking her head to remove the thought, as she turned her attention back to the situation before her, Fear thought for a short time, wondering what to say so she wouldn't offend the young Shinigami, but in the end she found her word choice to be limited and so just got it over with.

    "I am fine, the cuts are just surface ones and even if I did I doubt I would let a Shinigami trick me into trying something like that. How did you find me here? This is private land that belongs to those who own the houses just over there.."

    Fear pointed in the general direction that her house lay in, wondering all the while if she was saying too much and if her Father would approve of what she was doing.

    "Also, how do you Shinigami get a sword? I've only had one run-in with a Shinigami before and they too had one, the idea of having one of my own is one that has stuck with me since being a child. Lastly, that butterfly, how did you come to have such a relationship with such an animal? I have never seen anyone be able to train a butterfly in such a way as that, and what was it that he or she said to you when you nodded? You don't need to tell me, you can just call it simple curiosity."

    Fear stood there, her bow at the ready with half an arrow hanging loosely in her left hand, waiting for the time pull it back and shoot the Shinigami should she be required too. Until then, she stood keeping her eyes on every aspect of the Shinigami, the butterfly and the blade that she couldn't help staring at. She also wished she could have said more, though the situation disallowed such things as niceties, like name exchanging and number swapping. Perhaps if she could learn to trust the Shinigami, then things would turn a different way, until then her nature was strictly business with a touch of hostility.

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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:22 am

    Hana's eyes widened for an instant as the arrow passed by her head, somewhat late, but just barely, her head moved to the side in the opposite direction. Her body would pivot so that she stood with her left foot planted away from the woman while her right was firmly placed towards her. This put the blade in a direction somewhat facing the woman. Realizing this, Hana positioned the blade so it was in a less aggressive manor. She took a moment as her gently red lips pursed while listening to everything that the woman had to say. It was obvious she was somewhat blunt, and perhaps a little bit eager to meet a Shinigami? Hana's only reaction was to sigh slightly as she stood there, her hands resting at either sides of her body now.

    "Well, That's quite the myriad of questions. I guess I'll just start one by one. As for your question about my Zanpakutou, each member of the Shinigami are given one upon entering the Academy. However, I'm the Noble house of the Setsune Clan. So I received mine at an early age where I started training. The funny part is, I wish I didn't have a sword. I don't like engaging in combat at all. I'd much rather tend to the wounds of the injured. My Mother is the current Captain of the Fourth Division, Hana Yasashii. I take after her, in the respect that we both are Doctors. Now, as for your last question, it's a bit difficult to explain. Amaichou is what is known as a Jigokuchou. They're butterflies that are domesticated with in the Seireitei. They're used to curry messages and allow Shinigami safe passage through the Dangai.However, mine is somewhat special. He's been with me since I was born. For a long while, he was the only friend I've ever had. So I guess in a sense he's my best friend."

    Her voice was sweet, low toned, and quite gentle. She attempted to avoid the other question completely but Amaichou fluttered his wings slightly which caused Hana to look away and huff for a moment.

    "As for your other question, Amaichou reminded me of what you are. But race means nothing to me. A Doctor must never walk away from those injured, be it their allies or enemies."

    She nodded for a moment before her body looked up towards the sky.

    Oh, and I'm fairly certain the reason your Arrow has changed color might be because of my presence. When I appeared, you seemed intrigued by the change in color of your Arrow. If I remember right, and correct me if I'm wrong of course, but our records of Quincy are somewhat distorted. I believe they change based on the concentration of Reiatsu there is around them. If you managed to enter the Soul Society, I'm sure it'll be a bright brilliant blue."

    She nodded for a moment as she closed her eyes. It was breaking noon now. The sun glistening across the leaves of the trees, it seemed almost surreal. The rays of sun beat down upon her face like a gentle warm hand caressing her cheek. She sighed slightly in happiness. The world was so different here then in the Soul Society, that was a fact. Shaking her head slightly, she relished in that fact but again, her mind seemed to wander just slightly.

    Giant brown towers seemed to cascade upwards like a backwards waterfall. The sea of green seemed to follow suit. It's gentle start near the mid of the sea of brown as it cascaded upwards like a wildfire with in the confines of the brown sea. What a beautiful place it truly was. The air seemed to nip lightly at the leaves causing them to rustle here and there. It was obvious that the world was a gentle and kind place for the most part. It was a tell tale sign by the way the frogs hopped, crickets chirped, birds sang, and the way the resident deer grazed. Looking upon a small opening,  she could see but a gentle doe grazing the grass before them. It had wandered in through the opposite side of the clearing unbeknownst to her, there stood a human and a soul. For a moment, it's head propped up to look behind itself. When it did, three little fawns appeared to play gently in the clearing. It was almost surreal once more. A large Buck appeared as well. It Must have been what humans called, a ten pointer. Sighing slightly, the world seemed to be too gentle. Her gentle blue eyes gazed at that small family and simply stood in awe. They soon left in a rush by seeing there were people there.


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    Post by Fabled on Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:26 pm

    Fear listened to what the Shinigami had to say, and found everything she said intriguing, she released the Reishi that formed her bow, causing it to appear to explode in a flurry of sparks, though it was merely a thing she did for show that made it look like hundreds of glow bug fluttered in the air around her, and for a while she stood there, placing her hands behind her back as she watched the sparks go in separate directions around the clearing. It was then she noticed the Shinigami looking around, and spotted that she was in general admiring the world and the place where they stood. It seemed mean for Fear to start speaking and break her thoughts which were obvious from the expression on her face that she was admiring everything around her.

    "I see, would it be possible for someone, such as myself for example to use one? As I said I would love for to have one of my own, and though I don't wish to appear selfish or for to break any rules that you live by, but it would be a dream come true for me. Wow, I never knew Shinigami had Doctors where you come from, I have only met two before, and have never had a full conversation with one, but they didn't seem to be the healing kind. I see, so you have butterflies to carry your mail? Here we put what we want to say to someone far away either in a letter or on a digital version known as an email. For me to hear something like that, it sounds interesting, and must be amazing to see the place where they are kept until they are required to carry a message."

    Fear smiled shyly, not sure what to do as it was her first encounter with a Shinigami, and yet, she couldn't help feeling in a way that she could somehow befriend her. She then went on to speak about her butterfly friend knowing what she was, and Fear had been wondering when this part in the conversation would arise. It was known even to Fear whom had only heard her Father and the Elders in the tunnels speaking of the hatred between Shinigami and Quincy. Her own opinion on this was different to others, for the hatred had spanned several generations, since the time where Quincy were nearly wiped out. She believed that if they spent long enough together and sorted out their issues, an alliance of sorts could be made between the two.

    "I'll be honest with you, I have heard of how Shinigami and Quincy should treat each other, though I don't believe in such ways. I believe that should my path cross a Shinigami's I wouldn't treat them with the hostility that the situation usually brings about. Instead, I would welcome them as a friend and get to know them, and eventually I believe Shinigami and Quincy could stand side by side."

    Bowing her head at the thought of how many lives had been lost in the past over a silly difference between the two races. Fear felt the tension in the air change as the mood began to drop due to the topic of conversation. Realizing something needed to be done to prevent any awkwardness arising, she bounced forward on one foot, then the other, before reaching the Shinigami and wrapping her hand round her neck, before resting her chin on her shoulder and embracing her in a hug.

    "My name is Fear Jingai, recently made a Quincy though not of my own choosing, it was simply down to my family lineage. I wish for us to perhaps become friends, and show that our races can coincide as one. That is, if you decide to accept my proposal, it would be a lot of fun to have a friend who isn't so different to myself."

    Releasing the Shinigami from her hug, Fear took a step back, grinning from ear to ear, with her head perked slightly sideways. She then remembered her talking about the color of her arrow and how it had gone from its normal color to a blue color upon meeting her.

    "I see, so that's why that happened.. I prefer it to be honest, though it doesn't explain how its temperature has now changed too, as before it felt warm to touch due to the Reishi, but now it feels cold, but not cold enough to numb my hands. I would love to see my arrows like that!"

    Fear's eyes widened in wonder as she imagined the brilliant blue light emitting from her hand. Though to do so would mean going to the Seireitei, and she highly doubted that would be possible. Coming back to the present from her mental imagine of her bright blue bow and arrow, Fear, still held her hands behind her back as she looked down to her feet which she scuffled across the grass covering the clearing. She was now feeling nervous, afraid she had spoken to soon about the two of them becoming friends, and was nervous she may get turned down.

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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:11 pm

    Hana was caught off guard by some of the actions. though in the end they seemed not to be malicious. She allowed all of the movements and speech to go on unhindered. upon the moment she finished, Hana's eyes gently closed as her lips pursed to speak.

    "I understand your point of view. I too do not believe in hostility, especially in any situation. There is always a peaceful solution to any situation. It just takes the time to find it. Anyway, I'm not entierly sure you could own an Asauchi. They're usually made specifically to those that become Shinigami. A Shinigami is only given one in their life time, and they must protect, use, and love it with all of their hearts as it is their soul. However, there may be something I can do to fashion a blade for you. There are plenty of swords that are not Zanpakutou in the Soul Society that can still cut souls."

    Hana nodded for a moment as she brought the conversation to the more elegant and gentle closing. Her eyes opened to watch the world once more.

    "Miss Jingai, my name is Hana Yasashii. It is a pleasure to meet you. I would be honored, to have a friend that is unlike myself. It would be refreshing to say the least. I fear too many people have fought for far too long and lost their lives for reasons that could have been avoided. Neither side is innocent in what has transpired, that is a fact. Perhaps our generation can be the one to step forth and set things right. Now, about that butterfly. He's quite special. We don't have the butterflies carry the messages. The butterfly relays the message, through Telepathy. We tell the butterfly what we want to say, and it flies off to the recipiant. Once there, the butterfly lands on the person and transmits the message through telepathy through they contact. It's quite interesting. I'm not sure if it'll work on you, as you're a human. But I guess we can try."

    Hana said as she lifted her right index finger towards the air. Amaichou landed upon it as she spoke lightly, nearly a whisper. 'I would be honored to be your friend, Fear-chan." She whispered to the butterfly as he carted himself over to her. Once he finished, he would cart himself over to Hana and rest once more on her shoulder.


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    Post by Fabled on Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:51 am

    Fear was glad to hear Hana had the same views as herself. She had been worried she wouldn't agree and it would cause the situation to deteriorate, in comparison to how she wished things to go. When she heard Hana could give her a blade that would act similarly to a Zanpakuto, she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet in glee, her red hair bounding around as bounced on the spot, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    "YAY! I can't express how glad I am to hear you both share my own views and also know a way to get me a sword like your own."

    She then listened to what she had to say on the matter of them being friends, and going more into detail on how their messenger butterflies worked. She was inspired by the sound of them, and would love to see them in action. She then had the most oddest thing happened to her, as the butterfly who she guessed was named Amaichou fluttered towards her and landed on her face, covering her mouth. Her first reaction was to cower away, for she wasn't used to bugs landing on her in such a manner, but once she realized he was different, she eased and smiled as he relayed his message.

    "The honor is mine sir."

    She said softly as the butterfly hovered before her and she grinned again. She had awoken that morning resenting being a Quincy, and wondering how many Hollows she would encounter during her daily activities. She had never expected for to befriend a Shinigami and a butterfly in the space of several minutes. Now the general talk was over with and they had both agreed on more than Fear had initially hoped for, her thoughts turned to what they should do.

    "I am soo happy right now I could honestly burst with joy. Though of course, we can't just stay in this clearing all day for it would eventually become boring rather quickly. Was there something you came here to specifically do, or did you just come here to look around? I would be happy to do anything that comes to mind, and while we're in the process you can tell me more about this sword you spoke of."

    Fear turned back in the direction of her house taking a few steps in the general direction before turning her head back to smile at Hana, waiting to see if she would follow.

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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:01 pm

    Hana's eyes closed for a moment as her body shifted in to gear. Her legs seemed to move almost instinctively with out her even bothering to think about it. Her body kept pace with that of Fear's as she listened closely to everything she had to say. Nodding for a moment, her eyes would pursue a small leaf that fluttered in to the air. Her eyes seemed locked upon that small leaf that seemed to gently drift towards the sky.

    "Well, I had originally come here to learn what healing techniques this world had. It's to better my research. I need to be able to heal humans as well, as that being part of my job and all. So I've decided to search out a good place to learn these techniques here in the World of the Living. Do you, happen to know of a place to do that?"

    She asked as her steps coincided with that of Fear's. She kept pace as best as possible as it seemed like a semi-leisurely walk. She let escape a small sigh of happiness as she noticed native butterflies fluttering around lightly in their measly little worlds, oblivious to what was happening around them.


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    Post by Fabled on Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:37 pm

    Fear thought over places she could take Hana to see and learn what she had come here to find. Her immediate thought was a Hospital, for it was the largest place where medicine is kept and is a place where Humans go to be treated for whatever ails them. Her second thought was a simple Doctors clinic, and she knew where one was that wasn't too far from her house. Blinking as she looked to Hana, she wondered what she would think about both of them.

    "I'm not sure how Shinigami normally heal one another, if it is like us Humans or if it is something completely different. I do however know that if you wish to see how we Humans heal, there are a couple of places nearby that may interest you. Firstly there's a hospital in the center of town, which is a huge building with lots of things related to healing and medicine inside. Or secondly, there is a Doctors clinic not far from here, which is smaller and is a place Humans go regularly to keep them in good health. We can go to either or both if you wish, the decision is yours to choose."

    Fear kept walking as they came to her back garden, and stepping inside she walked straight through the house and out the front door. Seeing her car sat in the driveway made her wonder if Hana had ever traveled in that manor before, and a smirk played across her face.

    "We also have the choice of how we get there, for we can walk, take a bus or we can go by my car. I'm happy to do whichever you feel comfortable with."

    Fear leaned against a pillar that was part of the overall decor of her and her Fathers house. As she waited for her answers, Fear allowed her mind to drift, returning to the beach she had visited before in her daydream. Even just imagining it, she could feel the presence of whatever awaited her in the forest, and she let out a shiver as she snapped out of her thoughts and returned her mind to the situation at hand.

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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:55 pm

    Snapping from the reality that had been plaguing the woman's mind, Hana returned in full force realizing that things needed to get done. A sudden doorway opened towards the Soul Society. Once it had fully opened, Hana stepped through leaving the comforting words that she'd be back soon. In that instant, she had disappeared from the past and moved towards the future.

    ((Exit because of returning from being away. Hoping Fear comes bac ktoo so we can pick up where we left off!))

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