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    The report to close the case


    The report to close the case

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:36 am

    Walking up to the doors to enter the Captain's office of Squad Two, as Kaname and Shimada kneeled outside the door waiting for the Captain to give them permission to enter. During the wait Shimada turned to Kaname and asked him a question. “So what does Squad Two stand for in all these Squads? What is this Squad’s purpose?” Kaname just looked at Shimada and smiled at him with a warming look in his eyes. He sighed then began to speak to Shimada with a very instructor like tone since he was now considered strong. “Well we are the assassin Squad, we keep the peace and make the justice of this world.” Shimada was surprised at this response and he was thinking about joining this Squad as it would serve his path the most justice than any other Squad in existence. It was right there on this spot that Shimada decided that he was going to make this Squad his home for now on. “Thank you Kaname, I think I have made up my mind on what I plan to do with myself now.” Kaname just turned his head back to the doors and smiled as he knew what Shimada meant without even thinking about it. Just then the doors opened and another Shinigami appeared and signaled both Kaname and Shimada to enter.

    Both stood up and entered the room and bowed to the Captain and took a seat. The Captain then looked to Kaname and spoke to him with a stern voice. “Tenth Seat Kaname, what can you report about the incident that took place?” Kaname nodded then cleared his throat as he was about to begin his report on the matter at hand. “You see Captain, the man was an Unseated Officer of Squad Ten and was part of a crime syndicate in the Rukongai. This man I brought with me is Shimada Kamashi, protector of the town Rivershire in District Eighty Zaraki. He fought with person in question family on several occasions and won each battle. He is also the one who took down the suspect which allowed us to arrest him.” Kaname then bowed out and took his place once more awaiting for the Captain to make a decision on the matter. The Captain then brushed his hand on his face as he then turned to Shimada with a sigh of relief on his face. “You did well young one taking on those people on your own. Now it is time you tell me who you are and what are your goals in this world. Announce them to me like a man!” Shimada then bowed as he then sat up straight and proud as he looked the Captain directly in the eye as he then took in a deep breath and spoke aloud. “My goal is to bring all criminals of this world to justice and protect everyone who is innocent from such evils! I shall do so all the way up to Captain rank then in the future become the Captain Commander and make the world a much better place with all of my power and that of my comrades to bring about a proper change!” The Captain then smiled at Shimada as he finally sat up straight himself and spoke to Shimada with an even more of a proud voice. “Very well then, Welcome to Squad Two. You shall take the fourteenth seat in this Squad. From this day forth use your strength to bring about that justice you spoke about so strongly. Good luck, my new comrade.” Shimada was as happy as can be and he was now a Shinigami just like everyone else and sat there proud as he waited for the meeting to end.

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    Re: The report to close the case

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:56 pm

    Bowing to his new Captain, Shimada stood to his feet and backed away from his Captain out of the office to the outer area of the barracks. Standing there alone outside Shimada looked to the sky with a smile on his face and a sense of calm. "This may be the assassination squad of the Gotei Thirteen, however I can see myself becoming stronger here than in any other squad. So I am here to stay." Taking in the sights around him Shimada could not help but feel a sense of calm amongst all of these assassins that surrounded him. This squad was known for their skills in both combat and speed, both things Shimada knew he lacked aspects in to achieve a high position in the Gotei Thirteen. Kido and hand to hand combat were his weak points at this current time, becoming a lieutenant would be difficult at his current level. With a goal in mind Shimada knew that he had to work on his hand to hand combat first before he could make anything else stronger about him. Jumping up onto the railing he then looked down into the courtyard below where others were training. This was his opportunity to finally get some real training in and become even stronger than before. Being able to take down that teacher was one thing but from this point on the battles were only going to get tougher. Keeping all of that in mind he jumped down into the courtyard where he prepared to finally make himself stronger than all of the rest here.

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