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    Hana was dispatched directly to Squad Four Barracks upon entering the Academy. She was told to report directly to the barracks for reasons unbeknownst to her. They kind of kept it a secret it felt like. Upon arrival there seemed to be a few people hovering around the door. Once they saw her, the people parted the doors and smiled gently at her. They seemed almost too happy. It was like something bad, or good could happen at any moment. It was then that she gazed upon what she was amazed to see. The whole Squad 4 was assembled in the Barrack's hall for a meeting. Hana kept herself silent and looked down at the ground a bit. But once she worked up the courage to look at everyone in the eyes, she did so. It seemed that the people were loitering and waiting for someone to come in and make announcements. Just as Hana thought that, a woman appeared from behind the other door. She entered the room and stood in front of the congregation. In that instant, everyone settled down and remained quiet.

    "Alright, Now that everyone's gathered, the first order of business is simple, I'm going to name off a list of names and these names will be in order of seats assigned to the squad."

    Hana listened halfheartedly as she knew she wouldn't be picked for a position, she was just an academy student. Once they reached 10th she heard somethign interesting.

    "And now welcome our new 11th seat officer, pre-graduate, Hana Yasashii, Daughter of Hana Yasashii."

    Hana's eyes widened with glee at the fact that she was given the 11th seat position in the Fourth division! She was BEYOND overjoyed! She smiled wildly for the next few minutes before calming down and listening intently to the rest of the seats. After which, she listened intently to how things were run in the division and of course, the kinds of things they'd need to preform. Finally, her dream to enter the Gotei had come true! For some reason or another, she was allowed to graduate ahead of scheduled but you know what, that didn't matter. What mattered, was that she had a chance to prove herself to everyone in the Fourth Division at how amazing she could be! She was given no immediate job yet, but she managed to achieve a seated officer! That was an achievement beyond her current goals. She was lucky to get into the Fourth Squad period, but to become a Seated officer! She showed excellent knowledge in medicinal arts.

    A few minutes after the meeting was done, congratulations were given, and Hana found herself in the empty room she could only stand in awe. She had to move her things! Oh, but that was already done for her, as Amaicho told her. But what was odd was that, she managed to be given a gift! Amaicho told her that a gift was waiting outside. Of course, with somewhat haste, Hana managed to rush out the door to where Amaicho had guided her. And there it was. It was a most beautiful White Jay bird. The bird stared at Hana for a moment before flying over and resting upon her other shoulder like a gentle pet. It made itself cozy and sat down so that it wouldn't fall off. The bird chirped a bit and talked much like Amaicho. So in a sense, it was close to what Amaicho was but, in the shape of a white Jay bird! So cool!

    Smiling quite a lot, Hana managed to not break her lip muscles as she wondered through the Fourth division Barracks. She saw the Captain's office as well as the Vice Captain's Office, and some other Misc. rooms and so forth. She managed to find her own little room thing, though it was quite cramped. This was to conserve space. It was home, and that's what counted. Hana rested her stuff on the small table as she would lie on the bed and rest for a bit. This was overwhelming indeed. But hey, it was all in the interest of becoming stronger. Smiling lightly, Hana faded off to sleep for the night. To awaken a new day and get some ass kicking done so she could become stronger and help out in the Fourth division.



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    Hana awoke to a groggy Amaichou and Asekoi. Sighing gently, she managed to get prepared with her Zanpaktou and move on towards the training grounds. Once there, Hana sat down for a moment and began remembering what she had learned in the academy Kido class. She needed to learn how to use a good move, how about Soukatsui! yes of course! Soukatsui was an amazing move to learn first! Forget Sai or Sho! An aspiring practitioner should start with something with a little more flare! and obviously a little more dangerous when it backfires.

    With this in her mind and a good chunk of resolve with in her chest, she began her training. Hana's right hand lifted outwards pointing towards a target down the range. Feeding her energy into a single blast, she'd began by coursing every ounce of Reiatsu into her palm she could muster for this technique. This meant a backfire was inevitable, and explosive! SHE SHOULD KNOW THIS! Once that thought crossed her mind, it happened. The energy flickered and twisted in an odd shape. In that moment, KABOOM! the area filled with a loud bang which actually sent Hana flying backwards into the arms of a random Shinigami. It happened this man, Yusaki, was proficient with Kido. So he showed the aspiring practitioner some pointers.

    Hana nodded as every movement the boy made was elegant, firm, and definite. He explained that it also helped a lot to use the incantation. Hana took in this information and began once more, to attempt a recreation of the action. Hana started by gathering Reiatsu with in her pointer finger. This would begin spiraling outwards to slowly form the orb which would be known as Soukatsui. This orb began to fluctuate once more but Yusaki held onto Hana's hand, stabilizing and refining her Reiatsu control by using his own Reiatsu. She felt his Reiatsu caress her own and mold it, almost as if it was probing every inch of her own Reiatsu in the orb. She watched as the orb shot forth to form a type of wave like attack. The blast struck the intended target with a large explosion. Upon that moment, Hana understood now! She knew what had to be done to make this work!

    She was getting worried she wouldn't be able to understand let alone use such a technique by herself. Now she learned the proper molding technique so she could now have a better chance at replicating it. Yusaki took his hand away from her arm and nodded to her. This signaled Hana to begin her attempt. She began by gathering a little bit of Reiatsu with in her palm. This small orb began to slowly grow larger as she molded and shaped it gently. Of course, once she learned and could do it on her own, it would only be a matter of time before she would be able to fire it faster. But one step at a time right? Hana's orb was now full sized and stable! She allowed the orb to burst forth as she yelled out it's name.


    The blue orb shot forth and struck it's mark with pinpoint accuracy. Though, she would most likely have failures later on, she at least learned the basics. It was now her duty to learn the incantation which followed it as well. Hana began to recite the incantation as she placed her hand forth once more. The orb growing faster and stronger than before.

    "Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshou, habataki, hito no na o kansu mono yo! Shinri to sessei, tsumi shirame yume no kabe ni wazuka ni tsume o tate yo. HADO NO SAN JUU SAN, SOUKATSUI!"

    The orb leaped from her hand and crashed down to the target with pin point accuracy once again. She'd accomplished her goal of learning the basics. Now all that Hana needed to do was practice it enough times to actually get it to work as fast as possible. Of course it would help her memorize the incantation as well. She began to gather energy with in her hand once more as she started to recite the incantation.

    "Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshou, habataki, hito no na o kansu mono yo! Shinri to sessei, tsumi shirame yume no kabe ni wazuka ni tsume o tate yo. HADO NO SAN JUU SAN, SOUKATSUI!"

    The orb burst forth into an almost wave like attack which crashed down upon the target with ease. She was starting to feel a bit bad about destroying property, even though it was designed to be used to train Kido on. The fourth division was rather helpful in their member's wishes to learn what they could to help protect the Seireitei from attack. Plus, it helped because there were also healing and non attack Kido that she could learn. She made it a point ot learn every possible Kido she could learn from here on out.

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    Hana was overjoyed she'd finally learned Soukatsui. She was a pervade of knowledge, even if some of that knowledge was offensive, she wouldn't use it unless necessary. Her eyes closed for a moment as her brain coursed through different things she could do now. It finally settled upon the most important thing she could do. That was to increase her Houho ability. She excelled at being quite speedy for her class. Perhaps, the most speedy there was in the Shinigami? Well she wasn't ready to claim that throne but she had hoped one day to be dubbed the Lightning Bolt or something. Hana's body began to stretch her limbs out so that she could essentially spar with a Hoho master. Once she finished her stretching, she bolted as fast as she could around the compound in search of a friend of hers, an old Hoho teacher who was considered  the fastest person in all of the Soul Society. Once reaching there, they conversed for several minutes. Hana had asked her to help her train her Hoho skills so that she could become as strong as she was in the speed department. Though she didn't have Shunpo as of yet, she was much faster than others at her skill level. However, this was because she wasn't that strong and couldn't take the hits either. So she needed to be fast to escape the blasts.

    Haiyara, the Hoho master, agreed to help teach Hana in an effort of passing her speedy crown unto her shoulders. Hana would nod in agreement, and smiled brightly as she entered a Hakuda combat stance. Haiyara entered an odd looking speed based stance of Hakuda which made Hana inquisitive for a moment. Though this quickly subsided as a fist came crashing into her face. This sent her skidding backwards a few feet before the woman charged once more. This time she aimed a punch directly into Hana's stomach. The distance gave Hana enough time to react by side stepping out of the way. This allowed her to place her left hand on the woman's back and guide her forward. Though Haiyara was a bit too quick to be toppled by that move. She managed to shift and pull Hana into a spin, throwing her across the area once more. With no options left, Hana did what she knew had to be done, she bolted up into the sky to make the area much more open. This was both a blessing and a curse, as it left Hana with more space to move. However, this meant that Haiyara also had more space to move.

    In a moment's notice, Haiyara had been inches away from Hana's face with another punch. However, she managed to side step if only barely. The force of the punch caused Hana to slide backwards a few feet though intentionally. In this moment, she saw an opportunity. Hana's body bolted forward at her greatest speed to place a firm punch upon Haiyara's right side. Just before the attack struck it's target, she sped forward and around to strike Hana in the same area. The strike hit so hard it sent her flying sideways. She came to a skidding halt after several feet of forcing her Reiatsu into her right hand and feet. Hana could see no way to defeat this beastly opponent. But then again that was the point. She needed to think outside the box! Then, that's when it hit her. Outside the box! Hana charged forth to strike Haiyara in the face with an attack. SHe needed to be adaptive and learn from her mistakes as well as her faults. She reached a few inches from Haiyara's face as she started to think, "That's it, dodge it just like usual" Her mind kept solid on her plan as Haiyara sped away. In that isntant, Hana shifted around to face directly behind her. The moment she did, Haiyara was already there with a fist approaching her face. Hana's body lowered just slightly which caused her braided hair strands ti lift upwards. She had managed to duck just below the attack where she delivered her own firm punch to Haiyara's stomach. This wasn't working though, her speed wasn't fast enough. She needed more speed! Hana pushed as hard as she could and managed to push Haiyara back several feet but it wasn't enough. Her eyes closed as she lowered herself a few yards. Once there she started to tap her foot upon the hardened Reiatsu. Each tap signified a fraction of her power.

    "Alright, I'm going to have to make something up then. How about this!"

    She said as she tapped her foot a singular time then sped forth as speeds just above an average person. Haiyara side stepped the attack as Hana's steps kept flowing forward. Every step that Hana took caused small crashes of dust and debris along with energy to flow from her feet. She managed to swing around in a wide turn to put her into sights again. This came crashing down on her when an elbow forced its way onto Hana's back causing her to come crashing down to the ground. Hana managed to regain control just in time to set down upon the ground with little damage. She began tapping her foot once more before speaking.

    "Alright, if I step the right amount of times I should enter a shunpo like state with out actually entering shunpo. So lets try this, Forty Steps!"

    With that, Hana bolted forward. The moment she reached the barrack's wall she ran up the wall and entered a wide turn forcing her straight towards Haiyara once more. The speed wasn't fast enough to cause the woman any distress in watching Hana's movements, however, it was a lot faster than before. Haiyara's eyes were a bit large at the increase in speed that Hana managed to generate. She was forcing all of her power into her speed. Every last ounce of Reiatsu, strength, and focus deep into this technique. This meant however, that she couldn't use Kido at these speeds. She also couldn't do much else besides hold a sword. With a fist outstretched, Hana aimed a punch for Haiyara's stomach. The punch was an inch from connecting before she managed to dodge. Hana's body stopped almost instantly and turned to face towards Haiyara once more.

    "Forty one."

    Hana's voice echoed as she burst fourth at an even greater speed than before. She was starting to reach her limit as well. Hana's body sped along to aim another punch directly into Haiyara's chest area. Though this was dodged. Hana's body stopped mid movement after the dodge. Her right foot began tapping hardened Reiatsu as she spoke once more.

    "Forty Two"

    With that, Hana bolted forth at a speed even greater than her previous. Though it wasn't much of a difference at this point. She was, however, two points off of her maximal capacity at this moment. Perhaps that's what she needed to do, increase her speed to the maximal possible in her current state. She sped around and attempted yet another failed strike. This meant that she was nowhere closer to hitting Haiyara. Though, to be honest she knew she wasn't going to hit Haiyara unless that woman left an opening on purpose. This woman was considered the fastest in all of the Seireitei. Hana knew that there was NO way she'd be able to out speed a speed lord. Though, perhaps she could outwit her. Hana stopped her movements as she started to smile slightly. She then spoke some words as her right foot tapped the Reiatsu again.

    "Alright, I'll go all out then. Fourty Four."

    With this, she bolted as fast as possible with all her might. SHe was pouring everything she had into this technique! She bolted forward at superhuman speed. Barreling towards the woman. It was then that her body slowed down to what could be considered thirty four. A whole ten points off of her maximal. If timed correctly, it would look like she began slowing due to the strain on her own body. This would, if it worked, lure Haiyara into a false sense of security and she'd lower the amount of speed she'd use to dodge. Perhaps just above hers. Once Haiyara began moving away, Hana's speed bolted back up to forty four in an instant, this closed the gap between the two in that instant, and as she was there, she landed a firm punch into Haiyara's right side. This punch carried the speed of Hana's movements with it, which caused Haiyara to skid backwards with what seemed like great force. Merely, it was a simple law of physics. But still, it was a successful attack none the less.

    "Good job Hana. You managed to get me good that time. That was clever, lowering your speed so that I'd think your body was under strain."

    Hana smiled brightly as she giggled a bit. Her eyes rested upon Haiyara but there was no way she'd be able to move. Her body already began to lock down her muscles and tendons. She stayed in the ready stance in case something happened however. Hana's eyes started to slowly close partially. Haiyara saw this and smiled a bit. She thought of how she used to push herself to the edge and beyond to become the fastest in the Seireitei. Perhaps it was like a plague between the athletically inclined. Hana's body finally gave way and all of her muscles contracted in an instant only to release which caused her to fall forward. The moment she began tipping forward however, Haiyara was there to catch her. It was time to call it a day. The fight had prolonged long enough that she had managed to become much better at utilizing her speed. Perhaps, she even managed to create a technique too. But that was a discussion for a later date. Hana's body seemed to go limp as she fell fast sleep in Haiyara's arms. With out hesitation, Haiyara took Hana to her own bed and let her rest. It would be several hours before she'd even wake up, so she needed the rest and relaxation.

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    Hana awoke in her bed after training. She was refreshed and ready to pound out some more training! This time, however, she decided on something a little more interesting. She decided that learning a Bakudo would be good right now. As such, she trotted over to the training area and decided to practice Shitotsu Sansen. In the academy, Hana had learned that this technique was designed to create three beak shaped prongs as it were that would stick into a target. If it connected, it would pin them to a nearby surface and keep them there. Hana realized it was no easy task but hey, in her mind it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Stretching slightly, she managed to loosen up her slightly aching muscles for some Kido training. She would lift her right hand gently and point towards  the top right portion of her frontal area. With this, she'd slowly carve out a triangle while reciting the incantation. Once she finsihed, her eyes pierced the target before her as her words spoke up and coursed through the air.

    "Bakudo no San Jyuu, Shitotsu Sansen!"

    With that, the three beak like objects flew outwards. Though they flew into several different directions and actually managed to pin someone's shihakushou to the wall. This was kind of embarrassing but she dispersed the technique and tried again. Her eyes focused on her target as she started to draw the circle while reciting the incantation. Once it had finished, her voice boomed across the area as the beak like objects flew from their resting place.

    "Bakudo no San Jyuu, Shitotsu Sansen!"

    The beak like objects bolted forth and nearly made their target! Except at the last second they all split ways and hit the ceiling and both walls respectively. This wasn't very easy. Why was it so hard to mold one's Reiatsu into attacks. It's as if they're doing something kind of unnatural to their powers and that's why it's fighting back so damn much! Hana was slightly annoyed but she knew she needed to get this done and over with for the day. Her eyes closed for a moment before huffing a little bit. She knew she had to, so her body adjusted and she attempted once more. Reciting the incantation and drawing the triangle, she'd get into position as she spoke the last words.

    " Bakudo no San Jyuu, Shitotsu Sansen!"

    With that the beak like objects flew forward and struck their mark with no hesitation or issues! She had done it! She was quite proud of this fact. So much so, she didn't realize that it was destabilizing and broke apart in a loud shattering sound. It seemed that she needed to concentrate a little bit more before she was finished. That was alright though. She practiced by forming the triangle with out the incantation for a bit. A few times of this and she was comfortable that she no longer needed to actually concentrate much on it. Instead, she could essentially fire and forget like all Kido spells usually are. Hana stretched a moment before she continued her training. Well, it didn't hurt to train a little extra for good measure. With this, she spoke the incantation and charged up the beak like objects by drawing the triangle. Seeing the triangle there, floating in the air she was reminded of how amazing it truly was to see Kido in action. And with that she allowed it to bolt forth after speaking the final words.

    " Bakudo no San Jyuu, Shitotsu Sansen!"

    The beaks struck their target and pinned them against the back wall with little to no effort. They kept pinned there for what seemed like indefinitely. Though to be sure she allowed the Kido to stay active for as long as possible. It took over an hour before the kido began to crack. She was doing well. Though it was nowhere near as strong as it COULD be, but it was still a lot better than it was. Now all she needed to do was work a little more on molding her Reiatsu to make sure it was of the correct balance. By doing that, she'd be able to make the right Kido alloy for the attack and thus it'll last longer. So, Hana began forming the beaks once more but this time she didn't fire them, she only said the incantation and created the beaks. In that time she molded her Reiatsu to different types and levels to to try and get the perfect combination. Finally, she did, and she was happy with it. Now, she released the attack with the final words.

    " Bakudo no San Jyuu, Shitotsu Sansen!"

    The beaks burst forth and struck the target pinning it deeper into the wall. It was perfect! There was no sign of that bakudo ever giving way unless it was destroyed by someone. She felt accomplished once more and because of that, she was quite happy. She would think it was tea time now, so she'd release the kido and hobble on down the area to her room for some tea totaling.

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    Hana had managed herself back out to the field to train once more. This technique was a lot different than any she'd tried before. She was planning on training a new Bakudo, an interesting one at that! This Kido was suppose to hide her from anyone by bending the light around her. With a moment's notice, she gathered up her Reiatsu and began to pool it with in her hand. In doing so, she'd start to recite the incantation and pull the air as if pulling a sheet from the left to the right. Needless to say she looked like an idiot as nothing happened besides a flicker of light here and there. She had failed miserably and there wasn't much she could do about that. She had to try again, this time she needed to focus on what the Kido did and not how to preform it. If she was going to get this to work she needed to understand exactly how it worked so she could formulate the properly Reiatsu combination to do it in. Though most would say she was ill-skilled at this sort of thing but she believed she was average at best. With her subtle movements she attempted once more to bring that Kido cloak across her body and cover herself from prying eyes of the outside world.

    She managed to preform the kido for an instant before it dispersed on her with little to no true effect. Her eyes rolled around in her head as her mind wondered. She needed to get better and fast! She wanted to learn every kido there was known to any being that existed. She even wanted to learn the forbidden kido if there was any! Yes, Hana was a purveyor of medicinal arts but HEY! She could be a connoisseur of kido as well, right? Hana's eyes closed as she focused once more. Her incantation was recited perfectly, so that was no issue. Next she began to slide her hand across the air as if it was covering herself with a type of sheet, blanket, or cloak like object. It started to work before the "cloak" like object began to tear and rip. She managed to fix every tear as it appeared. She needed to try and get the Kido to work because she was so close to finishing it! Hana's eyes opened to watch the kido forming. As she did so, her eyes closed for an instant so that she could speak her quiet words that floated with in her lips.

    "Bakudo no Nii Jyuu roku: Kyokkou."

    The light started to bend around Hana and create a shield of invisibility. It was so awesome to see from the outside. however, from the inside it didn't seem that different. Instead, it'd look quite as if nothing had happened. Which is why she needed to do something drastic to see if it worked. But in reality, she just started asking random passers by if it was working. Well, more along the lines of standing really close to them and them not noticing when she made faces. Once she realized that the Kido had succeeded she got an amazing idea! She'd go stalk her friend she just made the other day. She managed to move along and follow the girl every step of her duties for several hours. She didn't pay any attention to Hana so she gave no indication if she knew Hana was there or not. She assumed it was working quite well. finally, about four hours after Hana had followed her, the woman stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face Hana. The girl said nothing but simply stared. As if she was attempting to feel out any presence that was there. Her eyes stared into the soul of Hana, or so it seemed. Finally, she spoke up in a somewhat annoyed tone.

    "You're not that good at hiding. Oh don't worry, the kido works. I'm just much more adept at sensing spiritual energy then anyone you should be able to tail. Good try though.

    Hana stood in shock, just watching as the girl walked away. So it had worked, but that girl was a lot better at feeling out spiritual pressure than most other people. If that was the case then she'd be able to gather Intel on a lot of different people with this technique. Quickly, she shut the thought our of her mind as that could cause a lot of unwanted bad things to happen if she wasn't careful.

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    Hana lifted her head to the sky as she thought of things to accomplish. She had many options laid out before her. She could attempt to increase her strength and become stronger physically. This wasn't really an option as of yet though because of her stature. She was definitely built for speed.Once she shrugged that thought from her mind, she began to wade the possibilities of learning more Kido. Sure, that was a possibility, but why do that when she could train her speed! But no, she quickly disbanded that idea. She had just recently trained up her speed and that wouldn't be all that useful to do so now. She'd put too much strain upon her body if she did that. So now, she had but one option left. She needed to wade around Soul Society and look at the different squads. Or she could just run around the Academy and make fun of the students. Well, Socializing does sound like a good way to past the time. Deciding on this course of action, Hana closed her eyes for a moment only to bolt off in the direction of the Barrack's quarters.

    After what felt like twenty minutes Hana had finally come across a small framed Shinigami girl that looked quite new. Her mind raced and decided this was the best place to start. Hana's body slowly and carefully walked up to the small framed girl and they began to partake in idle conversation.

    "Konichiwa, Are you lost or?"

    Hana had asked. It seemed this girl looked lost but that could have been a ploy. In reality, she could have been an unnamed Captain just wandering the soul society looking for new people to take up arms against a threat of unknown proportion that the Captain Commander or Central Forty Six didn't know about! Well, after her mind wandered with consiricies, she managed to listen and tune in just in time to hear the girl's response.

    "H-hai. Watashi wa kanari hai o mayotte shimaimashita. Anata wa jū ichi-seki yasashī o watashi ni shite kudasai shiji shimasen ka?"
    (Y-yes. I'm quite lost yes. Could you direct me to Eleventh seat Yasashii please?)

    Hana's eyes widened a bit. This girl was looking for her? What an odd coincidence! Hana placed a small smirk upon her lips as she began her response to the girl's question.

    "Hai, Watashi wa, dai ichi jyuu ichi-seki yasashīdesu."
    (I'm eleventh seat Yasashii.)

    Hana's eyes looked the girl up and down before resting upon her face. She seemed gentle, elegant, and most assuredly very shy. She seemed to be the perfect companion for Hana. Well, temporary companion at least. She didn't want to end up tied down if she found someone better. Namely someone of importance. Either way, she let these thoughts slide as the girl responded with an utterly beautiful tone.

    "Watashi wa anata o mitsuketanode, ureshīdesu! Watashi wa, akademī no gakusei Yuusakidesu. Watashi wa dai shi jigyōbu ni sanka suru koto o nozomu yō ni watashi wa anata o shadō suru tame ni okura rete kimashita."
    (I'm so glad I found you! I'm academy student Yuusaki. I've been sent to shadow you as I wish to join the Fourth Division.)

    Hana's eyes gleamed brightly as she smiled. Her eyes laid upon Yasaki's eyes with content, happiness, and overjoyed natures. To think, she would be shadowed. Most likely because of her early graduation from the academy. After nodding, Hana's voice lowered a bit but kept her same gentle tone towards the girl.

    "Watashi wa anata ga watashi o shadōingu shite iru ureshīdesu. Watashi wa kaisha o mitaidesu! Un ga yokereba, watashi wa, ōtō shimei o atae raremasu."
    (I'm glad you are shadowing me. I'd love the company! If you're lucky I'll be given a response mission.)

    Hana's eyes closed for a moment before she grabbed Yasaki's hand and started to cart her around the Barracks. She started with the quarters, showing her all the hallways and where rooms were. They stopped to Hana's room so that Amaicho and the bird could rest upon her shoulders as she walked around. The girl looked at her kind of oddly, having a butterfly and bird sit upon each shoulder. It was indeed interesting to say the least. From that moment forward the girl became accustomed to it though.

    Soon, they reached the courtyard. From there they went all over including the med bay. Once they finished, Hana's eyes would rest upon the girl and begin to speak, this time however, she spoke in Basic.

    "So Yasaki. What do you think?"

    Hana seemed to purse the girl for information. Deciding if she was truthful or not from the expressions upon her face. Though she did notice that often times, as the girl talked to her she bent her head downwards. This was, a bit annoying to say the least but it was customary in Japan. Hana would rest her hand upon the girl's head and lift it up before she could speak and simply say this one line.

    "It was hard for me to adjust my first fifty years here. I kept speaking in Japanese, bowing my head a lot, never looking at people's eyes. It takes time, but those aren't needed here. Of course some is still used as respect, such as bowing in thanks and so forth. You can even use Chan, San, and Kun! But lets try to keep things simple, alright?"

    Yasaki nodded and slowly looked back up towards Hana's eyes. Staring at them, she began to speak.

    "Arigato, Yasashii-sama! I've learned quite a lot so far. I'm scheduled to stay with you for a couple more days if that's alright."

    Hana smiled once more and spoke brightly.

    "OF COURSE! You can stay in my room with me! It'll be fun! I can take you on missions and stuff too! It'll be great Yasaki-chan!"

    Yasaki let off a shy smile and said that she was pleased that was alright. With that, she had found herself plans for the next couple of days. Even if it was just doing stupid things with her, it was things to do!

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    After their innitial fun, Hana grabbed Yasaki and they ran towards the training yard. Standing there, Hana began to speak of her next plans.

    "Well, you see I didn't get to train Kido back in the academy. I was busy elsewhere sadly. But we have the materials to keep people's powers strong. This is the Training yard where we practice to hone our defensive skills. Of course, the policy of the the Fourth division is to only fight when absolutely necessary. Don't instigate any fights. That's an important rule. Now, lets begin. I'm going to train Hado no San Jyuu Nii, Oukasen."

    Yasaki nodded and said that she didn't know that spell. Hana smiled and explained that they'd learn it together then! Hana's eyes pursed the area looking for a perfect spot to attack. Finally setting her eyes down on a dummy at range, she would pull her Asauchi from her back. Once she held it firmly in her right hand, she placed it forward Ha facing outwards towards the dummy. She then twisted the blade so it was horizontal. In that moment, she placed her left hand upon the blade's spine and began speaking the incantation. Once she finsihed, her voice boomed.


    The yellow light formed across her blade and began to spit and sputter. It exploded in front of her merely two feet. The resulting debris was thrown towards Hana but it passed her. A singular piece of debris managed to cut her right cheek. It was a superficial cut, but it was a cut none the less. Hana's eyes closed for a moment before she began to focus her Reiatsu once more into her blade's Ha. Once she did that, she began to recite the incantation. Placing her hand upon the blade's spine once more, she barked the famous line.


    The yellow wave left the blade with ease. It started barreling towards its target. The speed at which is barreled was unparalleled from Yasaki's own Oukasen. It seemed the Hana's Reiatsu power was a bit more than that of Yasaki. but that was alright, she needed only train to learn the technique, not to be the strongest at it. The wave exploded before it reached it's target. This made Hana slightly annoyed, but she knew she had to finish this training. Hana's eyes closed as she recited the incantation once more. As the wave formed upon the blade's eterier, she spoke the last part of the attack. In that instant, she felt the surge of Yasaki's power burst forth. She managed to overcharge her Oukasen which sent it out of control. It started barreling towards the dummy in an erratic fashion. It was then that Hana realized she had to stop it before someone got hurt. Using her massive speed, she bolted forward to end up in front of it. In that instant, she finsihed her attack and spoke the line.


    With that, the yellow wave erupted forward crashing into Yasaki's own blast. This caused a massive explosion which sent Hana skidding backwards a few feet. Once she came to a complete stop, she found that her right hand was slightly burned. It seemed that Yasaki's Kido was closer than anticipated. But that was alright. Sighing slightly, she managed to lift her blade onto her shoulder and bolt back towards where Yasaki was. She then began to speak.

    "Try not to kill everyone. But nice job on that Reiatsu control. That Kido was pretty strong."

    Hana complimented Yasaki. Of course her response was to blush but still, it was a nice gesture to say it. Once she'd finished resting for a moment, her body resumed her stance as she began to recite the incantaiton. Once finished, she yelled out her words as the yellow wave erupted from her blade.


    The wave erupted from the blade with ease. It barreled towards adn dummy and actually struck it! Not only that, but it caused a fair bit of explosion as well. It seemed that Kido wasn't that hard for Hana. but of course she was left with only a few things she couldn't do. She wasn't very physically strong yet, and her stamina was kind of crap. But she was the fastest of her power. That was a pure raw fact. With a few movements, she managed to place her blade once more into position and fire off another Oukasen. It seemed they had finished. Hana's eyes closed as she fell backwards to rest. She then spoke out one last time.

    "Well, looks like this training session is now over."

    She said as her last Oukasen exploded on the dummy.

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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:25 am

    Hana had finished her training and that meant it was time to go have fun! Hana and Yasaki both headed out towards the Rukongai in search of recreation. Perhaps helping the sick or something. As they meandered around one of the districts, an interesting set of events were about to transpire. A large brute of a man by the name of Kiki appeared from behind a building. In the matter of an instant, he had grabbed hold of Yasaki and held a knife to her throat. Struggle as she may, Yasaki was unable to get free. Hana stood there, watching the events transpire. She began to speak lightly with a gentle tone.

    "I am Hana Yasashii, Eleventh seat of the Fourth Division. We are here to aid the sick and injured. We have no quarrel with you. Leave us be and I will not raise my blade against you. Force me, and I will kill you."

    She said. She knew that this man wasn't going to listen to reason, but she felt the need to actually try. Kiki scoffed at the statement and held the blade closer to her throat. He barked that Hana should leave while she had the chance or she'd become minced meat or worse. Hana simply stood there. She thought a moment and began to speak once more.

    "Perhaps we can settle this over a bottle of Sake. I know I certainly enjoy Sake."

    Hana's attempts to remedy this situation was becoming less and less effective. Kiki barked some more and as he did, another guy appeared. This one was moderately large but not nearly as large as Kiki. It was obvious he wasn't as strong either. Not to mention not that smart. Usually the super strong one's aren't the bright ones. Hana's eyes closed for a moment as she shook her head.

    "Is there really no way to avoid this conflict. I was hoping not to have to fight."

    Hana slowly drew her blade. She allowed the blade to rest upon her right shoulder as she simply scanned the area. There was a moderately large man behind her, and Kiki in front of her. There was no way she'd be able to pinpoint Kiki with any Kido she knew. There was no way she'd be able to subdue the man with out harming Yasaki in any way. She knew that if she made a move on the man behind her, Kiki would kill Yasaki. It seemed she was at a stale mate. Well, she took this moment to go over what she knew. She was the fastest there was. So much so she could move at roughly forty miles per hour. That was amazingly fast for a human sized being. She calculated the risk to reward statistics and realized that if she was going to get anything done, she'd need to move with all of her speed. Hana placed her right foot down upon the ground in front of her and spoke one last sentence.

    "Keep your eye on the birdie."

    Hana said as her white Jay gently lifted off her left shoulder. In that instant, she bolted forward at her full speed which was roughly forty miles per hour. In what seemed like an instant she closed the gap. Not only that, she managed to slide Kiki's right arm forcing him to let go of Yasaki for a moment. In that moment, Hana whisked away Yasaki and laid her down by a building to sit. From there, she moved at full speed directly towards the other man who was originally behind her. With a swift movement, she managed to bisect the man with her Zanpaktou. Hana stood there for a moment and sheathed her blade after doing a small flick to rid it of any blood residue. Once the Tsuka clicked with the Saya, the bisected man fell into two. Hana didn't look back but isntead, simply spoke out in a singular sentence.

    "You're no ordinary thug are you, Kiki-san?"

    Hana said as Kiki stood there clenching his right arm. He scoffed as he spoke lightly in a tone befitting of a demon like monster.

    "No I'm not. I was thrown out of the academy. This is my Asauchi actually."

    Hana turned to face Kiki and rested her right hand upon her Asauchi's Tsuka as she spoke.

    "I see. That's why you weren't killed by a basic attack. I guess this means we're going to have to continue fighting doesn't it."

    Hana looked back over to Yasaki and noticed she had fallen unconscious. It was for the better. Hana was the type of demon that if forced to fight, she'd make sure to disintegrate her opponent if need be. With that in mind, Hana lifted her right hand and pointed a finger towards Kiki.

    "Sorry Kiki. This is where your road ends..."

    As she said that, a blue orb appeared upon Hana's finger. In that moment, she sped forth to reach behind Kiki in a matter of seconds it seemed. As soon as she stopped moving, she pressed her finger against the back of Kiki's head and spoke as the blue orb erupted into an explosion at point blank range.

    "Hado no San jyuu san, Soukatsui."

    With that, the battle had ended. Kiki's head was blown clean off and the neck cauterized in the same instant. Hana sighed with relief as she walked over to Yasaki and tended to her wounds as best as possible. Picking her up, Hana noticed that the white Jay landed upon her shoulder once more. She would smile and start heading back to the Fourth Squad Barracks. It was enough fun for today, that was for sure.


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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:28 pm

    Hana had waited in the bay with Yasaki. After what seemed like several hours, Yasaki awoke to find she had been taken back to the fourth barracks. Hana laid a gentle hand upon her head and simply spoke softly as she caressed her hair.

    "It's alright. I took care of those two. You're safe."

    Yasaki smiled softly as she rested a bit more. She wasn't sure exactly what to say or do. Should she thank Hana? Who knew! Well, Hana wanted no thanks in return. She simply stood there with Yasaki and caressed her forehead in an attempt to show her comfort. After a few minutes or this, around thirty to be exact, Hana helped Yasaki exit the bed and the Barracks. It was time to head off to the recreational area in the barracks and relax. Hana's eyes pursued the world in an attempt to find the recreational room. After searching for several minutes, Hana began to speak up.

    "How about we go out to a little shop I know back in the Rukongai. It's near to the Seireitei so we shouldn't run into any gang activity. Actually, I've never been there myself but a friend of mine has and told me about the place."

    Hana spoke lightly as they agreed to go out and enjoy their time together. Hana's eyes displayed her happiness as they walked slowly over to the Rukongai and where the shop was suppose to be. Once there, Hana sat down with Yasaki inside the little tavern like place. She placed her hand upon the table and asked for the finest bottle of Sake. Once they had finished bringing the bottle over, Hana placed her hand upon the table once more and spoke out towards Yasaki.

    "Now, I don't know how well this'll work out. I can NOT hold my liqueur at all."

    She said as she began to put her lips to the cup. As soon as her nose touched the smell of the Sake she immediately began displaying signs of being intoxicated. Her eyes lowered a little bit as her face became somewhat flush. She sloshed the drink around a little bit before she fell completely over onto Yasaki's lap.

    "I didn't think you meant you couldn't literally hold sake!"

    Yasaki said as she cradled Hana's head. Slowly though, Hana came-to as it were, and was able to start drinking the Sake. Though every movement of hers seemed sluggish and her speech sounded slurred. It was natural signs that she was indeed, heavily intoxicated. The most amusing part was, she had only just begun to drink the Sake now!


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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:33 pm

    Hana adjusted her position to a better sitting one. Once she'd finished her eyes closed only to flutter open a moment later. She seemed more drunk than ever before. Her eyes finally settled on a position halfway between open and closed. Yasaki lifted Hana upwards and they started their trek home to the Fourth Barracks. It was about this time that Yasaki realized just how adorable Hana was. Hana however, knew how adorable Yasaki was since the moment she saw her. They seemed to connect pretty well but Hana was hesitant to take that first step. Because of this, Hana most likely wouldn't engage in anything with Yasaki until she took the first step. The likely hood of that happening was quite low. Hana's body shifted so that she was mostly resting upon Yasaki's left side. She was only a tad taller than Yasaki. Her positioning was just enough that she was able to rest her head upon Yasaki's head with little to no jostling involved.

    As time passed by the two trekked homeward bound. Hana's eyes began to watch the world pass her by. As this happened, her mind began to wonder of things past, things present, and things future. Her mind focused upon a singular person. Her mind began to purse the thoughts of Tenjinsai. She had remembered just how amazing he was. She forgot how much she cared for him. He was such a talented individual. He even held his own stature well. Even if he was, what he was. She then started to remember Tenkai, Sansuka, and Hana quite vividly. She even began to tear up slightly. Her eyes quickly dispatched the welling of emotions as her mind flowed off to other topics. She began to focus on the present. She was at a point where she could feel herself growing closer to a point where she might become something more than a basic soul with Kido. In her eyes, she wasn't even a true Shinigami yet until she could unlock her Shikai. But even that was something that couldn't be obtained easy. Not all Shinigami learned Shikai. Since that was a hard solid fact, she was destined to feel quite small in that regard. But she also remembered that she was a Setsune, she bore the blood of an ancient and honor bound clan. No, she was one of the four noble houses. She had to uphold her heritage as what it was. A gift for all to discover upon their own merits.

    It was tough to be Hana at the moment. Her past flowed through her, the present seemed so trivial, and finally the future seemed so far away. She had aspirations to become the head of the Fourth Division. The leading force in all things medical. It was quite a goal but could she REALLY accomplish such a feat? She had the noble blood to certainty attain that stature but could she really do it herself. She disliked using her heritage to get things even if she needed to. Hana's eyes would follow her thoughts as they now went to her capabilities. She was darn fast and that wasn't just boasting. She could move at around forty miles an hour at full speed. Perhaps medicine wasn't her true calling. No, that wasn't true! It couldn't be! She was the Healer of the Gotei. She was, no she IS, The Doctor of the Gotei! Her mind started to settle as they reached the Fourth Barracks. It was here that she felt she should lie down and dream of the future, of the past, and of the things that could never be. As she would lie there, her eyes closed. She'd drift off into a sleep that she'd never forget.


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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:03 pm

    Hana's mind began to wonder during her dreams.

    Hana awoke with a start as she felt jostled out of her bed. She fell flat upon the ground. It was an large quake that caused this to happen. She stood upwards grabbing for her Zanpaktou. It wasn't there! She now realized that she wasn't even in the Fourth Squad Barracks. She had awoke in an ancient pagoda. It seemed she was on the top floor. Her body moved towards the window and opened it only to see the devastation beyond the window. It appeared that she had awoken into a war. This was beyond comprehension. Was she dreaming her time as a Shinigami? Could she really be this death god being if she was here, in this pagoda? Her eyes  darted around seeing the despair that flowed from the battlefield right outside the courtyard several hundred feet from the Pagoda. It appeared that she was inside of some isolated area. Perhaps a manor of some sort in feudal Japan. Hana's eyes would dart around to find the door. In doing so, she ran over to it jostling the handle but it would not budge. She began to hear some fighting just outside the door. Slicing and dicing was all she could hear with those ears of hers before suddenly the door burst open. This threw her backwards a couple feet to land upon her back. She was now, laid out attempting to crawl backwards away from the door.

    A tall brutish figure was standing at the door which bared down on her like a beast on prey. She scrambled to get up but was grabbed by the back of the neck. The man's hand wrapped around her neck firmly, yet not large enough to choke her from behind. As he lifted her, he simply said that she was now his. If she wanted to live she'd do as he said, nothing more and nothing less. With out an ability to say no, she simply gasped and stuttered a yes as she was carried out of the pagoda and off to unknown lands. On her way out, she was knocked unconscious by the brutish man and slung over his shoulder.

    The next thing Hana knew she had awoken in a dark, damp, and decrepit cave like room. What could this all mean!? Well what ever it was, she scrambled around the room to find only a singular door which wouldn't budge. She saw a bed but that was pretty much useless to her at the moment. The only other thing in the room was a dresser which housed several outfits of different colors, sizes, and shapes. It appeared that many different girls were housed here but for reasons Hana didn't know nor wanted to know. She looked thoroughly but found no alternate exit. With out warning, the door burst forth as the brutish man appeared once more. The brutish man instructed her to strip and put clothes he carried on. In saying so, he tossed the clothes onto the bed and shut the door. Hana, with no alternative looked at the clothing and was appalled by it. It had been two items of clothing. The first was a tattered shirt which only reached just below her cleavage but even then it barely covered that. The second was a skirt that was so small it barely covered her nether regions as well. Her eyes closed for a moment as she came to the conclusion that she had no other choice. She did as the man told her and put on the clothes. Now, she was standing there feeling embarrassed, cold, and practically unclothed.

    After several moments, the brutish man appeared once more and told her to come with him. Grabbing her by the wrist, he would pull her closer to him. In that time, he managed to fit a collar and chain upon her neck while he sniffed her head. After smiling and saying that she'd do nicely, he'd tug on the chain and walk out of the room practically dragging her along. As she struggled to keep up she observed her surroundings. It seemed that there were all sorts of beasts and animals in pens scattered around the area. Perhaps it was some sort of kennel for a rebel movement. Well at least that's what it looked like anyway. Finally they reached a large elegantly decorated room. It was almost like a throne room of sorts with masked individuals lined up in a row with a very small isle in the middle to walk through. As they walked forward, Hana could feel the gazes of the masked individuals pierce her clothes and her soul. She could even feel a few of them touch her as she walked forward. It was horrid and nasty!

    She was finally placed at the front upon a small pedestal where the brutish man began barking something about selling. She wasn't sure if he was referring to her or not. Whatever the item in question was, it was sure going for quite a lot as several hands were raised at once as the bidding started. The brutish man began speaking of her figure and that's when she made the connection that she was being sold. Her eyes darted around to try and find a familiar anchor or something that would show her exactly what this was. If it was a dream, it was surely a nightmare. In that moment, the brutish man grabbed hold of her with his giant and and lifted her slightly off the ground. The positioning of his hand was uncomfortable and quite embarrassing. The figures began to raise more hands as they saw Hana's expressions change with fluid emotions. It was now that the brutish man let go of her. She slammed upon the ground onto her knees that now ached greatly. Though this wasn't over yet, almost but not quite. The Brutish man accepted the last bid which was for an amount of currency she knew nothing of. Everything began to get fuzzy as the new masked figure loomed over her. As he crouched his hands began to wander around her like fish out of water. They seemed to have no rhyme nor reason to their movements. In that moment, she felt the full fear as the figure pulled out a sword and pointed it at her head. He laughed as a muffled voice spoke out saying it was time to end this.

    In a moment, Hana's eyes burst forth as she awoke inside the Barracks. She looked around to see Yasaki sleeping soundly next to her on the floor. The bed was more than big enough for the both of them, but Yasaki had insisted on sleeping on the floor but again Hana was too hesitant to ask her to sleep on the bed. Her eyes closed for a moment as she heard the small rustling of Amaichou and Jay. She slowly got out of bed as she would creep her way into the courtyard of the Fourth division where the pond was. Hugging her Zanpaktou tightly, she focused on the Koi pond and watched as the fished leaped out of the water now and again. It was relaxing. But it also helped her make sense of what just happened.


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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:31 pm

    Hana had stared at the pond for a few minutes before deciding it was time to go train a Kido. She had set her sights upon a most interesting Kido. It was the predecessor to another Kido that she quite enjoyed and wanted to learn. As such, she decided she'd learn the original before the modified version. She'd finally reached the training area where her eyes closed as she began to recite the incantation. She wasted no time in charging Reiatsu at her pointer finger. As she finished doing so, her right hand lifted upwards and pointed towards her target. In that instant, she spoke the words.

    "Hado no Yon, Byakurai."

    It was devistation. The Kido had exploded before her with a loud boom. This caused several people to look in her direction. She shrugged it off with a light smile as she began to charge up her Reiatsu once more. As her power welled up into her finger she pointed it towards her target after speaking the incantation. In that instant she said the sentence once again.

    "Hado no Yon, Byakurai!"

    The power bolted forth in a beam of light. Though it wasn't very strong. She was hesitant to do anything about it until she finally looked forward and realized she'd poked the dummy. She was close to it! Hana allowed her power to flow through her. Each inch of her body welled with power as it flew through every inch of her skin. It slowly compiled into her pointer finger as it began to glow slightly. A twirling energy formed which slowly melted into a ball. The moment it was ready, her finger pointed towards the target. She could feel the energy welled up with in her finger. It was perfectly molded to suit the beam. She focused her energy into a tight and narrow beam which took the properties of lightning. The color was a deep almost pale blue which seemed to skirt a darkish blue at the sides. Hana's eyes closed as she allowed the top of her finger waver only slightly. She relaxed its muscles only a moment as the beam leaped from her finger's tip. The barreling power bolted forth at speeds befitting of lightning itself. The power of such an attack was enough to pierce the target dummy with ease. As it raced across the sky it left slight vibrations course through it's wake like a boat on the water.

    The beam had struck the dummy with little effort. Every inch of the beam now was touched by the dummy as it coursed through a hole that was now present in it's right shoulder. The beam would strike the ground shortly after leaving a small bored hole as evidence. It seemed that Hana had achieved the first step in a Kido that she would enjoy quite a bit. She didn't know some of the more advanced Kido but she knew she wanted to learn them all just in case. Of course, learning Byakurai was an important step in learning offensive kido that she could use defensively. This left her with one last attempt at taking the dummy on before she was finished.

    Her power started to charge with in her finger as she lazily pointed it towards her target. As she did, her mouth spoke a simple sentence.

    "Hado no Yon, Byakurai."

    The pale blue light leaped from her hand only to pierce the dummy's frame a second later. It was surely an interesting sight to see lightning strike an enemy that was fired form your own finger. Of course that was something for debate of scholars at a later date. It was now that she felt an odd presence. But of course that was not the worst part. She felt it to be a Hollow. Unsure what to do she gathered her things and bolted out the door at a relatively fast speed. On her way she met up with Jay and Amaichou who told her that she was ordered to investigate the presence in case of ensued fighting. The first division Four member to arrive there would head the medical relief teams.

    ((Exit-> Unknown Source of power!))

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    Hana had reappeared before the Fourth Squad Barracks. Entering it she noticed the main hall was filled with members of the squad. She stared for a moment before asking what was happening. As she did, she was being pushed and congratulated all the way up to the front of the hall where the Third seat was standing. She stared at him, questioning what was going on. Then, she was struck with great awe as her eyes grew wide and he told her what was happening.

    "On Behalf of the Fourth Division and by the rights given to me as acting Vice Captain, I'm granting you the position of Third seat. I'm stepping down to fourth. Congratulations Hana."

    Hana stood there in awe not sure what to say. She turned to everyone and thanked them first of all. Second she gave a small speech about how she was honored and happy to be given this seat. She smiled lightly as she bowed quite a bit. She knew it was going to be tough to be third seat but she needed to get this right. If she was going to become a Vice Captain she'd need to be on the top of her game!

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    Hana had finally broken away from the small ceremony to reach momentary peace. As she made her way to the training ground she'd take solace in the fact that she'd have some time to herself even though she deserved to be celebrated. Her eyes fluttered slowly as they settled upon the area. Hana's body would relax fully as she started to shift her energy around her body. She decided to start with a small warmup before she attempted the next Kido she wished to learn.

    After finishing her warmup she attemtped to preform the Kido she had inteded to learn. After speaking the incantation she put her hand outwards and spoke the words.

    "Bakudo no Hachi, Seki!"

    With in mere moments a small orb like object appeared where it would cover her hand. The orb turned to a slightly concave disk around the outside of her hand which she'd be able to use for defense. After preforming this technique she'd allow her body to relax and slowly build up energy once more to try it again. She wanted to make sure she was able to do it perfectly before she'd give up doing it. Of course she'd also want to spend some time with her Spirits and get to know them a bit more. Shaking this thought, she preforemd Seki once more to great success. It wasn't a hard spell to pull off. Of course this was someoen who had already been able to learn Sokatsui.

    After learning the Sokatsui Hana would unsheath her Zanpaktou. After preforming that action she'd make her way to the far end of the room where her body would sit down in an old Japanese kneeling position. Once she'd get into position she slammed her Zanpaktou into the ground making it stand on it's own accord. In doing so she'd close her eyes and enter her inner world.

    Hana opened her eyes to see the vastness of the slime city. A small smile came across her lips as she felt at home here. In an attempt to feel at home she'd actually started to stroll around. She was in fact searching for Doku and Kiba but so far was having no luck. Suddenly, as if on que she felt a force push her forward and onto the ground. It was DOKU! Doku had preformed a leaping tackle-hug known to many as a glomp. Hana was now face down in the goo with a giant green goo girl smothering her breasts into the back of her. As she attempted to speak only muffled words came out. Hana was finally able to force her head out to the side and speak in a more yelping like sound.

    "Breath! NEED BREATH!"

    It was then that Doku realized that Hana needed to breath and she leaped off of her. As she stood there Hana slowly got up and shook off the trauma of being slammed into the ground. Once she regained her composure Doku forced Hana into another hug. This time however, she smothered poor Hana with her large goopy breasts. Luckily she didn't spend too long giving her this giant hug and she'd be able to breath. Hana fell backwards onto the ground as she stretched her legs.

    "Where's Kiba?"

    Hana had asked in a sweet tone. Doku shyly looked away and attempted to escape the question but was forcibly returned to it as she had asked once more.

    "Doku, where's Kiba?"

    Doku was hesitantly speaking as she didn't want to say anything but finally she gave way.

    "She's off at the spire. She's grumpy as usual."

    Hana sighed deeply to hear this information. It wasn't fun to see Kiba so grumpy like she usually was. Perhaps they could change that? Nah, there was no way those two could change the way kiba was. She was that way because she was the fighter. She needed to be what she was or they might not be able to defend and protect each other the way they do now. Hana knew this and accepted Kiba for who and what she was. Sure she was a zanpaktou but that didn't mean she had to be any less of a person than she was. No, Kiba was a person just like Hana except she was restricted to living in a sword where as Hana was currently restricted to living inside of the Soul Society. It wasn't that much different in fact. Hana started to wander off in thought before suddenly Doku began to speak up once more.

    "OH! I completely forgot! Kiba wants to see you! She wants to discuss what we can actually do. You know what we look like, but you have no idea what we can do. You need to learn these techniques so you can use them in battle or other applications."

    Hana looked slightly confused at her mentioning an actual technique set. She looked rather puzzled because sure she knew that Zanpaktou were their own beings but she didn't know they had actual powers. She just thought that Shinigami had their own powers and that they used their swords to facilitate that power not that the swords themselves had the powers and the shinigami was able to use. After following Doku for what seemed like half an hour they managed to enter a large spire where Kiba had been standing overlooking a giant goo ocean.

    "Enzymes. The basic ability we hold is to produce Enzymes which can be change and edited at our will. Because of this we can infect those we cut. But that's not all. We have a sub ability which can cause several types of people to fear us for it. We can insert ourselves or you into the past of anything we cut. But when we enter this mode we're unable to use our Enzymes as all of our Reiatsu and power focus purely upon the faculties of the mind."

    Hana was slightly confused and was about to ask a question before Kiba spoke once more.

    "This means that anything we cut, we can enter into the past of. It's not time travel but we can know the past of something by inserting ourselves into it. As for the enzymes, we can create several different things. Everything from creating more slime to creating a virus which causes people to forget who we are or what we can do."

    Hana was slightly surprised that she was mentioning things about Enzymes to be honest. She was intrigued by the fact that her Zanpaktou was not only able to have it's own abilities but that the abilities of the zanpaktou were related quite closely to her knowledge of medicine and love of it. Though she realized it was quite intersting she accepted it as what it was. now she understood what her powers were she needed to practice and learn them. However, the only way to truly practice them was to actually try them on a living being. Of course she'd have to do it a special way that wouldn't make the being die unless she went to seek out hollows specifically but she didn't want to do that. for now, she'd simply socialize with Doku and Kiba. She'd plan to learn more about these techniques later on.

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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:48 pm

    Hana realized she'd been derping around for several hours. She quickly stood up and began blabbering about not doing things. Kiba simply scoffed and explained that she was an idiot, as usual. With in moments a fight broke out between Hana and Kiba. Though that's what Kiba wanted in the first place, to train Hana. Kiba leaped backwards and pulled out a sealed version of Doku Kiba. After doing so she pointed it at Hana and spoke in a firm voice.

    "You're WEAK! You are not worthy of using us. I'll cut you down like the beast you are. You'll be dead long before the smell of your rotting corpse reaches the real world."

    Her tone seemed that of a demon as she leaped outwards and down towards Hana. In a movement like a beast, Hana managed to block the attack with a swift swipe. This sent Kiba flying outwards as she spoke in a light tone.

    "Don't underestimate me Kiba. I'm a lot stronger then when last we met. Are you sure you want to fight me?"

    Kiba disappeared in what could only be described as a Shunpo. She reappeared behind Hana to slice at her. In a swift movement Hana managed to block the attack as Kiba whispered into Hana's ears. This caused her eyes to enlarge as she was suddenly slashed in the front by Doku. Hana stood there clutching her stomach with her free hand while keeping a blade to block Kiba. She started to double forth before she slammed the blade into the ground. She could feel the power welling within her as if it was bursting to get out. This added to the pain that she was sliced in the stomach. Hana gathered up the strength to leap away and begin running.

    "Didn't you hear me before Hana? Everything you can do we can do. We're apart of you. We are as fast, strong, and resilient as you are."

    Hana realized now that fighting Kiba was slightly worse than anticipated because her Zanpaktou was as strong as she was. This means sure, she could see the movements of her Zanpaktou but that meant her Zanpaktou could see her movements as well. Plus, her Zanpaktou was created of 2 different spiritual entities. Two personalities. It was quite disastrous to be sure. It was two versus one and that was unacceptable. SHe'd need to try and take one of the Zanpaktou spirits out of commission. The easiest to do that to was going to be Doku as she didn't want to fight in the first place. As luck would have it Hana had just run into doku. STanding there, she began to speak in hopes of diswading her.

    "You don't have to fight you know Doku. I could just face off with Kiba alone."

    Hana attempted to plead with Doku as she spoke outwards in a most odd voice.

    "I'm sorry Hana I cant' do that. You know how Kiba is."

    Hana sighed and moved her right finger to form a triangle with three glowing orbs. The orbs shifted into beak like protrusions before they sped out and pinned Doku to a nearby wall. It was then that Kiba showed up with a cleave from above. Hana was able to parry the attack and leap backwards. She pointed her blade towards Kiba as she spoke in a firm tone.

    "Very well Kiba. you, me, here, now. Let us settle this!" She said as her zanpaktou began to glow a purple color. Before she could release her Zanpaktou Kiba began to preform the same actions. Hana had stopped charging to release her Shikai the moment she remembered that her Zanpaktou could do that too. This was going to be difficult indeed. Hana charged forward and was about to strike Kiba before she disappeared in an instant only to appear behind her and slice her back. The wound quickly reformed as she was made of goo. This was problematic. How could she actually attack Kiba if she would reform with out even losing her stride.


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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:32 am

    Hana boosted herself upwards into the sky as she aimed a strike to attack just in case Kiba decided to follow her. Instead, Kiba simply stood there wand watched as Hana stopped several stories high. After what seemed like several moments, she bolted downwards in an attempt to destroy Kiba with a swift blow. Just before she landed her hit, Kiba melted into the ground only to reappear behind Hana and slice open Hana's back. In a yelp of pain, Hana managed to preform a frontal flip where she landed facing Kiba. She felt the stinging pain of the cut behind her as she focused her attention on Kiba. She couldn't let this pain get the better of her, not in the least! In a matter of moments Kiba had disappeared only to reappear next to Hana and preformed another perfect slice. In doing so, Hana was able to block it but just barely. This sent her flying backwards through the air. Eventually she came to a grinding halt by forcing her body to slam down Reiatsu. Once she came to a complete stop she managed to point her sword forward just in time to pierce Kiba's advance. It appeared that Hana was able to defeat Kiba once. That was a miracle for the fact that Kiba was equal in strength to Hana easily.

    "Good job Hana. You've beat me this time. Next time I won't be so easy on you."

    Hana smirked lightly as she heard this. In response she simply giggled lightly and winked her left eye.


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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:47 am

    Hana stood up and adjusted her clothing. Once finished, her eyes pursued the world as it was vibrant with colors. Perhaps she'd spend more time here on her off time. It was a beautiful array of colors. Doku suddenly glomped Hana making her fall to the ground once more. They giggled lightly as Kiba simply started to walk away. With out saying a word Hana and Doku agreed to do something Kiba would only describe as inappropriate molestation. The minute they were with in range both Hana and Doku leaped upwards and landed on Kiba in a giant glomp. They all fell forth unto the floor where Kiba began squirming. She enjoyed it, but she wouldn't let those two know that. It was blasphemous for them to know that she enjoyed the hugs and love that they gave her. Finally, Hana decided that she'd learn something different. SHe'd learn Healing Kido! With this, she was off to go learn this kido. She left her inner world saying goodbye and loves as she went off to the Division's Med bay.


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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:06 am

    Hana had reached the bay and started to read a book which taught basic healing Kido. She read that it required one to transfer Reiatsu from one person to another. It didn't seem that hard. It was quite like using any other Kido except you needed to monitor how fast and how much your Reiatsu entered the other person's body or it could cause organ failure or worse. Realizing this, she went over to the Kido Training Doll and began to focus her energy into her hands. As she did so, the energy fluctuated to the point that the doll's alarm sounded saying that she'd killed the patient. Taking a moment to regain her composure she began to let her energy slowly seep out into the doll once more. As she did her hands began to change to a purple color. Once the color had fully enveloped her hands the alarm went off. Unfortunately the doll died once again. It was disappointing that she wasn't able to get this to work. What was so tough about learning Healing Kido. It was a simple task that even an academy student could learn it.

    Almost every shinigami knew how to heal wounds! Why was it that Hana, a member of the fourth division wasn't able to learn how the hell to heal wounds using Healing Kido! Finally it struck her, she needed to focus more on regulating her Reiatsu then on actually complaining about it. Soon she began to focus her Reiatsu once more into her hands. The book had said that your hands would turn green, so that's what Hana did. She forced her hands to circulate the Reiatsu until the energy that flowed around them was green. Once she had finished this simple task she began working on transferring the energy to the doll. She started with little energy and slowly worked her way upwards to a higher amount. In a matter of minutes the doll was beginning to fill up with green energy showing that it was healing. Of course it was difficult for her to keep this transfer up for long.

    She took a few minute to allow the amount of energy being transferred to be lowered before she started again. This caused the doll to lose some of its color as there wasn't enough power being transferred. She needed to mend this doll's wounds or she wouldn't get to sleep tonight! She NEEDED to heal with doll because her job as a healer was on the line for it! Her power slowly and steadily started to increase as she allowed the doll to be healed by the flowing power. She was managing to keep it under control with out letting it get out of hand or destroying itself under it's own spiritual pressure. Finally, the doll was fully healed with a little bit of extra Reaitsu flowing from it. This was normal though. She had realized the doll was designed to help with the transference. What she had to do now was to learn how to apply that to a real being. In order to make it work on a real spiritual being you had to actually assist the body's natural Reiatsu flow so that it could generate more Reiatsu on its own and not feeding your own reaitsu into them. With this knowledge she began to use the doll once more and focused solely on adding her Reiatsu into specific points on the doll which facilitated more Reiatsu being produced then she was actually giving to it. This meant it was a success! She had learned how to preform a basic healing Kido. SHe could now heal most wounds and help those in need. She knew a lot about souls and how to preform soul surgery so she was set to go! She knew everything, at least that she could learn right now, about medicine!

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    Post by Hana Yasashī on Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:45 pm

    Hana had finished preforming her training to learn the healing Kido art. It was quite the fun aspect. Learning healing was something that Hana loved to do. Even if it was rudimentary healing at best. She could feel a tinge of power surge through her body as it seemed that Doku and Kiba wanted to talk to her. She would run around to find a secluded spot and preformed Jinzo. Sitting down in a meditative position Hana began to connect with Doku Kiba. As she entered the inner realm, she noticed that Kiba and Doku were already there waiting for her. Doku was quite the usual touchy feeling kind of girl as Kiba was acting slightly strange. She then began to explain how things worked.

    "As you know Doku Kiba is your Zanpaktou and we're made of slime. Well that's not all. It has it's own techniques. but we are a special Zanpaktou. We're a rare type of Zanpaktou, usually these zanpaktou have two swords but we even rarer then that. Instead of two swords we have two seperate basic abilities. Now, because of this you can actually change between these two."

    Doku interrupted as Kiba was about to continue her sentence. "Doku doesn't think you're ready for some of our power. So she's going to teach you something interesting!" Doku was pushed away as Kiba began to speak once more. "When you call upon us, call us by saying Marudashi, Tensa no Kiba. You'll recieve some of our power. At least, powers you'll be able to use."

    As Kiba said that, she materialized a version of the Zanpaktou that looked exactly the same except it was not made of slime. Kiba waved it around a few times before she began to explain what it did and was. "This is Tensa no Kiba. It's almost exactly like Doku Kiba but it allows you to use an easily preformed technique which is the basis for this ability. Essentially, you can interject yourself into the past of anything this blade cuts. Allow me to explain it in more detail. Say you're fighting an opponent. You can cut the opponent with this blade. It will pass through with out damage. Once it does, for an instant you are able to inject yourself into the opponent's life sometime in their history. As well, they will remember you being there. But also with it, it means you can literally see their past flash before your eyes in an instant. This means you could learn all sorts of things. But anyway, the main focus is to inject yourself into the opponent's past. Use it how you will. Now this is a toggle like ability. You can actually turn it on and off. When on, the blade will pass through objects and people. In catch is that the blade does no damage what so ever. This does also work on Zanpaktous. We're quite the mischievous couple. Hehe. Anyway, master this technique. But remember, this isn't our full power. So you'll only get about half of our power. Mainly just mine. Doku has the other half of our power. But I'm sorry to say you're not ready for that yet. But you'll know when you're ready. Now Hana, you should practice that ability."

    Kiba had said before ejecting Hana into the real world. It was quite a startle to find herself out in the world again like that. She shook the odd feeling of being push from her Zanpaktou. She took a few minutes to decide where to train this new ability. She decided it would be best to train this somewhere secluded. She would then take off into the horizon aiming for a secluded spot.


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