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    Training to become stronger, the new Squad 2 recruit Shimada Kamashi

    Training to become stronger, the new Squad 2 recruit Shimada Kamashi Empty Training to become stronger, the new Squad 2 recruit Shimada Kamashi

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:54 am

    After landing in the courtyard after jumping down from near the Captain's office, Shimada stood up tall looking around at the different men training. At one end was kido, another was zanjutsu training and the other was hakuda training with each being a skill he wanted to work on. This was the perfect time to take up training in his weakest fields so he could reach above his levels since joining in the squad. Now was the time he had to decide on which skill he wanted to work on first. Increasing his skills now would benefit him in this moment more than others. Choosing to work on Hakuda this time around Shimada stepped over to the group that was training in their hand to hand combat. Once he got up to the group he bowed to them and stood straight at them, looking them directly in the eye. "Sir, I hope you do not mind but I would like to train in some Hakuda with you today. Please allow this." Shimada bowed once more to the group leader hoping that he would allow this to happen. The group leader looked at Shimada strangely since he did not know him as of yet. Either way he bowed back towards Shimada and stood straight then spoke clearly to him. "You must be a new recruit. I would be happy to help you since you are a new recruit here. Now then what we are practicing is a throwing technique named Taketonbo. It helps get an opponent off of you when you are up close to them and you need to get in a finishing blow. Now allow me to demonstrate it."

    One of the men who were in the training group grabbed the leader by the shirt and held him there with no intention of letting go. Within the matter of a split second the group leader extended his right arm and held it out away from him. In that split second the one who was grappling the group leader was thrown up and tossed to the ground flat on his back gasping for air as the wind was knocked out of him. After the team member was laid out onto the ground the leader then went down and threw a fake punch at the member's throat but stopped just before impact. "As you can see this technique is very effective and swift. It will be able to get you out of tight situations and even possibly win the fight in one swift attack." The leader then stepped aside and held his hand up signaling Shimada for him to give it a shot. Another group member grabbed onto Shimada in the same manner as the other did to the leader. Making the same movements as the leader, Shimada managed to send the guy grabbing him airborne and flat onto his back out of breath. Standing proud over his first victory with hakuda, Shimada prepared himself for the next segment of training.

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    Training to become stronger, the new Squad 2 recruit Shimada Kamashi Empty Re: Training to become stronger, the new Squad 2 recruit Shimada Kamashi

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:25 am

    Finishing his training with the new Hakudo ability that was to be used in tight situations, Shimada prepared himself for the next leg of the training. The training leader of another group was watching while his students were training with their swords. The leader of the Kido training also took notice to Shimada's ability to master abilities rather quickly which took their interests right away. The one leading the Zanjutsu training used his shunpo to get over to Shimada and his group and appeared in front of Shimada. "Your skills are very good with hand to hand combat. I want to see how good you are with a sword!" Looking up at the instructor with a smile Shimada knew that he was going to be made a higher seat soon just based on what happened here with Hakuda. "So you want to see my skill with a sword do ya? Well then come on, let's see what you can do against me. I may be Seat Fourteenth of the Squad but that does not mean I am weak." The two of them drew out their swords and held them out to each other before the two of them clashed their swords together. Both not giving even an inch, they both just held their spots where they were. "I am the Vice Captain of this Squad, it is amazing that you are this strong at your seat. If you manage to defeat me here I shall promote you to Sixth Seat. Deal?" Nodding his head the two of them jumped back to gain ground to finish this fight right here and now. Moving his right leg forward and moving his zanpakuto out to his left, Shimada prepared to attack the leader with this next attack and take him out of this fight. With a quick lunge Shimada swiped the Vice Captains badge off the leader's arm sending it flying several yards before he went in for the final attack that sent the Vice Captain to the ground. Trying to raise back to his feet the Vice Captain reached for his sword only to have Shimada appear to kick it away and place his own sword against the Vice Captain's face. "Sounds like from this day forth I am this Squad's Sixth Seat. Next time you want to fight let's make it Third Seat. This was a very nice challenge to see where my talents ends at." Shimada then placed his sword back into its sheath and began to walk away.

    Getting part way to a spot to sit down a messenger arrived in the area and delivered a message to the Vice Captain who was just getting up from his defeat. Nodding to the messenger, the Vice Captain then turned to all of his men in the Courtyard. "We need a man to lead two groups of the Stealth Force out to North Rukongai District Seventy Nine Kusajishi. A strange Hollow outbreak has shown itself there." Shimada stopped in his tracks right away as soon as he heard the district number that this mission was taking place and that there was a Hollow outbreak there. Making up his mind right there on the spot Shimada turned back to the Vice Captain and spoke out as loudly as he could to get his superiors attention. "I shall go! Sixth Seat Shimada Kamashi, reporting in for duty!" The Vice Captain then looked over at Shimada with a grin on his face and nodded. "Very well I am placing you in charge of this mission. Squad Four is already out there waiting with a base station set up. Two groups of the Stealth Force shall be joining you and will be under your control. Now go!" Within seconds of getting his orders Shimada left the Courtyard of the barracks he ran at full speed out to the Rukongai to finally protect the lands he vowed to protect before he went to the Academy.

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    Training to become stronger, the new Squad 2 recruit Shimada Kamashi Gin_Bleach_Signature_2_by_Harty73

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