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    Post by Arturo Plateado on Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:59 am

    Standing at the front of the class as Arturo went to give his first lesson of the day when an announcement came over the loud speaker. Arturo turned his attention to the speaker as he listened. "Attention all staff and students, a zombie outbreak has happened across all of Karakura town. A batch of them has invaded the school through the front gate. It is advised that you all barricade yourselves in your classrooms until the event is o......" The message was cut short there as the announcer was then attacked by a zombie. Only thing heard until the mic turned off was the man screaming in horror as he was being devoured. Arturo stood there horrified as he then looked at his students who were waiting for his command. Placing his piece of chalk and notebook down on the stand and he spoke clearly to them. "Block off the doorways and exits. Since we are an inner type of room and we have a secondary room as well, that shall serve as our secondary defensive against those beasts." The students acted quickly to the order since it was a very thought out plan since they were getting into the grounds it would be a death wish to try and escape. The secondary room was a recording room that Arturo had installed to help students record their personal music or other things.

    He figured with the doors blocked off that they could try and keep them out of the room and if they got in they'd all rush into the recording room and duck out in there. A thought came into his head that they would need food eventually. It was a necessity that they started to think of a strategy to get the food they needed and even take back parts of the school slowly and seal off parts they take. However for now it was time to just keep them out of this room and protect the students in this very room. "Alright those of you who have lunches please do save them for later, as for those who don't ask around and we shall share." He then walked to the chalk board and erased all of the lessons he was starting and began a list. It was proper steps they needed to do to take back parts of the school and close it off. He also wrote that it was to take place tomorrow so they could secure this room down first. Once he finished writing down the things that needed to be done he then got his classes attention to finish the planning. "Alright everyone, we are no longer just student and teacher. We are now peers that need to survive."

    Clearing his throat he then grabbed a long stick and pointed at the board and gave a lecture on how the school was built and how they were going to close it off from the world. One student stood up and went to speak to Arturo on the subject on what needed to be done. "Sensei, since we are on the top floor of the school we could try and take back the roof and the area to the roof. It is very close to this classroom to the stairs going to the roof. We could get the observatory back and they keep food and water supplies there for long nights of star gazing." Arturo smiled at this fact as he knew that it was a grand plan. He then wrote that out and handed out communication devices to everyone. "Seeing as it is in the middle of the day we could attempt it now. Everyone grab something to fight those things with." They all broke off long legs off the tables some even grabbed backs of chairs and broke them off. Removing chairs and such from the one doorway Arturo went out first and closed a gate that was a doorway away closing the hallway off. With one end blocked off Arturo and his students moved slowly forward. Out of no where a group of zombies emerged from one classroom and it was dressed as a student. Arturo did not hesitate to strike it down by piercing a table leg through its skull and tossing its corpse out the open window of the hallway.

    "Alright everyone move forward slowly and keep your eyes peeled for these things, whatever you do don't get bitten by them." As soon as he said that another zombie with a few others appeared around the corner going to the roof he then took a swing at its head. Smashing its skull as hard as he could, Arturo and one other student charged forward and smashed up the skulls of the remaining zombies. The students then threw the corpses out the open windows of the hallway then they stood there and waited for instructions. Arturo observed the stairs going to the roof and the stairs heading down to the main floor. This was a problem since they couldn't close off the lower floor due to it having no gates. It then popped into his head to block it off using desks and chairs from surrounding classrooms. There was only one other in the hallway that they took back so Arturo made up his mind and turned to his students. "Alright everyone, grab all of the desks and chairs including heavy counters and such from the classroom next to ours and we shall close off this stairway from the step area down there. By blocking it off all we have to worry about is the roof." All of the students nodded and went on to do it while two others stayed behind with Arturo to stand guard.

    Arturo and his two students stayed at the top of the stairs with their weapons in hand to take down any zombies that could potentially come up the stairs. One after the other students emerged and began to stack up desks blocking the steps coming up to the second floor to stop zombies from coming in. Once they stacked it up to a certain height, Arturo told them to stop and he placed three students on this blockade. After setting up the blockade up he then sent two others to the other end of the blockade to keep build ups away. With counter measures made Arturo then turned to his students remaining and gave an order. "Once we get up there try to stay together, we need to take them all out up there not just a few." With that being said Arturo and the remaining students of his class headed up the stairs to the roof. It was time for them to get the roof back and get some territory for themselves to survive on. The idea Arturo now had was to take back the entire school grounds so they could make a small community here. He had to make life easy for these students to survive until the pandemic was over.

    The garden club was down on the first floor in the green house with many other things going on in this school it was possible to survive now. Reaching the door to the roof Arturo then pushed it open. Once it swung open him and his students rushed onto the roof shutting the door behind them. They looked around slowly and saw that the other side of the roof had at least twenty zombies on it. The students were nervous as can be but Arturo stood strong as he held his weapon in an attack ready stance. He then charged in at full speed with his students in tow ready to kill these beasts quickly as possible. After striking a few down they saw a door open to the other side of the school so Arturo rushed over there and shut it and latched it shut to prevent it from opening. The students then rushed to his side as they did a head count of the zombies. They counted a total of twenty zombies remaining on the roof. "Alright one last push then we can end this struggle here then get the supplies from the observatory. Let's go!"

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    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sat Oct 26, 2013 2:51 am

    Running toward the front gate of the school Shimada felt a strong sensation taking over his body as he got closer and closer to the entrance. Bashing in the skulls of any zombie that got in his way until he managed to touch the front gate's bricks. Once he managed that he got behind the gate and began to pull it shut. By closing off one side of the campus he was going to be able to close it off from the outside world. Slamming it shut he then took a chain that was on the ground and he wrapped it around the gate and a pillar. Once doing that he grabbed a grapple like chain thing that was used to hook keys to a pair of pants. Finishing that meant that no more zombies coming in from the front gate anymore.

    Turning around he then looked around and saw packs of zombies roaming the grounds. "Well shit, it seems this will be harder than i thought." Walking forward he smiled as he looked up at the sky and saw bodies flying off the roof. At a glimpse of a second he saw a man with chin or shoulder length blonde hair dressed in a suit like as if he was a teacher. It was for just a second but seeing that he knew that there were survivors somewhere in the building. "Good now that i know there are survivors here still i can get some back up in getting this place zombie free." Walking forward even more he started to get close to the main entrance of the school and he couldn't help but smile. For the first time in a while he felt as if he was doing something good. Out of the corner of his eye Shimada saw someone in orange hair running behind the school. It had to be Ichigo Kurosaki, somehow Shimada just knew it had to be him. "Why is Ichigo here? Did he have the same idea as me and those guys up there?" Getting close to the school a sword got held out to him and stopping quickly as possible Shimada starred at the sword. He looked over at the person who was holding it out and he spoke to Shimada. "Take it, we have to get inside using these swords and try to get our town back eventually." It was Ichigo Kurosaki, apparently he was here to lend a hand against these zombies.

    Throwing his bat aside nailing a zombie knocking it over at the speed of light. Grabbing the sword with his right hand he took it off Ichigo's hand and held it in his right hand. "So what brings you here? Not like you're a student anymore." Shimada looked over at Ichigo and all he did was close his eyes then held his own sword out to fight those zombies. "I don't have to answer that, however if you must know it is because i sensed something strange about you. That is all I'm going to say." Shimada just blew that fact off and just stood back to back with Ichigo and held his sword out. Smirking a little he knew that this was one of the weirdest time of his life. The two of them nodded at each other as they both made a mad dash toward the front entrance of the school. It was starting to get dark outside and it was too dangerous to hunt at night with zombies roaming around. Slashing and slicing the two of them chopped up zombies one after the other. This was a never ending battle with them as the zombies kept on expanding in numbers.

    "Hey once you enter this place what is the plan? We can't fight in the dark!" Shimada ran closer to Ichigo as he then began to explain what he planned. "I saw a man on the roof, possibly with a group of students. They are securing a section of the school." The two of them kept running for the door as he knew that it was the only plan left. "Once we get inside start to find the main stairway from the front entrance. It is our only way to find them." Ichigo nodded as the two charged onward toward the building to start their survival. This was a matter of life or death, with this being the moment of truth the two of them reached the main door and pulled it open. Stepping inside of the school they both pulled the door shut and took a metal pole into the door handles and held it shut. "The main stairway should be right down the hall, we should hurry there before we get swarmed." Shimada looked around and the hallway was rather empty for the first time all day perhaps but that was a good thing thus far.

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    Standing in a small circle Arturo and his students prepared to take on the final assault of the zombies. Arturo held his weapon out in preparation of the final attack. "Alright students, this is do or die moment of us having some territory in this school! Let's move!" Lunging forward Arturo drove the weapon he was holding in the skull of a zombie and pushed it over the ledge of the school. Looking down he saw a man running from the main gate to the main entrance of the school and another orange haired man. "Must be more survivors than i thought, i just hope they aren't the type to start problems." Looking back at his students Arturo watched them fight as strong as possible back to back. It was a rare type of team work he has never seen before and it made him proud to see it with his own eyes. Charging forward he then stabbed his weapon into the skull of another zombie that was charging at his student then pulled his weapon out. "Stay sharp everyone, there are only ten of them left up here so get back into a group formation."

    Once back into a formation with all seven of them, they all stood ready to finish off the last of them. Lunging forward at once all of them struck seven of them down then stepped back into a group. They were nearly finished with this assault and the territory was almost theirs. "Sensei, we have them all down just about. Once we finish we should go check the barricades below us." Nodding Arturo agreed with this decision as he then struck another zombie in the skull with his weapon. Stepping back he then remembered the two men he saw down in the lower courts of the school. He had to think if those two were worth the trouble they could bring or embrace the help they could bring with them. His students then finished off the last of them as he finished the thought he was having on their situation. "Now that this situation is cleared i shall be heading back down to check on the others. Rest of you remain here and keep it secure for now." Walking away as his students moved toward the observatory to get supplies he prepared to greet those below him.

    Those two men he saw kept eating at his mind as he continued to walk to the door. Clenching his fists he knew that if they were dangerous he had to put them down. Just thinking this was making him feel upset in his own head since it meant killing another living human being. These people weren't like those zombies as they had emotions and feelings unlike those moving dead. "I guess i have major decisions coming up here soon, i best make the right ones or endanger my students." Placing his hand on the door he looked back and saw some students throwing the bodies over the side of the building. Keeping the area clear of the dead was one good thing to do while others keep the place safe. The way the students and himself were going things seemed to be floating by pretty easy compared to the movies. "At least team work and the sense of being a human is still present, even in a world like this." Arturo opened the door and headed down stairs to meet up with the two men who were down there.

    Once he got back inside of the building on the same floor it all started on Arturo looked around him. The walls had some blood on them and it looked disgusting to him. Looking down the next set of stairs going down he saw three of his students standing down there still on duty. He knew that it was starting to get late and the students would be getting tired soon. It would be bad if those things got in and killed everyone while they were sleeping. Arturo had to think of a plan and fast before everyone began losing motor skills. The question was, how he was going to do this even in a world like this. Considering the current situation it would only make it worse if he couldn't set things up perfectly without flaw. Walking down those steps now he had to go and take care of the men down on the first floor first before even devising any plans. The students saw him coming down the stairs and one of them spoke to him.

    "Sensei where are you going? It is too dangerous down there to do it alone." Arturo looked at that student and smiled placing his hand on the student's head. "No need to worry, i just saw some people who were alive heading inside right below us." Stepping onto the railing Arturo hopped over to the other side of their barrier and stood there. "I shall be back in a little bit, keep up the work you three are doing. Stay strong and don't waiver no matter what." He walked down the stairs to meet with the two strange men who entered the school. Coming down to the first level where he could see everything down there he poked his head down then walked into plain sight before the two men. Looking right at them he kept a calm blank look on his face as he spoke. "Welcome to Karakura High School, is there something i can help you two with here?" Placing his weapon on his shoulder he looked at the two men and waited for an answer to his question.

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    Ichigo ran ahead of Shimada as he noticed this one thing that could save this part of the school for themselves to rest in for a short while. "Hey Ichigo, what are you planning? Why did you come?" After closing a gate Ichigo turned to Shimada and smiled to himself. It was with this grin of his that made Shimada feel something not trustworthy of Ichigo. "You can see faint outlines can you not? You feel as if your mind is playing tricks on you don't you? Looking around you can see strange large figures in the sky and you can't help but wonder what that was correct?" Shimada was feeling like that for quite some time now but was ignoring it since he felt as if it wasn't worth his time. "That is the reason I'm here, you and one other person here has the power to see those things."

    Shimada got a serious look on his face as he wanted to hear more. "Explain what this power is, i want to hear it from you oh man of mystery." Giving Ichigo an icy stare Shimada prepared to attack him as he knew something was off about him. Holding his sword in a attack position he prepared if it was the case Ichigo was against him and the other group of people here. "Don't worry I'm not here to attack you, I'm here on orders from the Soul Society and Kisuke Urahara to guard you two from hollows." Raising his sword to his shoulders Shimada kept his eye on Ichigo. "Very well then but if you make one wrong step i shall be forced to put you down. Understood?" Ichigo just nodded then he turned his attention to the stairway behind them as a man appeared on the stoop above them. Both Ichigo and Shimada turned their attention to this strange man as he then spoke on something. Shimada turned to Ichigo and spoke to him about this man as his appearance here made him question something. "Is this the other one you were talking about Ichigo? If so he doen't look like much to me." Ichigo nodded and returned Shimada with an answer to the question that he was asked. "Yes he is, his name is Arturo Plateado. He's the music teacher here. He has the same amount of power as you do."

    Shimada then turned to the man Ichigo said was Arturo and spoke to him. "My name is Shimada Kamashi, I'm an Information Broker from downtown. This is Ichigo Kurosaki, he is the son of Isshin Kurosaki the owner of the Kurosaki Clinic on the other side of town." Shimada then waited for the man to respond to him so an agreement of peace could be reached here.

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    Standing there looking down on the two of them Arturo prepared to keep his eye on them. Hearing one of them speak he heard the names Shimada Kamashi and Ichigo Kurosaki. Raising his head a little as if he was looking down on them as if they were lower beings he spoke. "I am Arturo Plateado, Musical arts teacher here at this very school. Please do state your business here." Making his way down the steps he saw that both of them had Katanas in their hands. This made Arturo grow cautious of them since they could be dangerous with those swords in their hands. Once he was down on the first floor he looked over at the main entrance and saw that it was shut with a metal pole holding it shut. This made Arturo grow a small grin on his face since he knew the sooner they got the first floor under control then the second would be even easier. Looking over beside Ichigo a hallway gate was shut sealing off the rest of the first floor from this very room. "Very good i see the both of you sealed off this very room. My students and myself sealed off a small section of the floor above us for sleeping quarters. But first i must question the both of you."

    Arturo stood in front of the stairs blocking their way up to the second floor. "Tell me, why it is that you came here instead of other places in the city?" He had to make sure these two weren't up to any bad news or else it could mean bad things could happen to him and his students. Standing firm he refused to move from the spot he was standing in. Next moment he watched as a zombie approached the gate that one of them closed before Arturo got down here to greet them. It was pushing against the gate with great force to almost push it over leaving the three of them exposed. Finally after analyzing the situation he walked over to the gate and aimed his weapon between the gate at the zombie's head. Stabbing it through within a split second he then removed his weapon and pushed the zombie away from the gate. Walking over to a set of lockers that were no longer bolted down he pushed it over and in front of the gate closing it off for now. "So do tell me why it is you two came here. If you give a good answer then i shall allow you to join us if not then you will be asked to leave here and never come back."

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    Shimada watched as Arturo moved a set of lockers in front of the gate as he turned and answered. But before he could Arturo asked the same question once again. "Hold on now, you have nothing to fear from me. I came here to survive this outbreak. Nothing more." Looking away from Ichigo, Shimada had to make sure Arturo let him join his group for this. It was a matter of life or death as for Ichigo though it was up to him to survive this on his own. "Allow me to join your group and i shall help you take back this school so you and the students may live worry free. Please allow me this." Ichigo stepped forward and decided to give his two cents on the situation.

    "Look you can trust the bother of us no matter what, now allow us to join your group so we can get this situation under control." Shimada looked over at Ichigo and he knew that he really was dedicated to the job his superiors gave him. They both looked at Arturo with the look of the need to survive and complete their jobs standing strong. "Listen Arturo, there are too many of those things out there to turn away people right now, we need to end this now." Ichigo turned around and looked at the main doorway as zombies were lined up to break through the door. Knowing they couldn't block off that door it was essential that they get those zombies away from it before they break it down. Placing his hand on Shimada's shoulder Ichigo nudged him towards the main entrance. As Shimada turned around he knew what needed to be done to prove his and Ichigo's worth to Arturo to allow them to join. "Just watch, we shall prove our worth to you. Come on Ichigo, let's clean house." The two of them walked over to the main entrance, while on the way Ichigo grabbed a row of lockers and followed behind Shimada. Once Shimada removed the pole from the doors Ichigo charged out the door with the lockers and pushed back at least ten zombies. Each one having their upper bodies crushed by Ichigo charging with the lockers. Shimada stood behind him and sliced off the heads of the ones who were standing off to the sides to make sure the doors were cleared.

    Ichigo placed this row of lockers to the left of the main entrance and opened up all of the bottom row doors and took everything out of them. After doing so he began to put over two hundred pounds worth of bricks into the entire bottom part of the lockers. This gave them weight to resist against the weight of the zombies pushing against them and with them being so low it allowed them to kill any if need be. This was the perfect blockade idea that could be thought of at this time. If not all of the students who used these lockers were dead by now so it didn't matter if we scattered their stuff across the school grounds. "Ichigo hurry with the next set of lockers, we got a frenzy coming our way." Some zombies had taken notice to what they were up to and they started heading their way. Shimada prepared to go in and attack but Ichigo came out with another set of lockers and stopped Shimada. "Let them get a little closer before you attack them. Waste of energy to charge in and attack them." Letting his sword rest at his side Ichigo then placed the lockers in the front of the door and repeated the same process once again. However the three zombies kept on getting closer and closer to them and Shimada couldn't let them get any closer. He ran and jumped over the lockers by using Ichigo's back as a step and launched himself over the lockers. Ichigo stood up in a hurry and questioned Shimada's actions right off the bat. "Hey stick to the plan, we don't need to fight those two since there is a small part that they could potentially get through but that shall be covered in a second." With that being said Shimada turned around and looked at Ichigo.

    He knew that if he kept letting these zombies get in they were all going to be in deep shit if it wasn't dealt with right away. So he thought it out and knew there was only one other gate left to close and that was on the other side of the school where the parking lot was. After thinking this through he spoke his idea to Ichigo before he decided to charge off into the mob of zombies alone. "I'll be fine, once i close the other gate on the other side i shall enter the school from here in the front. This invasion needs to end." Ichigo just sighed and stood up after finishing the locker he was working on he just nodded and Shimada charged off. Pulling his sword up to his head level he then took it and drove it through two zombies. Pulling his sword out he then kicked the dead corpses away from him as he knocked over another zombie by doing so. Stopping dead center he looked to his left which was the way to the kendo training grounds. To his left was the way to close the last and final gate on the school grounds. Both had good things to be done but he could only choose one to do at this time since he had a job to do. Without thinking twice Shimada ran to the right and went for the gate at full speed as fast as he could dodging zombie after zombie. At last he reached the parking lot and he saw a sign on the gate saying it was an electric fence. "So there are two sides to this gate, i must shut the left side before shutting the right side. Time to get moving once again." He ran to the left side of the gate and grabbed it to begin shutting it quickly as possible. Once that gate was shut he then pulled the right one shut and locked the gate with a lock that was there. He now had to make his way back to the main entrance without getting bitten by the zombies. This was going to be a very hard task but he was up for the challenge as he grinned before taking off.

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    Arturo watched as Ichigo and Shimada charged outside with a set of lockers one after another before he heard Ichigo and Shimada having a conversation. Walking to the door he watched as Shimada was taking off towards the parking lot. "What is he planning? Those cars are useless to us right now seeing as the world is collapsing from this apocalypse." Ichigo turned and spoke to Arturo with this fact of the day as if things were all going according to the plan. "Don't worry about him, he will be back here soon. I'm heading up to the roof now that his job is done. See you up there." Ichigo went up to the roof as Arturo stayed in the now lobby of the survival effort. Standing there he just placed his hand on his head wondering what he was going to do now with Shimada and Ichigo here now. He had to make a dire decision now whether he wanted to or not at this point of time. The one of his students poked their head around the corner and gave him some news that he was happy to hear about. "Sensei, i just got word from the roof that a man just ran clear across the parking lot and shut the gate that was over there. We are completely isolated in here from the outside world. That man did it!"

    Arturo then turned back to the doors and opened them and walked outside with his weapon ready to go. Looking over the lockers he noticed that there was a lot of them heading towards the lot. This was bad especially for Shimada who was over there by himself. "Tell the students to keep watch and i shall return soon, i need to go assist our newest ally." Placing his hand on top of the lockers he pulled himself over and in one motion he lunged himself over them onto the ground on the other side. "We shall also get more weapons from the kendo dojo later so prepare for that as well!" Arturo ran as fast as he could and managed to get behind a group of zombies. One after the other he struck them down with the as much brute force as he could nearly breaking his weapon. Looking into a car he saw a sword in there as it must have been a student's who trained at the dojo. Using what was left of his weapon he broke the back car window open and he threw the weapon he had inside as he grabbed the sword.

    Pulling it out sheath and all, he held it at his left side as he placed his right hand on the hilt of the sword. Seeing Shimada in the distance he knew that he had to make this quick. Being a part of the kendo club when he went to high school all Arturo had to hope for was that his skills were not rusty. "Shimada! Hold tight I'm coming to help!" Drawing out the sword Arturo then lunged himself forward and continuously sliced off the heads of the zombies he encountered along the way. Once he reached Shimada he then spoke to him quickly before turning back around to head to the back side of the school. "Run for the dojo on the other side of the school through the front, i shall take the back area." Running towards the back of the school Shimada killed all of the zombies he could see. Stopping for a moment to catch his breath he noticed that the door to the back entrance of the school was left open. "So I'm guessing why there aren't so many of them in there. I should close these doors."

    Closing the doors Arturo then looked around him and saw no zombies. They all must have made their way to the front of the school where all the noise was coming from. Standing down for the time being he just walked over to the dojo where he then sat down on the step. All he had to do now was wait on Shimada to show up.

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    Standing down he watched as Arturo showed up and killed all of the zombies in front of him. All Shimada could ask was why he was here when he had students to look after. It was not very long before Arturo took off to the back area of the school to clear it of zombies. "That is one strange guy. But in a world like this i have no room to judge." Walking calmly forward Shimada just looked around and saw a lot of bodies from the zombies that once inhabited this place. So many dead it was no joke with how many were laying there. Stopping for a second Shimada looked up at the sky with fear. It was a faint outline of a strange creature flying through the air and this gave Shimada a cold chill down his back.

    Not knowing what it was made him frightened of it, not the fact he saw it. Ichigo mentioned something about it before however Shimada wasn't willing to hear it. Now he knew that Ichigo could not have been lying to him about having some strange powers. The more he watched the creature the more solid the thing became to him. More and more by the second the creature became visible to the naked eye. The thing had a snake like lower body and an ogre which made it more frightening than before. It was a pure white creature and it was flying through the air without any wings which was another thing that made no sense. "So that is what Ichigo meant by Hollows, really strange creatures." Turning around he saw many military type of people in the area coming towards the school. This was the time to go up to the roof and join the students along with Arturo.

    Holding his sword at his side he then began to walk back to the school casually. The creature in the sky was no longer of his concern. The only thing he had to worry about was getting the students to safety. Walking up to the front of the school he looked around and saw nothing but dead bodies laying around. He knew that it was the end of this nightmare and he could go back to what he was doing. However he had to let Ichigo, Arturo and the students know about the army coming to take them to safety. Walking up to the front entrance of the school he placed a hand on top of the lockers blocking the way and lifted himself up. Stepping on top of the lockers he sat there for a minute to look for Arturo. "I guess he is already inside of the building. I should go join them and let them know I'm ok." Jumping down to the other side of the lockers Shimada then pulled the front door open and walked inside. Heading up the steps to the top floor he then came to a point and stopped due to it being blocked off by a bunch of tables and chairs. "Hey you students can take this down now, the threat is over."

    Some students peaked around and looked at Shimada before taking it down as quickly as possible. As soon as there was a path up he walked through and looked at them. "You can leave the rest for now, come with me to the roof. We need to warrant the military that we are here." They just nodded and walked behind Shimada as they called out to the other students guarding the other gate. Once they joined up with the group Shimada lead them up to the roof. Standing up there he looked around and he didn't see Ichigo or Arturo anywhere so he turned to one of the students who were on the roof. "Where is the orange haired man and your teacher Arturo?" The student pointed out into the distance down the road before speaking which made Shimada get worried about them. "The orange haired man went down the road to help save a little girl down there and sensei hasn't returned yet to the base." Looking down the road he didn't see Ichigo anywhere which made him even more worried.

    "That fool, he should have taken back up with him." Turning to the students he then took a deep breath before beginning to speak once again. "This threat is now over as the military is just down the road and shall be here in a moment to take us to safety." The students then got happy and excited about the good news that Shimada just gave them. "We shall stay up here and signal the people in the air so we can be picked up." Then a student walked up and spoke to Shimada on the matter about Arturo and Ichigo. "Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude but what about our sensei and the other guy?" Shimada turned around and looked around in the sky for any military people in the sky to signal them down. "Sir please answer!? We can't just leave them behind!?" Looking down Shimada just shut his eyes to a slit as if he was mourning. "I don't think the orange haired man will be coming back to us. As for Arturo I'm sure he is fine." Shimada knew that something had to of happened to Ichigo since he wasn't in sight no matter where he looked. As for Arturo it wasn't a for sure he was still alive at this point but all he could do was hope that he was. "I see, i just hope that they are all alright, it would be a shame to come this far to only die."

    "I'm sure they are, however you guys should know about them both just in case they both die, I shall start with myself. My name is Shimada Kamashi, I was an Information Broker downtown. I was the one who gathered information for business owners and others as well." The students stood there and listened to Shimada as he spoke to them. "The orange haired man, his name is Ichigo Kurosaki. He and his father own a small clinic on the other side of town." Shimada turned around to face the students and speak to them face to face. Explaining all this he knew that it felt like a funeral to him, it was a feeling that he did not like having to experience. "Your teacher's name is Arturo Plateado, you already know the rest about him. Remember all that to honor us if we do pass before this is over." The students looked at him with a shocked look on their faces since they knew something was up. Shimada turned around as he saw many hollows flying around since many died during this. He knew that one would try and get him since he was strong already and even he felt his own power. Lifting his arm up he then pointed over to the observatory and then spoke out to the students. "Go wait inside of there, just at least until I am certain that it is safe. I'll come and get you all when it is safe but you must stay there." The students nodded and ran over to the observatory without questioning Shimada on his methods. "Now if those Hollows attack at least they will be out of harms way for the time being." Standing firm Shimada just stood guard over the roof with all of his willpower to protect the students.

    Looking out into the distance he spotted a helicopter coming this way and it was heavily smoking from the engines like as if it was damaged. This was worse that what Shimada could ever think of happening in a time like this since it was a mass military rescue. "Looks like it is heading directly for me. There is no safe place for me to run to dodge the effects. Glad i told them about me before this." The helicopter came in closer and closer almost as fast as a hurricane. Shedding a small tear with a smile on his face that he made it this far in life but didn't even complete his life's goal, to travel the world. "Guess this is it. My time is up now, i must pass on and hopefully meet you guys once again, mom and dad." Letting go of his sword it dropped to the ground as he raised his arm to form a cross shape out of his body. The helicopter impacted with a loud boom causing an explosion completely missing the observatory but hitting Shimada dead on. The last thing that was seen from where Shimada was standing was part of his upper torso and his head. They flew towards the ground at a very high speed and hit the ground with a loud thud with parts of the school crashing down around what was left of Shimada. A fire engulfed the school almost trapping the students in the observatory but it wasn't quite to the point it could kill them. The life in Shimada's eyes slowly left him as his body let out a pool of blood out of the stub that was left of his right arm and his lower torso as well. His sword then came flying out of the rubble and landed blade into the ground right next to his now dead body. It was a symbol of respect as if the earth was giving him the greatest honor in his death.

    The fire on the school roof was bright enough to make the entire area see the light of it and feel the heat off it within the entire block of the area. Floating in mid air Shimada opened his eyes slightly for a moment and saw what was left of his body below him with a chain attached to his chest. The school was falling apart more and more as the moments went on and Shimada knew it now that he has passed from human life. "What a shame, I died without finishing the last of my business. What a waste." His eyes closed as he then began to fall to the ground at a very slow speed. Before he got too far down an arm in a black outfit grabbed him by wrapping his arm around his stomach and lifting him over his shoulder. Shimada just hung there passed out as an orange haired person appeared in a black outfit. "Sorry that i couldn't get here sooner, Shimada. I promise i shall make it up to you from this point on." Vanishing at a very high speed the stranger carried Shimada off into the distance. He was now dead but this isn't the end of Shimada as a second door of light opened up a new path in life for him. Through this orange haired person he was being given a second chance to live again from the way things were being said. Even though he was unconscious he knew what was going on around him and he knew deep down inside this was only the beginning. He still wondered if he could even finish his work or what will happen to his business since he was now dead. All of his life's work was going to vanish into nothing with him gone from the physical plane.

    "We are almost there no please hold on a little longer." Shimada managed to open his eyes once again but his vision was very blurry and he could hardly breath. Looking over he saw the face of an orange haired man and spoke very faintly. "Ichigo.....Kurosaki....I knew... you survived. Glad to see you alive my friend..." After saying all that he could no longer speak due to the lack of air in his lungs and the air being so heavy around him. Ichigo looked over at Shimada with a smile on his face and then looked back forward as the destination was getting close by. "No need to say anything Shimada, just save your strength until we get to Urahara shop." Shimada looked down and saw Ichigo's outfit, it was completely different than what it was before. Something was different about him as well but he couldn't figure it out what was so different about him. "Ichigo, just what are....you? Where did this outfit come from and how are we floating in midair?" Starting to gain some breath back to himself Shimada decided to try and get some answers to his questions right away. They came up onto a small shop as they began to land Shimada then blacked out once more as a man in clogs came out of the shop and lead Ichigo inside. Shimada couldn't sense much else going on around him anymore since he was too worn out. Last thing he remembered sensing was Ichigo and the clogs guy placing him in a bed where he laid to rest for the time being.

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    A loud boom echoed through the entire school grounds as Arturo rose to his feet. Looking around he tried to find the point where they explosion came from. Looking up where the students were he looked at it in horror as he saw that it was covered in flames. "No, they couldn't have died. Not like that, just what happened to cause that?" Deciding he couldn't wait here he ran over to where the fire was but on the ground level to see if there was anyone still alive. Once he was at the main entrance it was covered in flames and entrance was impossible. He then keeled to the ground in sheer horror. His eyes were as wide as can be with a single tear shedding down his face as he knew that Ichigo and Shimada were up there too. Looking around frantically he had to find at least one person who survived this entire endeavor. Looking up onto the roof everything even the observatory was now up in flames with several bodies hanging over the side.

    "I..it can't be...this is barbaric...how can this happen now?" Getting down on his knees he punched the ground as hard as he could. Why were they all killed in this sort of fashion for no reason. This was one of the worst ways to die and to leave someone to whiteness it. Looking up he then saw a body laying on the ground over in front of the school where the fire was. Getting up quickly he knew that this person had to still be alive, all he could do was hope for this. Running as fast as he could it felt like the heat from the fire was starting to make him grow weak as he continued to run. Panting since he was starting to grow tired he could hardly lift his feet anymore but he managed to get to the body. It was the body of Shimada Kamashi who was cut in half and most of his right arm was missing. "Even Shimada didn't make it. Guess i am all alone in this. Who am i going to protect now."

    Looking around there wasn't a single soul left alive in this place other than Arturo himself. This was just depressing since it was just him alone. Strangest thing to him was that he couldn't find Ichigo's corpse anywhere no matter where he looked. Could it be that he survived the entire mess or was it vaporized. Arturo only hopped that Ichigo survived the attack since he didn't want to be alone. "I wonder what caused this mess, it couldn't have been from inside of the schoo...." Looking up Arturo shivered in fear as he saw a giant creature up there looking down on him with a soul shaking roar. It was a horrifying sight to behold as the creature was leaning in as if he was going to eat Arturo. "Stay away from me!! You shall not devour me as if i am a meal to you!" Holding his sword up he knew that he would have to fight this creature to protect what was left of Shimada and himself.

    The creature then charged in with break neck speeds as Arturo prepared for the attack. He held his sword up and pushed it back but fell onto his back in the process. This thing was heavy and Arturo couldn't push him off of him and ended having to just hold it back. His brute strength was no where near enough however as it began to push back even more than what Arturo could manage. He then looked behind the creature and watched as a giant piece of wall came falling down towards him and the hollow. "Guess if I'm going to die might as well take you with me!" The wall came down on them both crushing them instantly leaving behind nothing but a pool of blood.

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