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    Unknown Source of power!


    Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:45 pm

    Hana had appeared in the depths of the seventy ninth district of Rukongai. She felt that what ever power was around was focused here. She saw nothing but a clearing with a vast forest on one side. She was too preoccupied to see the other directions but it was only now that other Fourth members appeared. In doing so, she began to set up relief tents in case fighting broke out.

    "Set up two relief tents over there and three tends there. Set up a command post tent here and a storage tent here."

    She had said. The Shinigami of the Fourth squad fluttered around like ants as they got their jobs done. Hana knew only that something felt wrong. Perhaps she was the first to arrive on the scene period. This meant that where ever she was would become the battle area. Realizing this, she gathered her energy in her feet and bolted off high into the sky. This was for several reasons. First was to get her away from the relief teams in case fighting broke out near her. The second was to get a better lay of the land. Standing about a mile in the air she gazed at the ground searching for what ever might be causing the power surge. For good measure, Hana lifted her hand upwards and to her left as she made movements to pull a sheet over her. She spoke an incantation and a final sentence before disappearing from view.

    "Bakudo no Nii Jyuu Roku: Kyokkou."


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    Re: Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:04 am

    Hana could feel several Reiatsu's begin to move enmasse. She would guess that a fighting force was due to appear. What ever was happening was big. The power she felt was massive compared to her. In that moment, she could feel a Jigokuchou approach her position. She allowed the barrier to fall and reveal her position. Just as she did the Jigokuchou landed upon her now extended finger. The butterfly had relayed the information to her that what the limited abilities of the twelth can see a mass of hollows are about to appear with a Menos as the grand performance. Hana felt a cold chill cross her spine as she realized just what was about to happen. There would be no stopping the fighting. She may have to take up a blade to fight what ever beings would appear. She accepted the information as the Jigokuchou fluttered off to where ever it was to go now. In seemingly an instant, Hana was now upon the ground and began barking for people to hurry. She also explained the situation once the members of the team had stopped. She ordered the Doctors into the battle tent with her as the rest were to double check all the equipment. The battle was going to be harsh and casualty predictions were going to be moderately high based on the information they received.

    Once inside the tent, Hana started to examine the newly placed table with a map showing the area. She dispatched an extra Shinigami to go into the district deeper and make sure the residents knew to stay away from the area. Hana had knew that this was going to be one for the history books for sure. Her eyes closed for a moment as she felt the heavy weight of the Hollow power starting to seep through the area. The time of the battle was inching closer. She had guessed it was difficult for hollows to open a direct Garganta to the Soul Society from Hueco Mundo. As such, it required a massive amount of power and time. She could only guess they'd been planning this for some time now. She slowly walked outside the tent to see a giant crack begin to form high in the sky. Her only thoughts were of family at this moment, hoping what family she had left was safe. And of course, hoping that Yasaki was safe as well.


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    Re: Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:59 am

    Moving quickly through the trees Shimada knew that this was his chance to protect the outer areas of the Rukongai and possibly visit Rivershire later on. Running down the path towards district 79, Shimada could not help but feel like he was over looking something to this. The criminals in this area were very dangerous but what would Hollows want to do with a bunch of souls that can not even use Spirit Energy. It would make little sense for the Hollows to massively target this weak in spirit energy especially when the Shinigami do not come out this far usually if not at all. "Sir we are arriving close to the designated area, would you like a few groups to scout ahead?" Shimada just made a hand motion and the groups leaped on ahead of him while he continued to think about the current situation. In the short distance he could see the tent before him where the base camp was set up so the group dispatched could complete the mission. Arriving at the tent rather quickly Shimada stood before a group of other Shinigami that seemed to be from the Fourth Division which means he came to the right spot. "I am Shimada Kamashi, Sixth Seat of the Second Division. I was ordered here by my superior to lead the Stealth Force to bring this investigation to a final close. Where is the person in charge here." He stood there before a group of Shinigami waiting for someone to step forward to report what has been found and what needs to be done.

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    Re: Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:57 am

    Hana heard the commotion and exited the main tent. After doing so she saw the fourth squad standing around. Once she noticed this her voice barked across the area.

    "Lets get back to work people! We need to triple and quadruple check our tech to make sure we're ready!"

    After her order was given the fourth division scattered about doing their duties. In that instant Hana's body shifted to move herself in front of Shimada. Hana stood around five foot eleven. She bore her standard Shihakushou with a giant Oudachi upon her back strapped facing the side. On each shoulder there stood an animal. Her left shoulder there was an elegant white Jay bird and on the right a Jigokuchou. Hana's hair was seemingly short but in reality it was put up into two braids which reached nearly to the ground. Her eyes were a caring gentle blue as she looked over Shimada.

    "Eleventh seat Hana Yasashii of the fourth division. We've secured the immediate area around the relief, equipment, and head quarter tents. I sent a shinigami into town to make sure the locals knew not to come out this way. We don't know exactly what to expect but given the limited resources of the science division they've estimated a Reiatsu level of at least a single Gillian is inbound. The only thing we've seen so far is a crack forming which I can only assume is a makeshift Garganta. I didn't think the hollows could open a Garganta directly to Soul Society."

    Hana had spoken in her gentle tone as she walked into the tent beconing Shimada to follow. As she did so she talked about the current situation a little bit more.

    "We've set up the tent here to show the area. We've secured this area but there's still this part of the clearing we haven't touched yet. We were waiting for you guys to do that. We're combat Capable, but we're not fighters."


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    Re: Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:40 am

    Watching another Shinigami walk through the group standing before him Shimada knew that he had found the person in charge like he had wanted to. This one was a woman which was not too uncommon these days much like it is for the Humans. He watched as the woman walked up closer to him and his remaining group from the Stealth Force that were awaiting orders on what to do next. She was an average looking woman with a slender build, standing at the average height for women and had short black hair that framed her face just right. This was someone Shimada knew that would be capable of leading people with her looks by themselves, however such tricks do not work on him as he was trained to resist such things. "Eleventh seat Hana Yasashii of the fourth division. We've secured the immediate area around the relief, equipment, and head quarter tents. I sent a shinigami into town to make sure the locals knew not to come out this way. We don't know exactly what to expect but given the limited resources of the science division they've estimated a Reiatsu level of at least a single Gillian is inbound. The only thing we've seen so far is a crack forming which I can only assume is a makeshift Garganta. I didn't think the hollows could open a Garganta directly to Soul Society." This shock came to Shimada rather quickly, especially since the Twelfth Division detected a Gillian coming through a Garganta into the Soul Society. If something that massive and powerful were to enter the Soul Society it would mean trouble especially for those in the Rukongai. With Gillians being so massive it would take someone strong to defeat it without anyone dying and that was the goal, to send everyone home with no injuries or deaths, just a routine killing of Hollows in the Soul Society. "So a Gillian is coming through that large crack. I guess there is no other choice, I shall prepare to take down that Gillian alone. You members of the Fourth Division stand by and heal the wounded if any should appear." Beginning to turn around to give orders to his men Hana then spoke to Shimada once more on the subject at hand. "We've set up the tent here to show the area. We've secured this area but there's still this part of the clearing we haven't touched yet. We were waiting for you guys to do that. We're combat Capable, but we're not fighters." Nodding at her Shimada then turned to his men who were there waiting for an order. "Alright, Punishment Force is to guard this camp area! Do not let anyone pass who is not a Shinigami nor a part of this mission! Patrol Corps you are with me, we shall take out those groups of Hollows! Show them what we of the Gotei Thirteen are capable of!"

    After that short and sweet speech all of the men then used their shunpo to go to their posts and begin their parts in the mission. The sweet defeat of Hollows began to echo in this place as Shimada then looked over at Hana and nodded before he used a very poorly used Shunpo to get over to a group that was a short distance away. Having not mastered Shunpo yet, he knew that he would be slower than most in his Division at this rate. So right there on the spot he decided to train his Shunpo while fighting off these Hollows then once perfected tackle the Gillian coming through the Garganta. Getting to a group from the Patrol Corps, Shimada then drew out his sword to prepare for the Hollows that were coming through the Garganta along with the Gillian. "Everyone draw your swords! Show these people around us what it means to be in the Patrol Corps! Show no mercy to these Hollows who dare cross into our lands!" Standing his ground without drawing out his sword Shimada stood there ready for anything to come at him no matter the angle. With small portals appearing Hollows large and small began to emerge around Shimada and his group of men. Shimada wasted no time as he quickly launched himself into the group of Hollows moving in between them using Shunpo trying to get the hang of it as quickly as possible. As he was going around fighting only using his Hakuda skills smashing each Hollow's mask as he jumped from one to the next. Landing on his feet in front of a small army of Hollows he knew that this was not going to be easy, finally admitting he could not win this with just hand to hand he drew out his zanpakuto and held it at his right side. "Damn, I really need to make myself stronger so I can win something like this without my sword! I shall become stronger!" Moving his right foot forward, Shimada vanished from sight for what seemed to be half a minute then reappeared behind the group of Hollows who have stopped dead in their tracks. They all looked back to only see Shimada placing his sword back into its sheath as they all turned black and began to fade away, each showing a large cut going through their masks. "I finally managed to master that technique. Good, now I can finally fight like I am from the Second Division!" Standing in front of the larger Garganta, Shimada prepared for the biggest fight of his life that was against a Gillian.

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    Re: Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Tue Aug 25, 2015 4:15 am

    Hana watched every movement that Shimada made. Her group was tending to the injured as they suddenly came flooding in almost instantly. This was obviously a war ground. This was no place for someone who couldn't even use Shunpo. No, even Shimada could use a half ass-ed Shunpo. Hana wouldn't stand for this. In that moment she decided Shunpo was now a necessity. She watched every movement that he made. Every muscle contraction, every single neuron firing. Well she couldn't see the neurons firing but she watched his movements closely. Hana saw how Shimada began to increase in speed more and more. She studied how his movements seemed to almost glide across the world like that of a skate construct. Of course! Shunpo was much like taking a quicker route to the destination than that of the current route.

    It made total sense! As she intently watched and learned from his movements, she could see how his movements began to speed up and almost touch the speeds of shunpo several times. This was the power of the second division. Hana was witnessing first hand how incredible the skill of the second division was. She was in awe as the man literally faced down towards a whole group of hollows. He drew his sword only to disappear!? For a split second, Shimada had disappeared. But just as Hana was about to be awed she finally saw him. He seemed to be moving at a speed just beyond what she could tell was his fastest. It was so fast she had a slight difficulty keeping up. But it wasn't anything she couldn't see if she focused solely on him. Her eyes became wide as he disappeared once more only to reappear behind the group of hollows. In that instant the whole group looked backwards and was obliterated!? She finally understand what it was that made Shunpo. She knew, understood, and could now be one with it.

    With out hesitation, her eyes closed only to burst open to see five hollows appear before her. As she knew, she had to appear and disappear to use Shunpo correctly. Well that was the outward effect. The inner workings was more of a skating motion. She allowed her Reiatsu to set forth a path that feed through the five hollows in a weaving pattern. Every movement the reiatsu made was perfectly positioned to meet up with the hollow at the correct time. Just then her body started to deconstruct in a fabulous array of visual architecture. That instant she had left the realm of speed and entered the realm of Shunpo. The moment she disappeared was the same moment that she had realized what it meant to use shunpo. It wasn't to get from point a to point b instantly, it was a conduit to get there as fast as possible by bypassing the perceptions of the eye. In essence, it was moving so fast that light bent around the user in a slight way. Well that wasn't the truth but that's what it felt like.

    Hana reappeared on the other side of the hollows before they burst into a black substance and dissipated into the air. Her movements were elegant, true to her heritage, and of course she looked amazing doing it. As she stood there her mind wondered about how she had just completed her first shunpo. It wasn't the greatest shunpo ever but it was done by her! Sure it was rough and most professionals would say that she failed miserably but she was quite proud of the fact that she had just now created her own conduit to enter into shunpo all by herself! This was cause for celebration! Well not really because at that moment a band of hollows bolted past her. The moment she realized what had happened it was too late. A division four member had been severely injured by the band of hollows. They were however dispatched with in seconds of wounding the man by the second division.

    Perhaps it was time that Hana became more vigilant. With that, she disappeared into what seemed like thin air only to reappear by the man. SHe picked him up relatively quickly only to disappear once more and land next to a medical bed. Putting him upon the bed she then began to bark orders to the staff to heal his wounds and attempt to repair what damage had been caused by the beings. Her eyes closed as she began to get angry. If it wasn't for her trying to learn shunpo in the midst of this battle she'd noticed the band of hollows. If she wasn't busy celebrating her poorly made accomplishments she'd have been able to actually save the poor man! No, she was the cause of this. She had no right to feel such happiness at a time like this. It was absurd. She needed to finish her Shunpo training so she could focus on the battle at hand. Luckily for her she wasn't needed in any areas yet so she was able to temporarily just hop around the area and give help where needed.

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    Re: Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:52 am

    Hana had appeared before the battle's edge and watched as the world began to slow. Just as she was beginning to feel content in her abilities she heard a voices been from with in the cold stale air. The world turned to a monotone black and white setting as it seemed to just halt before her eyes.

    "Heh, well look at that Doku, it appears the brat can finally hear us. Hey, you, yeah you. How come you've been ignoring our cries!? What are ya ignorant!?"

    "Oh come on now Kiba don't be rude. Maybe she's had a lot on her mind. I'm sorry for Kiba, she's a little upset that you've ignored us for so long. She thinks it's because you don't care about us but I know better."

    Hana looked around but couldn't see where the voice were coming from. She looked left, right, up, even down and she couldn't see where the embodiment of the voices originated from. Once Doku and Kiba noticed that she was looking Kiba spoke up quickly to draw Hana's attention directly to her.

    "Oi, over here! Behind you Ba-"

    "Now now it's not nice to be rude! Remember, she's most likely just had a lot on her mind."

    Hana turned around to face where she heard the voices come from. As she turned to face them she saw two figures standing before her around twenty feet from her. As they stood there, she would notice she was no longer on the field of battle. No, she was somewhere completely different! She attempted to make sense of it but to her surprise she couldn't! She saw towering well towers of this purplish goo all around the area. It seemed that everything was made of goo! What was this place!? Hana looked down to see that the grass, well if you could call it that, was made of goop as well. It seemed this whole place was the palace of goop! The stale air seemed to fade as suddenly a wave of this odd stench rolled over the area. It appeared to be the smell of goop. Not just any goop though, no it was the environment! Hana took a small step forward only to hear a squishy noise come from her step. She hesitantly stayed in place wondering if it was safe to move any further. It seemed that Doku noticed this and spoke up.

    "It's ok Hana, you won't get hurt from stepping it."

    Hana was taken aback by this figure's use of her name. She took a step back before just staring at the two. SHe was now able to see some of the features of them. It appeared that they stood at different heights. The woman on the left was much taller than the woman on the right. However, the woman on the right was more slender and less endowed. Hana stood there still utterly confused and dumbfounded that she didn't know what to say. Finally Kiba broke the silence and spoke outright.

    "So you have NO idea what's going on do you? What an idiot. Lets start with something easy then shall we? What exactly is that thing you're holding there?"

    Hana looked down to see her right hand gripping her Zanpaktou's tsuka tightly. She never remembered drawing her sword! What was going on here!? Her eyes fluttered around as she struggled to answer the question. It took several minutes but finally Hana was able to calm down and enter her state of assured calmness. Her body assumed a much more regal posture as she stood tall and held her blade to the side pointing outwards. In that moment she spoke.

    "This is a Zanpaktou. It is the companion to a Shinigami. It's designed to assist a shi-"

    Hana was stopped by Kiba erupting in laughter. She laughed so hard that she nearly fell over. The small pettite woman finally stopped laughing with a giant sigh before speaking out once more.

    "So that's a Zanpaktou is it? And they're 'DESIGNED' to assist a Shinigami are they? You didn't learn anything in Zanjutsu school did you? A zanpaktou isn't a tool you imbecile. It's a being. And it's not just a being, it's APART of you. Geeze it's like talking to a brick wall here. DO...YOU...UNDER...STAND!?"

    Hana took a moment and looked at her blade as she spoke lightly and to herself almost in a whisper that it was alive and apart of her. She was still a bit confused but it made sense. But that didn't explain what was happening!

    "Alright, so what you say is true. That doesn't explain why I'm here or what this place is!"

    Kiba was taken aback as she stared for a moment with her deep orange eyes. She stared so deep that Hana felt as if her soul was about to be ripped asunder.

    "It has no bearing on the situation? It doesn't explain anything? Very well. Then allow me to ask you this, what's the name of your Zanpaktou?"

    Hana stood there for a moment and stared at the sword as she got a confused look on her face.

    "A-a name?"

    Kiba was now furious as she yelled out a muffled noise. It sounded as if it was coming from underwater. Almost as if it was attempting to reach someone so very far away. Someone who had fallen so very far below the surface of the water that it felt like there was no reaching them at all.

    "I see. So you're still unable to hear the name. Alright, then it just means that I'll have to BEAT IT INTO YOU!"

    Kiba disappeared in the blink of an eye only to reappear on the side of Hana. In a moment's notice Hana was sent flying backwards only surviving by receiving a blunt force because she blocked the blow with her Zanpaktou. As she came to a grinding halt she watched as Kiba disappeared once more. Taking the initiative she'd bring the blade to her back in an attempt to block. The moment she was about to block the attack Kiba disappeared only to appear in front of Hana. The moment Hana realized what had happened she received a firm punch to her stomach sending her flying upwards. It was at this moment that she was able to fully see the girl attacking her and the girl standing on the ground watching. The girls were made of goop like the environment!

    Hana saw that the woman attacking her was of moderate size. Perhaps five foot six like Hana herself. As she watched Kiba close the distance she could see through her slightly. She was a darkened orange color with a slight transparency to her. It was obvious she was a skilled combatant though. It was odd to see a woman made of goo glide across the area with ease. The moment Hana had that thought she received an axle slam to her back. As she fell downwards at high speeds she struggled to turn herself over. She managed to shift her weight and land on her back into the ground. Surprisingly, the ground was not as soft as one would think being as it was made of goop. Hana felt a strong punch land in her mid section. She began to feel blood trickle from the side of her mouth as she slowly got up.

    "What, still haven't had enough? Why don't you just HIT ME THEN!"

    Kiba had said attempting to get a violent reaction from Hana. It had worked! Hana lifted her sword with all of her might and brought a swing downwards onto Kiba's right shoulder. As the blade hit her skin, well if you could call it that, it stuck into her about an inch before it stopped completely. Hana stared at what just happened being almost mortified. In that instant Kiba spoke up and said something. The moment she did Hana's eyes grew wide watching the next set of events unfold before her.

    "You shouldn't try to hit me with that. It doesn't answer to you."

    Just as she said that the blade melted into goop and fell to the ground. Kiba stood there staring at Hana with almost saddened eyes. In the distance, Hana could see that Doku was also looking quite sad. She couldn't understand what was happening. It made zero sense! Hana felt a crushing blow to her stomach which sent her flying backwards a few yards while crashing into a few goop pillars. Every movement she made was being thwarted by this woman's actions. It was as if she could read Hana's mind! WHAT WAS HAPPENING! The next blow seemed even harder. It was now becoming clear to her. Hana watched as Kiba was reletentlessly attacking Hana blow after blow. She felt the sadness emanate from her attacks. The next moment she noticed that Kiba had brandished goop from her arm which formed into an odd looking sword. She could feel power eminating off of it like a demon's bane of existence. In that instant she could see, feel, and hear everything clearly. She heard Kiba say something which emanated across the whole environment. It caused the very foundation of the goo to tremble at it's very utterance.

    "Zoushoku, Doku Kiba"

    The moment the sentence was said the green gooey girl melted away into the ground only to reappear next to the orange girl. She placed her hand upon the orange girl's shoulder as a bright purple light engulfed both of them. The light itself sent out a wave of energy which sent Hana flying backwards with great force. Once it had subsided, she could see that both of the goop girls had strange attire on their bodies with a goopy looking sword. Kiba brought the sword around so that it was now facing behind her. She lowered her posture so that she could gain more speed. In that instant, she bolted forward. Kiba began to barrel towards Hana with increasing speed. It all made sense now. Hana adjusted her position so that she came to a grinding halt. She would then stand tall and face Kiba head on. Her posture un-moving and her feet firmly planted upon the ground.

    Kiba and Doku both disappeared in an instant only to appear right in front of Hana. In that instant Hana didn't run, she didn't look back, she simply stood there and closed her eyes. Kiba looked to her side as the blade ran through Hana all the way up to the hilt. A moment passed before Hana opened her eyes and looked down. She could see the blade inside of her stomach.

    "It doesn't hurt."

    You still don't understand do you. We are Doku Kiba. We are apart of you. As long as you accept us, there can be no pain if we run you through."

    So you heard our name. That's good! You're finally ready to wield us with all your might. So cast off your fears Hana. Don't look back. And always look ahead. And remember Hana, we'll always be here for you!"

    Hana watched as the two faded away after Kiba told Hana that she'd need to take the blade out to unlock Shikai. Placing her hand upon the Tsuka of the blade she'd rip it form her stomach. And in that moment she felt a great surge of power.

    In the real world where everything was raging on, Hana unsheathed her Zanpaktou and faced the now approaching energy of the Gillian. As she did, her right hand stretched outwards and pointed the blade at the ground some ways away from her. A sudden surge of power came from deep within as it coursed through the battlefield.


    With that being said she was engulfted in purple light which slowly melted away. In her right hand she bore a rapier made of purple goo with a solid Zanpaktou hilt. Her left shoulder was covered in in tight armor which followed down to her hand with pointed finger tips. On her right she bore long metal fingernails attached to an elegant looking chainmail gauntlet. The upper part of her Shihakushou was torn asunder to reveal her tightly wrapped bandages unerneath. She kept her upper torso wrapped tightly so that it was comfortable for her. Though she wasn't endowed in any way, she did however have features. And with that, she would disappear in an instant only to reappear next to Shimada and speak lightly.

    "I'm the leader of the Fourth Division's Relief squad. It means I stand here, by your side to aide you in battle and in health if need be."

    Her eyes were different, almost raw with determination. Her eyes even seemed to lower slightly at her new gain in power. She was, in a way, more docile of how things operated in the world.

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    Re: Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Hana Yasashī on Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:49 pm

    Hana could feel the massive pressure of the Gillian crushing down upon their bodies. It was almost here. If they were going to fight this beast they'd need the privacy of the battlefield. Hana knew that thinning down the herd was going to be difficult because of the shear size of said herd. There was no choice, she needed to execute a mass destruction. Hana's eyes closed as she began to form multiple energy balls from her left hand. Five balls of energy formed, one on each finger as she pointed her hand outwards towards the battlefield. She made sure to aim where the Gargantas were forming and let lose. Five pale blue lights erupted from her hand causing massive damage to the hollows she struck. Some of the stealth force began to take the hint as they dipped through beam after beam finishing off the severely damaged hollows.

    Hana felt that these attacks weren't enough. She needed something with more power. Something she could use to fight the Gillian. Her movements lead her to fire more and more beams, one after another in an attempt to thin down the heard. These smaller hollows were creating mostly weak Garganta. Could there be a way to seal these garganta as they formed? Yes! It all made sense now! She needed to modify Byakurai to do the job. Her eyes closed as she focused her pointer finger at a nearby Garganta. Opening her eyes, she now focused her attention on the tip of the Garganta as it looked a lot like a tear. 'Since it's a tear, just seal the tear with a Byakurai. Good thinking Hana. I must say, I'm slightly impressed. But not much. You're still an imbecile.' She heard the voice of Kiba with in her mind. It seemed that she approved of the backwards idea. Something she wasn't sure how she felt about. Hana pointed her finger directly at the tip of the Garganta to cause a type of structural collapse. A pale blue beam shot across the area as it caused several lower end hollows to be flung backwards. The beam would strike the tip of the Garganta and continue to push upon it with great force but it wasn't enough. There wasn't enough power behind the beam to collapse the Garganta. As the beam faded Hana began to think about modifying Byakurai more. It needed a punch. It needed a more piercing feel to it. Hana began to mold her Reiatsu into a more specialized version of Byakurai. She had read somewhere that she could sometimes, though very rare, mold a Kido into something more. She added enough power to it that it's base level was now increased to around nineteen. Added to this, she made sure to mold her Reiatsu to form a more pointed beam so that she could pierce the upper part of the Garganta and collapse the flooding hollows.

    There were many hollows in the area, and it seemed that there were only a hand full of Gargantas that were still connected to the Soul Society. She needed to tear them asunder if they would get the privacy of fighting a Gillian by themselves with out his helper buddies. Hana's movements aimed to point her finger at the Garganta's tip as she spoke a simple sentence.

    "Hado no Ichi Jyuu Kyuu, Jugeki Byakurai."

    A blood red beam erupted from Hana's left hand pointer finger. This caused several beings to focus on her and the garganta respectively. As the beam struck the garganta it began to close. It was as if the keystone had been destroyed in an archway. Every last piece of the arch began to crumble down upon the enemies inside sealing the rift. From there Hana began targeting each and every Garganta, barring the large one where the Gillian was just now starting to exit from. He towered at least six stories tall and it was sure going to be one hell of a ride!

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    Re: Unknown Source of power!

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:14 am

    Watching Hana launch a kido out from the base Shimada knew that the Hollows were only showing up because of the strong presence that the Gillian puts out. Thinking to himself for the moment he knew this was going to be a troublesome event here. "It is my job to slay this Hollow, however a Gillian is a totally different story. Especially being in the Soul Society like this and not in the Forest of Menos." A group of men then appeared behind Shimada in a bowed position waiting for an order. Shimada decided to ignore them for a second to take in what was happening. Deciding this was too dangerous for those of the Stealth Force, Shimada turned to his men and looked at them dead in the eyes and spoke to them with the stern voice of a leader. "Everyone is to get back, that Gillian is too strong for anyone like you. I shall fight it alone, inform the Fourth Division to get back. I the Sixth Seat of the Second Division shall carry out this Execution!" Using his shunpo, Shimada got up to a higher ground just in time to watch the Gillian completely come through the Garganta and begin to make a loud Hollow-like cry. The cry echo'ed through out the area causing a shock wave of spiritual pressure that was pretty impressive for a Hollow. Drawing out his zanpakuto, Shimada then pushed out his spiritual pressure to counter act against the Gillian's own power causing him to draw its attention towards him.

    "Good now keep on coming this way you over grown Hollow. I shall make sure to cut you down to size." Using Shunpo once more he appeared in front of the Hollow's face and slashed his zanpakuto downward at its mask. The Hollow quickly foresaw this and charged a Cero firing it causing Shimada to block the attack with his zanpakuto sending him back a little ways away from the Hollow. Regaining his footing Shimada quickly took his stance once more knowing this next strike had to be the last one. A member of the Second Division struggling like this against a mindless creature was insulting. Gaining his focus Shimada charged in with little hesitation and brought his sword down on the Hollow's mask slicing directly through it. Landing on his feet on the ground, Shimada turned to watch the Gillian vanish before his own eyes. "That was somewhat easy compared to most Hollows of that level. Oh well time to wrap this up." Standing there with his sword in hand he could only think about something since he could sense that there were those around him who have advanced to the next level leaving him in almost the same shape he had been in for some time now. Knowing what he had to do, Shimada just gave his men the signal to return home and began walking further into the Rukongai. He decided to not return to the Division Barracks until he had gained some form of new strength. With a new conviction he headed out to District Eighty Zaraki, the district he came from and protected a town there. In that town was the perfect place for him to train and become stronger. Not even bothering to report to Hana about the Hollow's defeat, he knew that she would figure it out eventually, he moved out of the area and further out of town.

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    Hana stood in awe as she watched Shimada destroy the hollow. Her armor shifted to purple goo as it all seeped back to the Zanpaktou before it solidified back into the Odachi. Placing it back into her sheath. As she stood there, her eyes closed feeling the pressure of the hollow dissipate. It made her quite happy. As the power she felt and had dissipated she could hear cheering in the background. Turning to see, she noticed the Fourth Division up in arms at the defeat of a Gillian. She smiled brightly as she disappeared into a shunpo. The instant she disappeared she had reappeared in front of the group as she barked her voice high for all to hear.

    "That's right! The Second Division has destroyed the hollow threat! That means we get to pack up and go home. It's all thanks to you guys! The fourth division played an important role here today. Now lets pack up and get the injured back to the bay!"

    She had said with a strong tone. Her eyes shifted slightly as she thought about what was about to happen. Hana disappeared into a shunpo and headed back to the Fourth Barracks. Her mind set was not on getting a promotion nor getting any sort of praise for their actions. Her mind set here was completely and totally on getting rest and learning more about her Zanpaktou.


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