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    School's in session!

    School's in session! Empty School's in session!

    Post by Nanami Asai on Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:32 pm

    Nanami had gotten ready for school. Her uniform was tightly wrapped around her skinny little fragile looking body. The skirt was a little short but she always pulled it down slightly to compensate for that. Sure, she was in high school. But she had the body of a twelve year old. Granted her mind was well over that of twelve years old or even thirty. With gentle movements, Nanami adjusted her tails so that they were perfectly symmetrical. With one swift movement her clothes were perfectly set so that she was ready to start the day. In several skips of the stairs Nanami's body was now standing perfectly still at the door of the house. Her shoes were strapped on, eyes perusing the room, and body standing just inside the door. She even held her bag by her side which she kept her items and school books.


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    Post by Mara Asai on Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:53 am

    Mara slowly rose from her bed , her hair and clothes messy from her sleeping, she would groan from   hearing the annoying sound of her alarm. she would rub her eyes as she would look at the alarm quickly noticing it was past the she should of been up and getting ready for school.  she would groan even louder, before jumping from her bed to rush to get ready. she would quickly  change to her school uniform and fix up her hair to way she normally kept it, before grabbing her bag and rushing to the door.  as she reached the door, seeing her sister standing in the doorway she would quickly attempt to stop herself, only trip over her own feet causing her to fall onto the floor behind her sister.


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    Post by Nanami Asai on Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:38 am

    Nanami watched as Mara ran forth and fell to the ground. She didn't smirk, she didn't laugh, and she didn't find it at all amusing. Turning her body she would face the door and open it. In doing so she let out an exasperated sigh as she spoke.

    "You can play games when we get home Mara. It's time for school. We're late."

    Nanami walked out of the door and started down the street. Luckily they only lived a block from school. Of course they got up earlier than usual so that Mara could engage in idiotic behavior. Nanami made sure of this.


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    Post by Mara Asai on Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:00 am

    Mara looked up at sister as she spoke, before getting up onto her feet, brushing herself off. she quickly put on her shoes and followed her sister out shutting the door behind them.

    "I don't know I think theirs always times for games."

    She reached into her bag to pull out a lollipop. she would slowly unwrap it, revealing it to be green in color, she looked at it for a few moments, trying to guess what flavor it could be before settling on being lime due to it being a brighter green, before placing it into her mouth and quickly discovering she guessed right. she absent mildly looked around before looking down at her younger sister.


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    Post by Nanami Asai on Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:07 am

    "I'm surprised you don't have cavities beyond that of the average vagrant."

    Nanami's pace kept her slightly faster than that of her sister but not by much. If she truly wanted to, she'd be able to keep up with ease. Nanami's eyes would lower only slightly to see the shadows of the two. They were nearly the same height though that was because Nanami was walking a little in front of Mara. As they made headway to their destination, Nanami's thoughts started to roam about what she could do. Granted, she wasn't THAT well versed in the lower IQed individuals but hey, she could learn right? Or perhaps her brain was too highly trained to think of such docile tasks.

    "Mara, may I ask. How is it that you're able to, um, function with your substantially lower Intelligence Quotient? I'm finding it difficult to think on such a level. So much so it gives me a headache."

    Nanami had made an intellectual joke which she could only guess her sister wouldn't get. But who knows, maybe she'd be smart enough, eh?


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    Post by Mara Asai on Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:23 am

    Mara would smile a bit on her sisters comment.

    " I'm telling ya, those dentists lie about candy being bad, clearly there just trying to put candy markers out of business, and we must fight there dental tyranny!"

    she would almost yell out the end of her sentence, along with raising a fist up. of course she didn't truly believe what she was saying, she was just messing around. she listen to her sister tell from what she could tell was a joke.

    "I don't know why don't open up my head a look?"

    she laughed a bit, before looking her sister again, she kinda worried about her, she was so smart for her age, and probably smarter then that.  she knew she wasn't on league with her sister, but she didn't quite care about it. she felt like she sister needed to relax a little more more and not think about everything so much.


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    Post by Nanami Asai on Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:35 am

    Nanami cracked a small smirk before she adjusted her body to negate the downgrade. Her mind continued to wander about the world seeking answers where there were questions. Soon she came to the question of what they were going to do. School was  boring, annoying, and so completely out of her league that she could finish all of collage today if she wanted to. But no, she wanted to stick by her sister. Why you ask? Well that's simple. Who else is going to bail her out of failing grades repeatedly. Certainty not her.

    They finally came to where the school was. Before they crossed the road Nanami looked both ways. This was going to be another boring day in another boring school room with another boring set of students. How annoying. Her body scooted across the street with ease as they would enter the school grounds.

    "Maybe we should skip school today. It wouldn't be hard."


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    Post by Mara Asai on Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:48 pm

    Mara followed her sister across the street. she listed to her comment of skipping school, and pondered maybe she should. she knew it didn't matter for her sister, she pretty much knew anything they were teaching and could pass anything a high school could throw at her.

    " you know if you were having thoughts about skipping school, why didn't you tell me this earlier so I could sleep in."

    she would grumble looking around the school grounds, seeing the last remaining students start to enter the building. she would sigh.

    "well its up to you, though sense you suggested it you'll be doing any work I miss."


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    Post by Nanami Asai on Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:07 pm

    Nanami scoffed slightly at Mara's question about skipping school. Her eyes would purse the area as she spoke in her subtle tone.

    "If I did that you wouldn't have gotten up at all today."

    Nanami looked around and noticed that there were few students around. They seemed to be minding their own buisness and entering the school as the bells were beginning to ring telling them that school was going to start in half an hour. Seeing this as their chance, Nanami would 'escort' Mara off of the school grounds and down the street. Perhaps they'd grab a bite to eat or something.

    "How is that any different than usual?"

    Nanami would smirk slightly before stifling it with her logical attitude towards the world. Sure, she was four foot eleven. Sure she was twelve. But come on she was smarter than the whole school's combined knowledge base easily. With that in mind, she began to ponder different things to do. They could buy clothes, they could steal if they felt like being brigands, or they could just go to the movies. Hell, if they wanted to Nanami could easily convince someone to give them things. Perhaps they could go to the lottery or play some blackjack or something. The world was at their fingertips. Well more at Nanami's fingertips and Mara was along for the ride.

    With this being their goal, they set off towards the nearest store to outfit their clothes in a new dress. Who needs school uniforms when you can wear scantily clad outfits on a school day!


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    Post by Mara Asai on Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:09 pm

    Mara smiles knowing that most likely her sister was right and she wouldn't have.  Mara followed her sister off of school grounds, hopefully a teacher or someone  didn't see them or didn't care. she would rather not get in trouble, not the fact that she would get in trouble rather for the fact she would be stuck doing something that would be wasting her time.

    "hey I do my own work...... Sometimes.."

    she would sigh, she didn't really know what they would do when they got to were ever they were going, she really wasn't sure either.  it wasn't like she really care what they did, and she was kinda glad she wasn't going to school. maybe she could pick up some more candies even tho she knew Nanami would probably get mad, and tell her she already had too much. Mara however would disagree, you could never have enough candy.


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    Post by Nanami Asai on Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:12 pm

    Nanami continued trotting forward. Her eyes pierced the world before her. She thought she saw something but wasn't sure. She shrugged it off as she continued walking. Eventually the two would arrive at a place known as 'Chu XXX.' After entering into the store Nanami would look around for something, a bit more interesting. Perhaps something more to her liking. Though she didn't realize it yet, there happened to be a sweet shop on the other side of the road. Of course from where she was, Nanami didn't see it but Mara most likely would.

    "Miss, I'm searching for something a bit more, I don't know. Something with a bit more personality."

    The assistant next to her that realized she was being talked to nodded and walked towards the back to pick up several items of clothing. For now, she'd need to hope Mara would close behind. She wanted a new set of clothes that made her look good. Maybe fancy or maybe something more, interesting.


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    Post by Mara Asai on Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:16 am

    Mara continued to follow her sister, as they walked and slowly turned to go into some sort of stupid clothing store, out of the corner of her eye she saw something, a shadow of sorts. she would turn to try to see what it it was, however she couldn't see anything really or anyone. however as she looked closer she saw something amazing.

    she would quickly rush across the road, without even talking before looking up in amazement, at the magic of the candy store in front of her. she would press her face onto the glass as she looked inside, looking at all the different candies all of them looking so good to her at the moment. she could even see some she had never seen before. at this point it would probably look as if Mara was trying to eat her way though the glass as she continued to stare at the candies.


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    Post by Nanami Asai on Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:01 am

    Nanami talked with the helper a great deal. As they conversed Nanami had decided on a particular outfit she found, stimulating. Nanami took the outfit into the dressing room. Once there she stripped down to her white bra and panties and started to dress in the new outfit. She slipped on each piece as best as possible. It fit nearly perfectly! It had been a special order outfit that wasn't going to be picked up anymore because the owner didn't have the required monetary value. Nanami paid for it in cash and had them pack away her school uniform inside of a bag and she set off into the street. As she got there, she noticed that Mara was face first into the candy shop's glass. This was unacceptable! As fast as she cool she ran across the street and leaped so high into the air she was level with Mara's head. As she did she entered a drop kick stance where her heels would slam directly into the back of Mara's head sending her through the glass. As she reached near Mara her voice boomed out to draw her attention.


    Nanami's kick, if not dodged, would impale Mara through the window and into the candy shop face first into a large bin of gummy lollipops. After which, Nanami would land outside the store where she'd step firmly onto the former windowsill. She stood there in her full new outfit just for the world to see. Her right foot was planted firmly upon a small box where she rested her right arm upon her knee.

    She bore loosely tied combat boots with torn stockings reaching just above her knee. From there it has a strap going just above that which holds the stockings in place. Above that she bears tight shorts barely covering her body. These shorts are over a strap on her right leg which ties a band of leather on her mid thigh with a nearly waist level band around her hips. The shorts are also tied through the loops with a bright purple cloth.

    Above this she now bears tight bandages to conceal her body in which she actually cast off her bra. Over this she bears a small breast height coat which can be closed but only reaches around three inches above her belly button. Each of her hands are bandaged up as well with her left  having a small free flowing band. Lastly, she bears a simple Quincy cross around her neck.


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    Post by Mara Asai on Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:22 am

    Mara continued to stare at the candy as she heard the running steps, then a yelling voice she would quickly turn to see boot slam right into her face, causing her to go though the candy store window, landing slightly on a bin of Gummy lollipops, however in the way she landed would slowly cause her to slide more into the bin, before almost completely falling into the bin, slowly sinking into it as if it was water, seeming disappearing into its depths.

    a few moments later, mara would burst though the bin mouth and cheeks full of lollipops. she would look around seeing everyone in the store stoping what they were doing and staring at what was going on however Mara would quickly set her sights on her sister glaring at her.

    " what was that for!?"

    she would yell however with the mouth full of lollipops it would most likely be hard to understand.


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    Post by Nanami Asai on Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:46 am

    Nanami would look away as she huffed slightly. She would shrug for a moment only to respond in her usual monotone voice.

    "Well, you looked like you were about to break the window by chewing it to death so I decided to assist you. Besides, you wanted Lollipops anyway."

    Nanami hopped down to the floor of the store as the manager just walked out and started to scream. Nanami, feeling quite annoyed by this placed a small check in the man's hand. The moment he looked down at the check his eyes got large as he stared at the girl. He simply said to carry on as he slowly walked back to his office with a shocked look on his face.

    Nanami turned to face the door as she started to walk in, bag in hand before she tossed it back towards Mara.

    "Fill it up and lets go. Unless you want to spend more money then you already have from your candy allowance."

    Nanami simply stood outside the door staring around at the different places. She needed something interesting to do. Perhaps she could train her physical education and do some sparring at the local martial arts places. She always wanted to learn Iaido or make better use of her time.


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    Post by Mara Asai on Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:40 pm

    Mara grumbled as she grabbed the bag at the air, Mara still couldn't believe her sister did that, she could of been hurt. grabed a nearby broom and used it much like a oar and pushed herself around the shop in the bin, placing candy inside the bag as she went, continuing to grumble. after a few minutes she would finish filling the bag and hop out of the bin into floor before walking out the store with the overstuffed bag.
    she would stare at her sister, still slightly annoyed at her. before taking a candy out of her beg and placing it in her own mouth.

    "So what are we going now?"


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    Post by Nanami Asai on Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:45 pm

    Nanami adjusted her clothing slightly as she looked around. What were they going to do. There was all sorts of possibilities weren't there? No, no there wasn't. There wasn't much they could do so what would they want to do? Who know! Maybe they'd go off and attack some random hobo and steal his clothes. Then they could ask for money. And if they did, they could say they could raise it for a B-Ball team. THEN! once that was done they could spend it on a signed Vin Diesel Poster, or even sweatshirts for a beagle. Who knows!? There are all sorts of things they could be doing but who knows. Maybe they could just wander off and kill some people?


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