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    A walk in the new home: Rukongai

    A walk in the new home: Rukongai Empty A walk in the new home: Rukongai

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:30 am

    Appearing in some Rural area, Shimada just looked around in shock. This place was completely the opposite of what things were back home. Then he thought that back home was no longer a true statement as this was his home now even though he didn't want to admit it. This place was nothing but a strange place to him and he had to call it home no matter how much he didn't want to. "So this place is now my new home. Guess I should adjust to it here until my escort arrives." Sitting down on a bench he began to get comfortable. This place wasn't completely so bad, all it lacked was technology. Some music wouldn't hurt if they actually had music here unless they got it from the world of the living as Kisuke explained it. "Wonder how it is they make money here, stealing seems to be a primary act here."

    He said this as he watched a bunch of kids stealing candy and running off. Shimada felt a type of peace here even though he had never been here before. He then heard of some people saying that some type of Lieutenant was roaming around and some of the bandits ran away in fear. This meant that his ride was here and he couldn't be happier being here but with that guy here he could finally leave. A man in a black outfit just like Ichigo's stepped before Shimada and spoke. "I am the Co-Lieutenant of Squad 1, Genshirō Okikiba. I was sent by Captain Commander Kyoraku to bring you to him." Shimada stood up and looked at the man to see if he was the real deal. It was an older looking guy with grey hair and a blackish streak going through his hair. His face was covered in wrinkles and had eyes filled with wisdom. "Alright, but let's walk for a little while. I see that the great wall over there is where you came from. It isn't too far."

    Genshiro just nodded and walked beside Shimada then he spoke to him. "The Captain holds high hopes for you. He believes you are stronger than any of the other Captains." Hearing that Shimada looked over at Genshiro and asked him a question. "So why is your Captain Commander after me and my power? I don't even know what my power is yet." The old man looked up in the air and sighed before speaking out to Shimada. "Recently Squad 12 discovered that there are hollows appearing with strange powers. This power recently claimed the life of the former Squad 5 Captain Shinji Hirako. A new Captain stood up in his place of course but the power gap is large." Looking at the old man with a shocked look on his face Shimada knew it had to be serious for him to say that. The power gap, it had to be between the current Captain and the former Captain. For such a power gap to exist something must be wrong. Even as a Human such events happened with politicians and it lead to great distress. "So, where do I come in with all of this? I'm not that powerful as you can see." Genshiro just closed his eyes as they walked into the final district before reaching the gates of where they were going. Holding his tongue for a short while he finally spoke out to Shimada on the general idea. "Where you come in is that you held enough skill to fight off giant groups of zombies and fight on par with Kisuke Urahara while he was at half of his full strength. That right there shows that you hold some skill to allow you to fight."

    Shimada was shocked about what he just heard about Kisuke. The guy was holding back against him since he knew the guy had some great strength but wasn't using it for some reason. Was it some sort of test that Kisuke was trying to pass on him during that time. Everything was starting to piece together but at the same time they weren't making sense. "Alright then, I believe i understand it all now." Genshiro looked at him with a confused look on his face as Shimada looked back at him. "Let's got and get this meeting done and over with so I can get on with my life." These events just kept on getting weirder to Shimada as he walked up to the gate and waited for it to open. Genshiro stepped forward and announced something out loud so others could hear him. "Co-Lieutenant of Squad 1 Genshiro Okikiba reporting back with the package for the Captain Commander." The giant gate then opened to reveal a very thin woman in the same outfit as Genshiro standing there with a stern look on her face. "What took so long Genshiro? The Captain has been waiting for several hours." She then turned around and took off in a similar manner that Ichigo did recently as well. A shocked Shimada then looked at the spot where the woman was and said in a shocked manner. "How is it you guys do that? Even Ichigo did it when I was with Kisuke Urahara." Genshiro just placed his hand on Shimada's shoulder and spoke. "No time to explain right now, the Captain is waiting." Genshiro did the same thing that the woman did just moments before however this time Shimada went along for the ride. Now was the time to meet this Captain Commander and get full answers about why he was here.

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    Shaking himself awake he then looked around himself and saw that he was in a new world. No sight of those other Shinigami who he was with earlier. Blinking for a slight second he then stood up and knew that it was just a dream that was with those Shinigami but this wasn't. The landscape was the same but the location seemed to be more poorly put together. There were people sleeping in the road covered with tattered blankets. Shimada thought of this place as a type of hell since all these people were suffering. He then turned to walk down a road as he then heard screams coming from the opposite direction. Turning his body quickly he looked all around him to try and find out where that cry came from. "Hello?! Is anyone out there hurt?!" Shimada just turned and ran into the direction the noise came from. Running down broken down alleyways, he looked around and saw people suffering and possibly dying from exposure to the elements. This made him sick as he then turned onto a road and saw a man beating the crap out of a group of people. Seeing all of this going on Shimada wasn't sure who he was to help in this situation. Was he to help the solo person or the group of men who were attacking him. This was a tight situation that he was in until he heard someone shout out something that convinced him otherwise. The words that spoke decided the course of action that he was to take against the problem. "It is Baki the Slasher! He's killing those men! Please stop him!" After hearing that Shimada charged in with his full speed and raised his right arm into an attack position with his fist clenched. Right as soon as he got close to Baki he then extended out his arm and nailed the man under his jaw sending him back a little ways.

    Stepping forward Shimada stood between Baki and the group of men with a stern look in his eyes. Looking back at the group of men Shimada spoke quickly before resuming battle stance. "All of you get back, I shall handle this from here." The men then nodded and carried the wounded away as Shimada prepared to confront this man now and end this. Baki then raised to his right knee and wiped the blood from his lip as he then smiled and stood back up. "You're the first to ever hurt me like this in a long time. Tell me what is your name. I am interested in your strength." Shimada just got into a battle ready stance to fight this man to the death. "I am Shimada Kamashi, I used to be a human recently, however since I went through a Zombie outbreak this should be a breeze to me. Prepare to pay for what you have done!" He then charged in at Baki with his fists ready to hit him as hard as he could. Throwing a punch he then impacted with Baki but he had his sword to block Shimada's punch. Lifting up his left leg Shimada then swung it in and kicked Baki away to give him a chance to think. "This man is quick to use that sword. I have to defeat him before he can use that sword against me again." He then resumed a battle stance to finish this fight as quickly as he could before it got any worse.

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    A sword was swung through the air down towards a man standing before it as it was stopped by the man's foot. The battle was a fight to the death to protect the citizens of this area. Shimada was the one blocking the attacks with his foot since he couldn't fight a sword head on unarmed. "So is this all you got Shimada! Come on! If this is all you got then surrender and die now!" Shimada just smiled as he then swung in with his left arm with great amount of speed and bashed into Baki's upper right jaw. A loud cracking sound came bursting out when the impact happened making Baki fall back onto the ground. Looking down on Baki, Shimada walked up to him and kicked the sword away from him as he then placed his foot on Baki's throat. As he began to push his foot down with a lot of pressure, Baki began to gasp for air while Shimada was choking him. "It seems as if your time as a slasher in these parts has come to an end. Goodbye Baki the former slasher." After a minute and a half Baki finally slipped out of conscience as Shimada picked up Baki's old sword and beheaded him. Holding the sword in his hand he then bent down and took the sheath off Baki's corpse. Placing the sword back in its sheath Shimada then raised it and placed it on his shoulder. "Underestimate your opponents and you will die, simple as that and the fact he gained fame made him arrogant." This wasn't a very big village that Shimada was in but during this time he knew he had to make it his home. Looking around many of the homes were broken up and were very old, almost to the point of being run down. Turns out this was the biggest town in this district that had its own fishing port and everything. Shimada closed his eyes as he then turned to the people of the town and spoke to them about a plan to make the town better. "Who is the leader of this village? I need to speak with him on a matter that i have an idea on."

    A very old man then slowly walked forward and opened his eyes and looked at Shimada. "I am the village leader of this fair town. How can I be of service to you?" He knew that this place was a dump but he had to help out this town to make it better. "Would you mind if I took the lead of this village? I would like to make this place my home and make it a better place." Many of the people were shocked but happy to allow their new found hero take over their village. The old man then opened his eyes and with a smile he placed his hands on Shimada's shoulders and smiled at him. "Young man I would be happy to allow you to take over. Do this village proud my friend." Everyone cheered in the entire area as Shimada made his way to a building that caught his attention. Looking around the outside of the building its structure was very strong and very sturdy for its old look. He turned to his people and gave the first order to them on his plans to make this place more livable. "Alright everyone! First order of business is to place up a large wall around the entire village to reach from edge to edge to the waterfronts!" A lot of people picked up axes and saws that they used for getting wood supplies ready for use. "We shall use this to set up securities around the village. After that is done I shall give further orders." As Shimada clapped his hands he then went inside of his new home and took a look around. There was a lot of damage from many years of sitting vacant but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle himself. The walls were pretty sturdy but needed to be reworked in order for the place to be made livable once again.

    The windows were completely ruined but could easily be fixed since they weren't too hard to replace. He then looked outside and out in front of his house was a lot of new supplies. Doors, windows and even wood building supplies were laying out in front. Shimada smiled at this as he knew that his people left those supplies here for him to get to work on his house. This was a two story house and the only one in the entire area to be seen from here at this point in time but it wasn't really that big of a deal. "Alright, guess since my people are working hard time for me to work hard as well." He took off the jacket he was wearing and placed it over a railing on the front porch area of the house and he walked out to the supplies. He saw that he had more than enough doors to fix and replace all of the ones that were in the house. Looking at the front door he noticed that they all needed to be replaced so he walked up to them and gave a great pull. The old doors came off rather easily and he took them and placed them on the side so he could inspect the wall. As he was looking he cleaned out the track for the doors so he could place the new ones in the place of the older ones. The track for the doors were in pretty good shape considering the rest of the house around him. Once he cleared the track completely he then took a broom and swept off the entire front porch area of anything filthy. "So replace these two doors then I can get started on the roof and windows." Grabbing a door he then took it up and placed it on the left side and put the top part into the track and the bottom half last. This was a stationary door but it served its purpose just as much as the other door.

    Dusting off the ground around the stationary door he then walked back outside and grabbed the door that was meant to be the main door for use. Once he got onto the porch he then looked around and saw the outer walls be placed up by the men of the village. Smiling he knew this place was going to be the safest place in the outer lands of the entire land. "Good, things are moving smoothly so far. No bandit attacks as of yet but I'm certain these people could go for some peace for once." He then placed this door in the same way as the other one and slid it back and forth to see if it could work, surprisingly it did. First try and he managed to fix the front door without much trouble. Wiping his forehead he then looked around the supplies for a latter and the roofing supplies to fix the roof now before working on the windows. Seeing the latter behind a bunch of floor boards and drywall supplies he then walked over to it. Lifting up the latter he then placed it against the house so he could get to the roof and replace most of the damaged areas. The villagers had made a pulley system to get things to the upper floors and even reached the roof which made this easier. Shimada grabbed as many roof tiles as he could and put them on the platform made for the pulley. Once it had a few stacks of roof tiles and wood on it he then climbed up the latter onto the roof and he just looked around. The sight was beautiful, broken down and old but beautiful to his eyes. Shimada knew that this place was going to be the best thing he has ever done in his lifetime. It was time for him to finish working so he used the pulley to get his supplies up to the roof as he then worked to get them ready to work on the roof.

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    Hammering the last of the roof tiles into place he then looked up and wiped the sweat off his face. With a smile on his face Shimada knew he had finished most of the outside of his house. Most of the things that had to be done to the place was done for the most part. The town itself needed a lot of work but focusing on getting himself into a steady home right now was a top priority. He looked around and he saw people painting the town in a while color and some other colors depending on the building. The area was starting to look like an Eastern style town from back in the 1800's or early 1900's. Revolutionizing this area was going to help make it a better place to live. The outer lands beyond this district were known for being very dangerous which sort of put this town in the red. Then Shimada looked down at his sword that was on the porch with his jacket. He knew that he had to use that very sword to protect this village, but the main problem continued that he couldn't do it all alone. The only other option was to train the people of this village to use sword to protect this village as well. There was an old military station near by that was pretty run down, but he knew that it would be a perfect place. To train these people would be difficult since most don't have any fighting experience at all. From what he remembered before he died, he saw a creature flying through the air before the helicopter collided with the school and killed him. The big question was if Arturo made it out of there alright, if he didn't then it was all a failed survival. A lot of people died during that outbreak and Shimada also wanted to find out why it happened. Going down the latter he got back to the ground as he then looked up into the sky and knew that he failed right away in survival. He knew that making this village strong and successful was his only way to redeem himself for his last failure.

    "Arturo, where ever you are, please stay strong. I may have failed but don't blame yourself. I have a new life now. I plan to live it out as if I never died." Raising his fist into the air he then let of a grin as he then looked around the village to see what everyone was doing. Then a villager came up to him with a happy look on his face and spoke to Shimada. "Ever since you took over most bandits headed for the outer lands. We should be safe for now. I am your adviser, Edgar Cole. Pleasure to meet you sir." Shimada just smiled as he then turned around and faced his house. "Tell me Edgar, is the land fertile? Can it grow food and other things?"

    Edgar jumped in surprise that this question was asked, as he quickly grabbed a book out. He opened the book and looked over the records and checked on something. "Y-yes it is very fertile. There should be some crop supplies in the town shed. Nobody has been there since the slasher came." Knowing that something more could be in that shed Shimada thought to himself. There had to be some weapons stashed somewhere in this town as well since there was food supplies as well. "According to these records when the slasher came here he took the town's weapons and put them in there as well." That last part is what caught Shimada's attention the most since it was his chance to train the town. The question was, if the shinigami academy was still in existence. He had heard that it was closed down some years ago when the last captain vanished. This is all information that he had gathered from the people talking around the village. This information was vital in order for him to make the world safer from those creatures. Knowing somewhat of their extent he knew that defeating them won't be an easy task for the people here. Their lack of combat experience makes it impossible for them to pull of perfect drills to defend themselves at this current time. So Shimada sat down on the steps to his house and thought to himself on the subject. The big question was if he was going to train them from the start or have them meet him in the middle of things. Either way it was going to be difficult to pull off especially if the weapons were only bladed weapons. These areas seemed to be from the rural eras of Japan and didn't seem to have technology passed the Edo period. Perhaps even the Edo Period doesn't do this land justice at all since it all lacked technology to begin with.

    "Sir? Are you alright? You seemed to have gone quiet all of a sudden." Shimada then snapped out of his deep thought as he then stood up and placed his hand on Edgar's shoulder. He then closed his eyes for a moment as he went to speak to him. "Gather all the weapons and take them to that old Military looking place over there. Then get some people to start planting crops." Edgar looked at Shimada with a surprised look on his face as he was confused about the weapons. "Sir, why would you want to put the weapons there? It doesn't seem necessary." Shimada just walked up to his sword and placed it into his belt on his left side and turned to Edgar. "It is needed so that I may train the villagers to defend the village. Pretty much have our own strong police force." This shocked Edgar but he nodded and ran off to start his task that he was assigned. Sitting back down on the steps to his house, Shimada just starred off into space to try and think of a way to relax. This dying thing then coming here to have a weird dream of the whole thing then waking up to save a village. It was just too much to happen within just a simple day especially with what he went through before dying a quick and painless death. However it was just a horrifying as a regular death as everyone fears the end when it came. There wasn't a single person who didn't fear death and if there was a person who didn't was a psychopath. Giving off those labels didn't really help the matter that Shimada was now dead and he didn't know if Arturo or the students survived. That is what worried him the most, not his situation here but if they survived the event. He could only hope so as he sat there staring up at the sky trying to find the answers within his own soul.

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    Closing his eyes all Shimada could think of was about his life from when he was a human on Earth. Living in this world was strange and more like a time machine to his mind. "Only a few hours have passed if that but what I don't understand is that how I am here." Everything from his death to here was all a faded memory to him and he couldn't understand it all. Opening his eyes again he then saw people getting up off the ground in their rags and torn clothing walking to different parts of town. Standing up and looking around he saw people building up the walls of the newly resounded town. Placing his hand on the sword at his left hip he knew that he had to get stronger. The enemies here weren't tough so far but he knew that it could only get worse from here on in. People feared thugs and murderers but this was the only place they could live since they were so poor and lacked the tools to even make anymore money. Shimada knew that this wasn't the type of justice they deserved to have and looked out into the distance. Night was starting to draw near and the homes of this area were barely ready to deal with the cold nights out here. Standing up at his tallest Shimada took in a deep breath to give out an announcement to the entire town. "Everyone in this town! Start working on abandoned homes and make them livable just for the night! Hurry before the sun goes down!" Everyone then cheered and started to pile into homes as the sound of hammering began to appear throughout the town. Just then out of the corner of his eye Shimada saw something that looked like a tall shadow. It appeared from a back alley and just moved slowly until it vanished from sight right before Shimada's eyes. "So just because you killed my younger brother you think you are a hot shot of this town, don't you." Shimada just blinked his eyes then looked behind him as he then began to turn to face the man he got kicked in the side and sent flying into a pile of wood.

    Blood began to come out of Shimada's mouth but only a small bit, not enough to make him worry. Looking directly at the man he then stood up and drew out his sword and held it out to attack. Watching the man's every movement he had to make sure he could hit him with his sword. "You think you can take me down with your current skills? I was a Shinigami in training. There is no way you can win!" Then Shimada got a shocked look on his face at the word 'Shinigami'. It rang a bell in his past in that void that was there from his death to appearing here. Blanking out for just merely a second the man then punched Shimada straight in the left cheek that then sent him off his feet again onto the ground. Snapping out of it Shimada decided now wasn't the time to space out and think about a past that might not have happened. Lifting his sword off the ground he charged in at the man and swung his sword at the man's right side. Just as Shimada brought his sword in close enough he then watched at the man rose a finger toward his sword. "Nothing but child's play is what you are, let me show you something you will never be able to understand! Hado 1 Sho!" Just in that split second Shimada's sword was blown back and out of his hands. Shocked at what had just happened it left him with no time to respond to the man throwing a punch at him. Punching him in his ribs of his left side Shimada then fell and began to head into the ground just as he got kicked downward at the ground. Slamming into the ground with enough force to crush bones Shimada coughed up blood. Just as he thought it was over he got kicked into the stomach which lifted him into the air high enough for a punch to be thrown. Just the opposite happened as he was kicked off into the distance and landed near his sword. Loosing much of his strength from being distraught from the beating he laid there til he could regather himself. The man just stood in the distance and began to laugh until he stopped to lecture Shimada. "You aren't half bad at moving quick on your feet, I can see how you killed my brother. However it is a far cry of me."

    "Shimada sensei doesn't need to be strong enough to fight you alone! He has allies to back him up and help him stand his ground!" Just then a rain of arrows were then shot at the man as he stood there trying to block all of them from hitting him in vital spots. After the arrows stopped the voice shouted again but this time it was to Shimada. "Now Shimada sensei! Take him down while those arrows stall his movements! Hurry and defend this town once again like before!"

    Coming to his senses Shimada grabbed his sword and got up so quickly he then charged at the man and jumped into the air in front of him. Slashing his sword at the man while he was still being stunned by the arrows, Shimada managed to cut into the man's left arm and go completely through it. He managed to sever the arm with one swift swing and cut into the man's chest in the same movement. Jumping back Shimada got some ground and regained his footing to prepare for another attack. "Thank you Edgar and everyone else standing here. A group effort is just what we need to protect this town." Looking back at the man he was now on the ground groaning in pain due to his arm being cut off by Shimada's last attack. Moving his right foot forward a little Shimada then lunged at the man and as soon as got close he lifted his sword. Slashing at the back of the man's neck Shimada then attacked the man's neck and moved away in one motion. Standing back up straight he then sheathed his sword to turn and watch the man's severed head fall to the ground. The battle was now over but Shimada was hurt from the beating he took. At this point he knew that his skills weren't enough to even be considered strong at all. He was weak and wanted to get stronger than this to defend this town even better than he was now.

    Limping his way back to his house, Shimada managed to reach his steps as he then sat down right away to try and gather himself after the events that just too place. Without even giving the order the man's body was being carried away with the blood getting scooped up in the heap of dirt with shovels. New dirt was placed down in the holes and the body was then taken to the town's graveyard. Edgar then walked up to Shimada and sat down next to him and began to clean off a pair of what looked like glasses. Shimada just stared off straight into the distance with a blank look on his face. Edgar turned to him and began to look at him with a worried look on his face for his new leader. "Back there Edgar, when you came in to save me and provide an opening. I was a helpless dog against that man. Couldn't even scratch him." This managed to shock Edgar that Shimada was acting this way out of no where. Raising his head quickly to talk to Shimada, Edgar got interrupted by Shimada speaking again. "I do know I am going to have to get stronger before I say we can completely protect this town. So go on Edgar, I have training to do.Get the work done that I spoke about earlier. I will check on things when I take a break." With a sad look on his face Edgar got up and bowed to Shimada and walked away to finish his duties. Feeling his sides he checked to make sure his ribs weren't broken, feeling no breaks or fractures he knew that he didn't get any serious damage this time. This was however a wake up call to him as it opened his eyes to become even stronger now. The weakness that was displayed earlier must never be seen again from this point forward. Shimada had to learn hand to hand and sword fighting skills and hone them to levels beyond his current strength. Also learn about that Hado thing the man did before that he said he learned at some Academy place. This training will have to be intense in order for him to become strong enough to defeat any enemy that came near this place. Rivershire is the name of this town and it is to be protected at all cost even being out this far in the world. Thugs and murderers rule these lands but this town is going to be secluded from that roster. The peaceful days for these people are going to come but not without Shimada training day and night until he could crush any enemy that came.

    Standing himself back up he went inside of his house and shut the door behind him. Looking around on the inside of his home he noticed that all the handy work was now done and it just needed furniture. That however wasn't a concern of his, the only thing that did was him getting stronger. Removing his sword from his side he then leaned it against the wall and began to start doing some stretches. He was going to start with some muscle training to tone his body to a proper degree so he could do the other training. After stretching his legs and arms he then got down on the ground and began to do some push ups. One after another he began to train his muscles to be able to handle some more intense attacks than the ones from before. This wasn't the world or life he was used to anymore, pulling a gun on someone wasn't going to cut it anymore. The people out there are strong and very dangerous, this was just too much of a close call for Shimada's comfort. Bringing up his strength he knew he would be able to keep up strength wise for the time being. "I have to keep training no matter how hard this is. I must get stronger. Fifty, fifty-one." Once he reached fifty-one push ups he then stopped and wiped the sweat from his face as he then got back on his feet. Throwing some random punches into the air he decided to mix some hand to hand training with his strength training. With all this training he had planned he was going to make sure he could fight with his sword and without it. Those skills were going to make it possible for all forms of combat to be possible during the next battle. There was no telling when the next fight was going to come, this thought only motivated Shimada to push himself harder. Punch after punch thrown into the air he then began to make some combo moves. Throwing in some spins along with some kicks, the combos began to come together slowly. Adding some power behind each punch and kick Shimada felt he could finally feel his power increasing to some degree. The training was only just beginning with the new chapter to Shimada's life opened up it was time to get the new life started as the future protector of this town.

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    The sun shines down through some trees onto a grassy area, a man is seen sitting there wearing some strange outfit. The man slowly looks up and around himself and with a smile on his face he knew that it was time to get moving again. "Well time to get moving, Rivershire is not too far away now. I can't wait to recruit Shimada Kamashi, the protector of that village into the Academy. He will make us proud." Standing and walking down the road the man walked into the light.

    It has been seventeen months now since Shimada arrived in Rivershire and took over as protector. During most of this period he has remained inside of his home training to become even stronger than before. Today marked the day he finally finished his year and a half long training. The door slowly slid open on Shimada's house as he stepped out. His hair is now longer and tied back with a shadow of a beard coming over his face now with eyes filled with confidence. Now dispatching his outfit from last year he now wears a black leather jacket draped over his shoulders with bandages covering his right arm from the elbow down to his finger tips. Wearing new pants with slip on black shoes he is now a more better dressed fighter than before. Looking around the town has become even better than ever, proper paved streets and even newer looking buildings are built around the town. It almost resembles a city from the world of the living. Shimada now understood many things about what had happened to him since he arrived here a year and a half ago. His sword was now styled with a red hilt cover with a red sheath and is now placed on his left side where it is held in place by a sash. Looking out into the town Shimada knew that everything that he had set up so far has come together at last. Shimada was standing at his door entrance waiting for someone to come talk to him or say hello at least. Looking towards the gate he could see people coming and going, some were really nicely dressed other in rags. Seeing people in rags made Shimada worry about their well being and how they are surviving. Then out of the blue a man appeared in front of Shimada's house dressed in a blue colored outfit that had a weird symbol on it. "Is there something I can do for you? You don't seem to be from around here."

    "Yes you are correct in thinking I am not from around here. I come from the Shinigami Academy, I am here to recruit you into our classes for you to join the Court Guard Squads!" Looking at the man he knew that those clothes represented something and he just rolled his eyes. Then he gave it a quick think over as he knew he would become much stronger there than here. It would give him a chance to reach his fullest potential in his skill and be able to crush mountains basically. Looking back up at the man he smiled with a look on his face like he was ready for anything. "Alright, I shall go with you. However once I am done with the Academy I shall return here first and decide on what to do further!" The man just smiled and laughed as he then turned around and began to walk. "Come along then, we have a long journey ahead of us. And no worries about this town. The First Division shall look after it while you are away and when you join a Squad I'm certain they will help you." Shimada turned to his house and nodded as he followed the man into the distance to finally gain the power he always wanted at the Shinigami Academy.

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