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    The start of a Journey

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    Post by Kirito Gekko on Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:53 am

    It is a chilling fall day out in Karakura town as Shimada took a deep breath while sitting on the bench. The wind blew through his hair as he then looked up at the trees. It was that time of year that the trees began to shed their leaves to the ground for humans to clean it up. Standing up he stepped on a few leaves as they made a crunching sound under his foot he then looked down at them. Their color was a very bright yellow mixed with a hint of orange, very beautiful colors put together. With a smile on his face he picked the leaf up and looked it over to see its glorious colors closer. Living the life of a normal human wasn't so bad as long as he got to see these colors every year. This is Shimada's favorite season of the entire year.

    Placing the leaf back on the ground Shimada then lifted the collar of his coat and walked away. This park was peaceful during this time of year since the kids were at school and he could relax. Taking out his pack of cigarettes he pulled one out and placed it between his right pointing and middle finger. Once he placed the cigarette in his right hand he then closed the pack of cigarettes and put it back in his coat pocket. Reaching into his left pants pocket he pulled out his lighter and put the cigarette into his lips and flicked the lighter. The lighter made a short and quick grinding sound but once the fire emerged from it, the lighter burned mighty. With the fire from the lighter Shimada lit the cigarette that was in his lips then turned the lighter off and placed it back into his pocket. Taking a puff off his cigarette Shimada lifted his right hand up and removed it from his lips. Blowing the smoke out he then looked up at the sky that was clam as can be. He could only think about how he got here in life. He smiled as he lifted his cigarette to his lips and took another puff on it then put it back down at his side. Now being a man of business as a Information Broker, Shimada smiled and blew the smoke out.

    "Life isn't as bad as it seems." Shimada spoke this with a smile on his face as he then continued to keep walking back to his office across the way. As he was walking he looked over and saw a orange haired man standing there and he stopped to look at him. It was Ichigo Kurosaki, this man was 27 years old and he was one of the people he had hardly any information on. Why was he the one person in this entire town that was a mystery to him. It has been this way for many years since he first met Ichigo when he was young. Back then Ichigo was a high school student who kept skipping a lot. That is what peaked Shimada's interest in figuring him out back then. Something seemed strange about that man especially when he would vanish for months on in and coming back without even acting like something happened. Any man would be curious as to what he was up to, however since high school him and most of his friends drifted apart leaving no witnesses. It was a dried up well trying to dig for information on that man. Even the man's father Isshin Kurosaki was rather strange. That family was weird all together but it's to be expected. Lifting his hand and taking another puff of his cigarette he then lowered it back down and blew the smoke out. "What a world we live in. A world filled with hatred and chaos but yet we still worry about small fry things." Taking his sun glasses off his shirt and placing them back over his eyes he then looked to the sky. "Even i can not avoid looking to the smaller things in life. So I'm no exception I guess." He lifted his cigarette to his mouth and took one last puff of it then put it out as blew out the smoke. Most of the cigarette was lost to the wind during his deep thought, he didn't mind this of course he had more if he wanted another.

    He then looked back at where Ichigo Kurosaki was standing to find him gone. Shimada only grinned and laughed slightly at this. "That man sure is a strange one indeed." After he finished laughing he then felt a vibration in his pocket. It was his cell phone with a message from his assistant on it tell him that the shipment came in that he was expecting today. Feeling happy about this Shimada closed his phone then began to walk towards his office once again. On his walk there he saw many happy families leaving the central park to head for home since it was almost dinner time now. This was not a fact for Shimada since he lost his family years ago and was now living alone in a apartment that was near his work office.

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    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:56 am

    While walking to his office he then heard an announcement over some loud speakers. "Warning, outbreak of zombies has appeared. Do not get bitten, try to stay alive." Shimada didn't waste anytime since he knew of a good safe area for him to go, Karakura High School. He turned and began to run in the direction of the school since he knew his office was too much of an open target. Something strange has happened to this town as Zombie outbreaks are not even supposed to be real. According to his sources, Shimada knew that zombies had to be of a fiction story plot of things. It was impossible for a corpse to even be up and walking around without a beating heart or a fully functional brain for that matter. This just didn't make any sense to him at all.

    There had to be an explanation for what was going on. However, no chances were going to be taken since things could happen no matter how unreal it is. "I must hurry, from what i remember in past television shows, a zombie can be taken down by crushing its head." Plotting his movements carefully Shimada continued to run toward the high school. Knowing about the gates at that school he knew that if he could take back a zone of the school he could seal off that from the outside world. It was the perfect location to survive this whole ordeal until something more could be done. Making a turn on his right he then entered an ally as he ran down it he saw some slow moving bodies at the exit. Stopping for the moment he stood strong and looked around him to check for a weapon to use. Not wanting to get close was one of the big ideas of this battle warfare. Picking up a bat he then stood ready for battle against these things of fiction. "Time to kick some zombie ass."

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    Post by Kirito Gekko on Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:59 am

    Holding the bat ready to swing at some of these zombies Shimada figured it was time for him to get his hands dirty in this whole ordeal. Charging forward Shimada swung the bat at full force and crushed the skull of one. Standing over the now fallen zombie he then started to feel a rush going through his body. It was his adrenalin pumping at full speed giving him huge shots of energy and bravery. This was just the type of rush he needed to get himself to the school and manage to make it safe for himself to live in. He didn't know if there were others with the same idea but he decided that the school was his best shot to survive this ordeal.

    "The school is just down the road now, i need to hold out just for a little longer." Shimada held his bat up and charged at the remaining zombies in his path. One after another of bashing their skulls in it became easier to understand they are no longer human. No more emotions, no sense of being a human anymore, this made taking them out much easier on his mind. It was the end of normal life as he knew it, the job and everything has come to an end. Now all of his information was now useless to the world. All of the hard work he had done, it ended with the first zombie outbreak. Still to this very moment he couldn't complete the file on one single person this whole time, Ichigo Kurosaki. Smiling at his incomplete work he continued to charge forward. Panting as he was starting to run short on breath he forced onward. The school was his last chance on surviving this pandemic without being killed in the end of it. "Come on, just a little farther then i am clear!" Pushing himself forward he bashed in the skull of another zombie as another charged right at him. Gasping for air at this point he fell down on one knee and checked out his options.

    Closing his eyes he thought of a strategy then opened them back up and got back up and bashed in the skull of this zombie then dived into a dumpster behind him. Once he got inside of it he closed the lids on it and laid down inside of it to catch his breath. The dumpster was rather clean on the inside considering it looked like it had been here for quite some time however it had a slight odor to it. After a short rest he managed to pull himself together as he then stood strong while opening the lids to the dumpster. Looking around quickly before getting out he saw no zombies in sight. Jumping out of the dumpster he stayed on high alert while running. He was now closing in on the school as it was a short burst away. Once he got close enough he looked from a distance into the entrance gate to the school. All he saw were those zombie things roaming around the entire grounds. It was on this spot he decided he was going to kill all of those zombies and find survivors. Running for the gate he bashed in some skulls of the zombies on his way through as he was running at top speed. "Stay out of my way you undead freaks! I want to live!" Reaching his arm out he tapped the outside wall of the gates to the school as he then prepared to enter the school grounds.

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